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Business Success – Does Size Matter?

Written by: Oddný Edwards, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Oddný Edwards

It depends who you ask right… but get your head out of the gutter. Unfortunately, the world we live in right now, we celebrate size and success more than we celebrate the doers and makers.

Lack of space interior design mistake. Sofa furniture does not fit

It seems that a millionaire is valued more than a million small to medium businesses, yet the small to medium businesses are the ones that make the economy stable. They are steady businesses that hire

the minimum number of staff but keep those staff. They tend to not be able to get around tax loopholes and therefore must keep in check the growth of the business to avoid paying double tax that results in a quadruple workload. Don’t get me wrong – the big businesses and the millionaires have not had it easy and most of the time must start where the small/medium businesses are. Hence the justifiable celebration warranted on all accounts!

However, if everyone became a large enterprise or a millionaire then the world would not function.

So, I sit here and ponder– all the businesses that invest to serve the public – and so often at the price of calm and even more often lack of pension, why don’t we celebrate these guys more!?

You might think I am writing this from my experience but that is not true. I have been so incredibly lucky with my journey. I have won awards, made it to the top 3 finals of the Great British Entrepreneur Awards and what I love about them is they really do celebrate the small guys as they know they are the key to a stable economy. I just wish media outlets did the same. In addition, that we the people who are the prime customers – celebrate the small guys as much as we do the big ones.

Perhaps we can start spreading our shopping habits and celebrations more equally between the two.

As they say – it is the motion of the ocean that it is all about. Just like a small/medium company has to do each day. Ride the wave and enjoy what they do instead of just chasing the money. Perhaps we can do the same. Enjoy these businesses. Buy into the people and experience as much as we buy into the large brand.

After all, think about it – all you eat, and drink starts with a local small farmer. White label items – so often made by a small business but labeled by a larger one.

Hence thought for the day – Let’s celebrate all businesses and be part of riding that waves – small and big!

Thanks for reading! Oddny

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Oddný Edwards Brainz Magazine

Oddný Edwards, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Oddný Edwards is an award-winning Chef and Creator. Born in Iceland where she was taught to respect and learn from nature. When she was sixteen, Oddny moved to Hawaii, immersing herself in an organic flower and herb farm. Here she learned even more how to live off the land, and about the diverse trees and their ability to feed and medicate us. Armed with this knowledge Oddný set out to save trees. Starting with the ash tree. She opended a restaurant and cafe with focus on edible trees and has launched her own products infused with ash trees in hope to rescue them. Turns out the ash tree is full of medicinal properties.



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