Growing Your Business Big This Year — 5 Tips for Setting and Exceeding Your Big Goals

Written by: Julie Miller Davis, Executive Contributor

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Well, it's here! We've all been waiting for it for months. It's finally 2021! Everyone has been talking about how they cannot wait for the new year and for things to get back to "normal" or to get going. Well, I hate to tell you this, but "normal" will not be here for a very long time—maybe never. So much has changed that our businesses and the way we do business will never be the same again. There is no waiting. There is only moving forward. So what will you do to ensure success in this coming year?

The first thing, as in any year, is still to goal set. Let's start there. At JMD Productivity, we have some big goals this year, as should you! I had THREE of my clients break 6 figures for the first time ever, and all were limited in what they could do in the year of Covid. So, now they are looking at how they can continue to grow in 2021 when things change again.

For me, I have my big revenue and number of people served goal. But, as you know, you have to break that down into smaller chunks. How will it happen?

Here, I'd like to give you five tips for setting and reaching your goals this year.

1. REVIEW THE LAST YEAR. Yes, we must look back to look forward! What worked? What didn't? What changed (everything!)? What did you learn (a LOT)? For me, I was thankful that I had moved most of my business online already. However, I learned more from my clients about serving them better on that platform, and I am making changes for that to happen. As you know, I also figured out how to run my event in a hybrid format, which is here to stay! I also know what NOT to do for my event and my clients, and I know to keep growing some things in my marketing much change.

2. SET YOUR BIG GOAL. I know many of you are resistant to S.M.A.R.T. goals, but they are so important! Don't say that you want to serve more people. How many more? In what way? Your goal MUST be specific and measurable. If it's not, you'll have a difficult time knowing if you're on track or if it needs to be tweaked during the year.

3. BREAK IT DOWN. The is the HOW. How will you reach it? I had a client who recently told me she wanted to serve 2 to 4 new clients a week this year on average. When I asked her the revenue goal, she couldn't really tell me because each client could sign up for a different bundle. We went further and looked at where she made the most revenue and the level where she signed up the most clients. All of a sudden, she could create a revenue goal. She wants 2 of X clients and 3 of Y clients each week. This makes all the difference in the actions she will take in any given week.

4. GET ACCOUNTABLE. Seriously. Let someone--a coach, a colleague, and mentor, your group, know your goals and how you intend to make them a reality. DO NOT JUST TELL A FRIEND. Goals should be shared not just with a great cheerleader but with someone who will ask you how it's going and then give you TOUGH LOVE if you're not doing your part. Friends are too forgiving and often don't understand business or YOUR business. Get serious about this accountability thing. I have an accountability partner for this year who is in a coaching program and mastermind with me. We are meeting two times a month and checking in. Our meetings will help us take action and help us get the most out of the dollars we have invested to be in this program.

5. GET INTO ACTION. This, of course, is the biggest thing you can do to reach your goals. One of the foundational pieces I teach in my programs is what you are going to DO. We spend so much time thinking about things and wishing for things and hoping for things that we never get into ACTION. So what are you going to DO to reach these goals of yours? And WHEN are you going to do it? How often will you do these things? AND, if it isn't working or didn't work in the past, what will you do differently? There is NO BLAMING allowed--take control and take action.

Mostly, what I recommend is that you go ahead and set the goals—don’t shy away from them! You can always adjust and recalibrate (I suggest you do!) throughout the year. We must continue to look ahead to what is possible and start forging our way. I’m right here with you. Please know that!

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Julie Miller Davis, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

A driven entrepreneur serving others by helping them reach their goals, Julie Miller Davis works with business owners and leaders to reset their productivity patterns, become more efficient, and bust through roadblocks to reach their goals with excellence. An award-winning coach and trainer, Julie has led and developed highly successful teams, helped hundreds escalate their own businesses and achieve goals they may never have thought possible. Her superpower of out-of-the-box thinking uncovers new ways to solve business stagnation, resulting in growth and propelling her clients into new and exciting directions.



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