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An Interview With Transformational Coach Annie Canning

Annie Canning is a leader in transformational coaching. Having previously worked in high-level HR and Compliance roles, she stepped into coaching due to a series of challenging life events. Taking these learnings, she has created tools and strategies to shift her clients' into an empowered and enabled state. She has coached CEOs, leadership teams, workgroups, and business owners and is a staunch advocate for those committed to their growth journey. Through her programs and keynote speaking, she spreads a message of hope, humor, and optimism. Her mission is to positively impact thousands of lives with her unique coaching brand and help others recognize their value, their place in the world, and how to claim it!

Transformational Coach Annie Canning

Who is Annie?

Well, where do I start? I’m a 50-year-old empty nester, coach, key-note speaker, and staunch advocate for personal development. I refuse to act my age and spend lots of time laughing and being utterly grateful for all this life has brought me. Yes, even the tough stuff, especially the tough stuff.

I have a blended family of three girls and the most amazing husband. From years of navigating life surrounded by four strong and assertive women, his tolerance and forbearance are nothing short of astonishing!

I live in God-Zone, a term coined over 100 years ago by my fellow countrymen and women to describe living in New Zealand, and for me, it truly is. Apart from a brief stint in London, I was born, raised, and still live in the small city of Rotorua. Right bang in the middle of the North Island, it is a beautiful place surrounded by lakes, mountains, forest, and geothermal activity. A fantastic place to connect with all Mother Nature has to offer.

After working in Human Resources and Risk Management in leadership roles for 30 years, experiencing grief, depression, divorce, and frequent bouts of overwhelm and anxiety, stepping into coaching was a natural progression, as was the creation of Canning Life Coaching.

What is it that you do for your clients?

In essence, I’m all about challenging limiting beliefs and false narratives. I support my clients to open themselves up to a world of all possibilities and enable them to create that energy in their everyday lives.

As I said, I’m an advocate for personal development; however, knowledge needs to be applied. I don’t like getting caught up in coaching cliches and jargon; my clients get tools and strategies to use in the real world and tangible results. Whether it is one on one or group coaching, I have a number of different online programs available.

Who should hire/work with you?

My most successful clients are action-orientated, collaborative, and forward-thinking in their mindset, have a bent for positive change, and have a compelling vision to make the world a better place.

I love working with small to medium-size businesses, as you can create high levels of connection that support excellent results. In saying that, I derive enormous satisfaction working with larger organizations and observing the positive impact of coaching on workplace culture.

What is your big goal?

To connect with 10,000 people over the next five years and share my skills and knowledge in a way that will enhance their lives for the better. And that they, in turn, will use what they have learned in service to others. That would be pretty cool!

Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

Still laughing, still learning, still coaching. Pretty much continuing to live my best life.

For more information, visit my website Canning Life Coaching and follow me on Canning Life Coaching - Home | Facebook!



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