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7 Things Ultra Successful People Do

Written by: Dr. Sydney Ceruto, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Over the past 19 years, I've had the joy and honor of spending time with and treating some of the world's most successful people. They range in their professions from professional athletes to C-Suite executives to best-selling authors to entrepreneurs. These high performers have earned overwhelming respect within their profession and wide recognition in the media.

Through observing, coaching and interacting with these high achievers, I've noticed that the ultra-successful do these seven things:

1. They Are Consistent.

They understand which daily practices enhance not only their daily performance, but lead to their reaching their goals, and they consistently engage in these habits. These habits can range from running to writing to reading to meditating. For the ultra-successful, these habits are integrated into their daily routine as essential action items, not options.

2. They Are Clear About Their Goals.

These individuals clearly defined their personal and/or professional goals and reasons for setting them. The reason may be a feeling they want to achieve, such as financial security or something tangible, like an award. As a result of this clarity, they are able to employ strategies which help them in the completion of their goals.

3. They Know How to Cope With Negative Emotions.

The road to victory for the ultra-successful is filled with obstacles, but these blocks do not impede their vision. Instead, setbacks are met with a "can-do" attitude. While they recognize their disappointment, they do not ruminate in negativity. They override the pessimism with optimism and gratitude for the people who help them climb over the hurdles.

4. They Embrace Change.

The ultra-successful view change as an opportunity, not an interference. They understand that circumstances beyond their control happen; however, they optimize the change and leverage it to their advantage. For example, if it is raining on a marathon day, they know it is raining for everyone and they are adept at tweaking their running pace.

5. They Fully Understand What They Can and Can't Control.

The ultra-successful do not waste time trying to control circumstances for which they have little impact over. They know that doing this wastes their energy. Instead, they conserve their energy for things they can control, such as devoting their time and efforts to things that matter to them. This means, they are able to mentally and/or physically let go of things and situations which no longer serve them.

6. The Ultra-Successful Are Curious.

If I had to give a middle name to each of the ultra-successful people I’ve treated, above it would be "curious." They embody a curiosity about how things operate. And this leads them to a process of exploration, although their deep dive isn't necessarily related to their professional work. Their curiosity lends itself to constant learning and openness to new growth opportunities. This approach enhances their overall personal and/or professional development.

7. The Ultra-Successful Are Comfortable With Their Inner and Outer Selves.

The ultra-successful know others may question certain behaviors they practice, but they remain confident in their internal drive. They are well aware that appearances matter to some, but they aren't too concerned about how others view them. The ultra-successful typically aren't using their financial capital to obtain the newest trendy garments or to make purchases to create an impression. They remain centered on their goals and know how inner peace leads to outward achievements.

The footprints of the ultra-successful are unique in the sense that they create high impact and resolve. Their influence can be felt at multiple levels. And these seven things the ultra-successful do make their power and work sustainable.

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Dr. Sydney Ceruto, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Dr. Sydney Ceruto has completed her doctoral education in the field of Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience & is a leading specialist in using your brains natural ability to change, neuroplasticity, to ensure you reach your desired goals. Her specialty is in helping clients recognize their faulty thinking patterns, change undesirable behaviors, developmental & emotional resiliency, & gain mental clarity.

When Dr. Ceruto was a teenager, she tragically lost both parents. As an only child, the loss of family completely broke her. She became profoundly depressed & began suffering from chronic anxiety. Sydney felt lost, & any form of happiness, confidence, or clarity, seemed a long way off. Soon after, she began to pursue her education in medicine at Yale & obtained three masters in psychology & two PhD’s in both cognitive & behavioral neuroscience at NYU. Studying the mind-brain connection was indeed the paradigm for her healing & growth. Dr. Sydney Ceruto created MindLAB Neuroscience over two decades ago. She pioneered an integrative approach based on hard science that has genuinely changed the way people make positive &, more importantly, permanent changes in all areas of their lives. Her program is highly venerated & has debunked all the myths regarding the efficacy of “traditional therapy” & the sad misnomer that you need to be on a counselor’s couch for years or even decades. Several publications have Dr. Sydney Ceruto on staff as a senior writer. She is a proud member of the Forbes Executive Council, Positive Performance Alliance, Wharton Executive Education Program, Executive Writer for Alternatives Watch and Brainz Magazine. She has an avid intellect, a keen understanding of human nature, & an uncanny ability to connect deeply with clients. Dr. Ceruto is hands-on, accessible, highly intuitive, compassionate & is told … pretty funny!

One of her passions is traveling which she has done extensively. Dr. Ceruto is an avid sports enthusiast and watches everything from football to Formula 1 racing. She plays golf whenever she can and enjoys exploring other cultures. Dr. Ceruto has one son who graduated from Princeton University and is studying to become a corporate attorney. She also has an affinity for animals and is an adoring mom to her 1.5 pound Micro Cuban Chihuahua, Lolita.



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