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3 Truths for Badass Inner Peace

Written by: Cristina Ruscica, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Have you ever wondered the reason so many people are held tight within the grip of anxieties and dissatisfaction? There is a plague of the mind that involves worry, doubts, fears, regrets, shame, guilt, and on and on. Even though these very things are known to interrupt the deep-seeded desires in finding that inner bliss, there are so many of you that are blinded to the true source of rooted peace within you that is available for you the moment you make the decision to discover it.

This is said not with discouragement or to shame any one of you for falling victim to the deceit held within the thoughts that create your worries, but rather, to pull you closer towards the emotional impact needed for you to awaken to the deeper truths about your most authentic self that has been waiting to step into the essence of the full-bodied piece of peace within. With this being said, there are three, only three things that you must know if you have the desire to move to the next level of both understanding and attainment of your sought-after bliss.

Let’s begin by defining inner peace. In order to understand how to attain it, you must first need clarity around what this even entails. This is done by providing contextual contrast. This is how most of everything finds its way to meaning by understanding the relationship within the contrast between each thing. For example, you would not know what light was unless you first experienced the dark. Translate this to your own inner peace, and you will understand that this is defined and understood by first experiencing its relevant opposite counterpart.

There are countless instances in which you may find yourself falling within the rabbit hole of anxieties, doubts, and fears. It can be agreed upon that all of these attributes are opposite to the feeling of peace. In this case, the worry is to the dark, as the peace is to the light. That worry is necessary for you to even grasp the idea of wanting to feel something different. The contrast within these emotions is pulling you towards understanding this and building more clarity for you as to the things you would prefer to feel. Hold onto this concept as this is an integral piece of the foundation for the three truths I will now introduce you to.

So, here we go.

The first truth

I will cover is that you all are here for a purpose. This is far different than the education you attain or the job you acquire. Purpose runs so deep below anything you can see on the surface that to grasp this concept, it will require you to unlearn perhaps a thing or two about who you believe yourself to be. Is this a risky concept to introduce? Absolutely it is. I am basically saying that all you have been doing has not been for the reasons you may have thought you were doing them. It becomes easy to entangle ourselves within the chaos of societal roles, our jobs, and the hustle that life naturally brings to us. All of this pulls us away from remembering something crucial about our existence, as well as one of the key factors in pulling us along towards our own peace of mind.

In fact, I am going to go so far as to say that we are all here for the same purpose. That purpose is for expansion. If this is difficult for you to take in, have a look around at the evidence that surrounds you right at this moment. Expansion is everywhere and in everything. We see this within evolution, technology, nature, relationships, education, income, and status, just to name a few. These are physical evidence before us that explicitly shows us some of the expansion of the magnificent way that has unfolded before our eyes. It is within this expansion of and within our world that has made living easier, more efficient, faster, stronger, and so on. If this were not the case, think about where this life would be if all stayed as it was 1000 years ago. You and I are part of this system in which the continued evolution of this world is reliant upon our ability to sustain its growth in every way.

This especially involves expanding our understanding of who we are and the great power that is within each of us. In other words, we are not meant to be kept small. Our purpose is to express fully, love deeply, forgive easily, and become vibrant and unstoppable with our passions and desires. Keep this on top of mind as you continue reading.

The second truth

This may be a tough pill for you to swallow, but I am going to give it to you anyways. Everything, everything, and anything that has or has not happened to you have been working for you. This is not omitting the fearful, traumatic, or hurtful moments. I will go so far as to say that it especially includes those moments. I asked you to keep the first truth on top of your mind, which is why. If you can accept that you are here for expansion, then you can also accept that any event that has or has not happened to you has occurred as a means of moving you towards that first truth, which is for your expansion.

For many of you, the hurt and fear take over during those times as you become consumed with the feelings of worry and doubts that this creates. It takes removing those overlaying emotions and then digs deeper into the ways those events have actually been working in your favor all along. Perhaps this means having to push through the walls, the ego-mind, and even your fears to experience the discomfort within the growth that leads to greater and more beautiful things. I always say that hindsight is a gift, and this is the exact reason why.

Stay with me here, as this is going to be tied together in a way that will ignite an inner-knowing that will undoubtedly leave you wanting to know more.

The third truth

Every one of us is always being guided towards all things that are in our best interests. This guidance will lead us to new heights and, ultimately, our expansion. You can call this intuition, spiritual guidance, inner-voice, God, or whatever term that resonates with you. You have all experienced this on some level. This is the nudging inside of you when faced with having to make a decision. Or the times that you felt inclined to call someone or a sudden change in direction that wasn’t really planned. And then there is the seed of desire that is planted within your heart, giving you this subtle awareness to a knowing that you are to follow an idea, a dream, or vision.

There are so many ways that your guidance speaks to you, and no matter the situation, that quiet voice is always sitting within. It waits for you to give the green light to be ready to receive it. The thing about this guidance is that it knows far more than you could ever know on this surface level. It has this vast radius of perceptual knowing that is far more expansive, and so when it speaks to you, you best be sure that it can see every twist, turn, corner, and obstacle that awaits ahead of your steps. Learn to trust this voice and your ticket to freedom is yours.


What we have so far, the three truths are this: You all have a purpose here in this life to expand, to become bigger, wiser, more loving, more creative, more forgiving, more patient, more kind, compassionate, prosperous, and abundant in every single way. Second, all life events are bringing you closer to this purpose, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Third, you have this magnificent guidance that is always with you, leading you towards all the very best things in this life, just for you. Your guidance understands your purpose and the ways all your circumstances are leading you there.

Now, let's put these things together and give you the takeaway from it all. These three truths are a great basis to get you started, perhaps opening your mind even if just a tiny crack than where it was before. Take a moment to let all of this set in before I let you in on a pretty significant “aha” moment. You may have already caught on at this point that it lies within you. Taking this another step or three further, is this statement I now present to you:

The degree of inner peace you will ever feel is directly dependant upon your level of awareness of these three truths. Maybe read that one again, as this could be the key that unlocks the door to your unwavering happiness.

There you have it. A surefire way to attain all your heart has been longing for, wrapped up in these three simple truths. Challenge your perspectives and test this out for yourself. If you feel even the slightest nudge within you, that seems to be pulling you towards knowing and remembering and of this, take this as your guidance jumping for joy that this has been uncovered for you. The rest is now up to you to take action and experience this for yourself.

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Cristina Ruscica, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Cristina Ruscica is a leader in overcoming residual effects from past childhood trauma by strengthening self-awareness, understanding the power of perception and rewriting the script. Cristina's experience working with families for 25 years who have endured crisis and trauma, as well as the profound realizations she came to understand within her own personal journey of transformation, were the basis of the writing of her first book, Breathe Wide Open: Exhale the Past and Fearlessly Recalibrate Your Life. Cristina's writings have provided a pathway of healing that she has now transferred into an original coaching program, Inspired to Freedom. She helps others achieve their own breakthroughs from past trauma, elevating them towards inner-peace, self-love and opening up potential and abundance in all life areas. She is committed to spreading the message of trust within the journey, as well as enriching lives by helping others feel the inner power gained by strengthening the connection within.



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