10 Steps to Filling an Online Event – Without Paid Advertising

Written by: Maxwell Nee, Executive Contributor

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On the 25th of March 2020, we filled an online event with 200 Coaches registered in 48hrs.

The show-up-rate for this event was ~48%, compared to the average of 25%-35% for a Free Online Event.

Read more to know how we did it using 10 Key Principles!

#1 We created the content working backward from the most thoughtful, value-adding topic our audience wanted at the time - “How to Build a Thriving Coaching Business in a Crisis.” The majority of our audience went into Lockdown at this time.

#2 We began promotion for the Free Masterclass first thing Monday morning for its delivery on Wednesday afternoon. Free online events should have a little ‘lead-time’ possible between registration and the beginning of the event. The more ‘lead-time’ you have, the more people will forget about the event, and fewer people will show up.

#3 We used multiple channels to promote the event. These channels were mostly free and included Eventbrite, Meetup, Facebook, LinkedIn and our email list. Also, inviting our current network to share this with their friends.

#4 We clearly articulated the value people could expect in the form of 4x Key Topics / Golden Nuggets.

This makes it easy for people to get curious about the content of each topic and for people to stay right until the end to absorb the last topic.

#5 We used the most powerful word in the online world to attract people to our online event - “Free.”

#6 We explicitly mentioned that there would only be 100 limited spaces available at the event in the description. We over-registered this event to 200 because we knew that at-most 50% would show up.

#7 We were transparent with our audience in how quickly people were registering.

This creates genuine urgency as we already shared that we only had 100 spaces.

#8 We also shared that all registrants will receive access to the replay. This provided our audience with an extra incentive to register.

#9 We built our ‘Free online event community’ prior to this event with free monthly events. So this event could surf some of the momentum we had already created.

Hot Tip: CONSISTENCY builds Community. You want consistency rather than intensity.

#10 We reminded people about the event and reminded them again, and again.

Burning Hot Tip: Multiple Touch-Points gets people to actually SHOW UP on the day. This is critically important. Especially for a free event.

Let me leave you with this one question – What is opening up for you in terms of online events and how you can use them in your coaching business?

PS. If you would like to receive a special training I’ve created on how I executed the strategy above, connect and send me the message ‘BRAINZ’ on LinkedIn and I will share it with you.

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Maxwell Nee, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Maxwell Nee is a Co-founder & Head of Growth at High Performing Coach - a 7-figure business in a saturated industry, which grew 300% during the COVID-19 Lockdown selling out online events. Maxwell started selling tickets for events when I was 16, generating $3,000, with zero marketing budget.

To date, with his team, he sold out 8 live events in the 12 months during the crisis, helping thousands of coaches to build their businesses during huge uncertainty. They partnered with influencers such as Marisa Peer, Daniel Priestley, Harville Hendrix & Helen Hunt (17 times Oprah guest speaker).

From quitting his corporate job, being hit with bankruptcy after his first investment fell flat, to sleeping on a friends couch and selling his Bose Bluetooth Speakers to get by - Maxwell a unique and powerful understanding of what it really takes to succeed.



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