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10 Reasons Women Are Born Entrepreneurs

Written by: Jeanette Lowry, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Jeanette Lowry, writer

The Great Resignation occurred during the COVID lockdown in 2021 which had 47 million Adults leave the workforce according to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

woman working from home looking on her laptop

Yes, this left a hole in our workforce but on the upside, there was a surge in small businesses compared to the same time in 2019. An article in file; by Nicole Bowman, Nov 2022 titled “Home-Based Business Statistics to Know Going into 2023” said 60% of new entrepreneurs spent time during the lockdown learning how to start a business. As a mom of two adult kids, a new grandma and an entrepreneur since 1990, I wrote this article for those women struggling to make a choice to continue working 9-5 or follow their dream of becoming a home-based entrepreneur and why women are born entrepreneurs.

Women Begin To Think Of Options Like Starting A Home-Based Business

Many women felt pulled to be home for the sake of their kids and opted to negotiate splitting time at home and in the office during the workweek. Others began searching for a home business. According to the US Small Business Association, 50% of small businesses start at home. (Did you know Apple, Hershey’s and Ford Motor were all started at ‘home’?)

An article to refer to When Considering Starting A Business

During the lockdown with more time spent at home, moms began enjoying the pace of life that was opposite of the mock speed blur of their pre-Covid life. With more downtime to look up and enjoy the moment, many women began hearing that small quiet inner voice whispering “There has to be a better way.”

The internal joy felt from leaving the ‘mom guilt’ and stress at their office came from being CEO of the family again with the ability to be present for the kids who were vulnerable during this stressful time. It became a demarcation point for many working moms to find a way to be home for their kids without losing their economic contribution to the family.

Having Your Own Business Is The American Dream

According to the Small Business Association, there are over 32.5 million small businesses and over half (19 million) are home-based. Two things to consider between going at it alone by becoming a solopreneur, you often work more hours getting your business off the ground which negates the time desired to be home for family. As a solopreneur, you are still exchanging time for money.

Many women find a healthy balance by aligning with a Brand Partner or a solid Network Marketing company that offers products that she aligns with & falls in love with. Women make up a large majority of Network Marketing associates and top-income earners. The reasons make sense when you consider the flexible time commitment, being surrounded by like-minded people who aspire to something more personally, physically, socially, or financially. I’ve made a list of WHY Women and Entrepreneurship make a dynamic duo.

Top 10 Attributes Women Possess That Make Us BORN ENTREPRENEURS!

  1. Women have a strong work ethic! They are born to live in a world that requires perseverance and dedication to compete in a business world still dominated by men.

  2. Most women I know are adept in Multitasking which can be a valuable trait for solopreneurs.

  3. Relationship building comes naturally for many women who often have lifetime friendships.

  4. Being a communicator who can come from both empathy and authority are innate in many women and a huge bonus when your business requires active listening and speaking.

  5. Having a High Emotional Intelligence where relationship building is a big plus in business ownership & entrepreneurial ventures makes women the perfect boss.

  6. Attention to detail is an important attribute for all things ownership to preserve what you’ve made and fend off mistakes easily overlooked without the attention to detail in place.

  7. Passion is something you can’t teach but if a woman follows her heart that passion can light a fire that will magnetically draw others towards her business.

  8. Women with Resilience are prepared to bounce back from setbacks that often occur when wearing the many hats of an entrepreneur/small business owner.

  9. Having the gift of creativity and innovation are valued traits in any line of work but especially if you are going at it alone.

  10. Finally, Networking is something many women naturally develop growing up. By working with other women to get coaching to learn and grow or a support system of like-minded women there to cheer your wins or comfort you during down times.

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Jeanette Lowry, writer

Jeanette Lowry, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Jeanette is an established Transformation Coach focused on Residual Income and Well Being. She provides an unparalleled step by step methodology to build a business at home with her Signature training: PIVOT. For 32 years her passion has been teaching women how to exit the 9-5 by learning Entrepreneurship aligned with a Brand Partner and like-minded supportive women she calls her TRIBE. The satisfaction that comes from watching women up level their Mental, Physical & Financial Health while living a LIFE they DESIGN is what continues to fuel Jeanette's passion for coaching.



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