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International Women's Day 2022 - 7 Female Entrepreneurs And How They Are Changing The World

Today, March 8, 2022, is International Women's Day. And we at Brainz Magazine want to celebrate the fact that women are at the forefront of a new era. By highlighting 7 female entrepreneurs and how they change the world, we hope to inspire other women to dare to take the step into entrepreneurship.

Hanna Hermanson – Done For You Copywriting

Plain and simple: Stay in your zone of genius, and you will change the world, ladies! When women show up fully in their unique brilliance, the whole world becomes a better place. In my company, Done For You Copywriting, we stand by the motto "do what you love, delegate the rest". When hiring, all new team members are asked to complete a few personality tests to highlight exactly where on the team they will thrive and jive the most. With clients, we give them the support (and permission) to get back into their zone of genius- coaching- by taking care of their marketing for them. Because let's be honest: If you're regularly doing things that make you say "I'd rather be at the dentist", it might be time to do a quick exam.

Operating from in your zone of genius (instead of the dentist's office) transforms women, organizations. The results? More joy. Less stress. Massive abundance. And this is what changes the world: happy, empowered women, doing what they love.

The question to ask is: where in my life and business can I allow someone to do this better than me?

Visit Hanna's Instagram here!

Agnes Chau – Agnes Chau LLC

My nonprofit, The Empowered Heart, Inc., educates people on strategies, tools, techniques for physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. In the Empowered Heart Circles, which are community-building events, I teach people how to breathe through the heart, how to let go of fear-based emotions and embrace love-based emotions through Dear Universe meditations, chi kung exercises, and chakra art. The Empowered Heart also sponsors women in their self-defence training. We provide financial assistance and our volunteers and I teach the Women Empowered Program at Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Certified Training Centers.

With Agnes Chau LLC, I provide transformational life coaching sessions for executives, leaders, coaches, healers, and influencers, to help them tap into their Divine Intelligence, overcome limiting beliefs, let go of drama stories, embrace new empowerment stories, and be the best versions of themselves, so they can lead joyful lives and have a magnificent impact on those they serve.

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Adriana Leigh G. – ALG Consulting

Adriana Leigh G. is a Canadian self-described "recovering lawyer". Passionate about gender equality, she is now a global gender facilitator, gender consultant, writer. She is also a speaker building safe, caring, and inclusive organizations free of gender-based harassment and violence. Adriana delivers global workshops, sexual harassment and violence policy and reporting processes development, implementation coaching to managers and human resources and thought leadership on gender-based violence and harassment at work, women's workplace wellbeing and empowering women leaders and changemakers. She works cross-sector with UN agencies building the capacity of partner organizations, international human rights organizations, in addition to private sector clients and universities. Her work has been showcased by Charity Village, Medium, UN Women, Sexual Violence Research Initiative, Mtavari Channel, Brainz Magazine and World Pulse, among others.

On International’s Women’s Day 2021, Adriana was featured by World Pulse in the article: “Her Story Makes History: 21 Women Leaders to Watch in 2021” and received a 2022 Digital Changemaker Award as one of the World Pulse 50 Rising Voices, recognizing 50 leaders who are shaping our future.

Visit Adriana's Instagram here!

Farrah Smith Coach Farrah

I believe knowledge is a superpower, so one of my intentions in life is to shorten other people’s learning curve by sharing all the wisdom I have acquired as a lifelong student of personal and professional development.

For me, a significant focus is the power of positive thinking because your mindset impacts the amount of confidence and courage you have to follow your dreams. It can be the determining factor for living a deeply fulfilled life. My goal as a writer and coach is to teach people how to get better results in everything they do. I help liberate them from their limiting beliefs and awaken them to their infinite potential. I inspire people to pursue their deepest desires and accomplish more than they ever thought possible. I’m an impact-driven person and relentless in the pursuit of my goals. I always come from a place of service, and I serve people, the planet, and animals. I have spent over a decade working for one of the top ocean conservation organizations globally, and I am a proud member of Former Vice President Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corps.

I am also a certified life coach for teens. I started coaching teens because I genuinely believe the more confident, compassionate, purpose-driven youth we have in the world, the better place it will be to live.

Whether I am fundraising, writing, speaking, or coaching, I am giving back and inspiring others, which makes me feel like I am living a life of purpose. I know I am living my best life when I am helping others live theirs.

Visit Farrah's Instagram here!

Kawtar El Alaoui – Conscious Togetherness

As entrepreneurs, we have far more ability to impact our world than we realize. We can align our businesses with our values and create structures that make our businesses a vessel for social change.

I stand for a world where everyone can live in dignity and peace. My work supports purpose-driven leaders ranging from executives to social activists, peacebuilders, to entrepreneurs. I guide them to create businesses, conflict transformation strategies, and policies that contribute to peace.

In light of recent events, it’s apparently more than ever that we need to continuously work towards a peaceful world. I am a facilitator with the Business Plan for Peace, a UK-based organization working to create a world without violent conflict under the leadership of three-time Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Dr Scilla Elworthy. I also teach coaching with Leadership That Works India to enable the next wave of coaches to become trauma-informed, culturally appreciative, and equity-centric. Lastly, I am a Leadership Advisor with the Women Entrepreneurship Platform She Did It! Elle a osé! in Canada.

In all these roles, I redefine leadership from the inside out, so we can build our work and communities on the pillars of well-being, inner power, and positive impact. As Founder and CEO of Conscious Togetherness, Inc, I teach the Conscious Togetherness leadership framework which enables Self-Leadership and aligns organizations to be a positive presence.

I invite you to look how you can make your business a vessel for peace, and contribute to a world you would be happy to live in, and proud to leave for future generations.

Visit Kawtar's Instagram here!

Belkis ClarkeBelkis Clarke LLC

A young lady once sat across from me sobbing her heart out. She wanted to leave her relationship, but she didn't see the possibility when she looked at her financial situation, and she loved her partner. In the relationship, she felt humiliated, depressed, trapped, empty and sad and knew it was not what she wanted for her life. When I asked what she wanted, her response was to be happy, but when I asked what a happy life looks like, she hesitated, was unsure, and mentioned a few vague ideas. We spent a lot of time defining what happiness would look like for her and determining the steps for getting there. One day, she abruptly left the session, and I thought I'd offended her, but the following day she called and said: "thank you; For the first time in my life, I woke up, and I am happy; I finally know what hope is." That is how I change the world. I help women find the kind of hope that fuels healing, transformation, and the building of a life they do not want to escape from.

I emerged from a childhood marred by traumatic events of sexual abuse, molestation, and suicidal tendencies. As a teenager and into my early twenties, I struggled with the trauma of my experiences and was desperate for something better in life. It was that desperation for better, for learning to break the cycles that kept me repeating painful experiences and healing from emotional pain that led me to the path I have walked for the past twenty years as an international speaker, mentor, and possibility guide.

I speak not only on overcoming and thriving after the trauma but on making better decisions, building resilience, loving ourselves, learning to speak up for ourselves, and building self-confidence. To corporations, I teach on the impact of personal trauma in the workspace and how to reduce the impact, creating workspaces that support mental health and mastering the art of effective communication. I also guide women who have been through or are going through abusive situations to develop a blueprint for life beyond trauma and effectively tell their stories that inspire and promote healing for others. My entrepreneurial journey is focused on teaching others how to turn bad experiences into fuel for a life they deserve.

Visit Belki's Instagram here!

Rejoice is the founder and chief executive officer of HUA. Being cognizant of the unhealthy interaction in today’s societies, she shares engaging tips and techniques that help foster a positive change in diplomatic and motivational communications. She has written lots of inspiring content that has developed her Community and the world in general. As a communication expert/author she has been teaching Thousands of people Online and Offline the art of successful communication. She has also created a lot of courses to help people discover themselves and Advance in their careers.

Rejoice is the founder of WOH. Warriors On Heels is a Global Community for women where we create a safe space to connect, discuss and discover key strategies that help women from different parts of the world in career advancement, business expansion, leadership pathways etc. She's the Founder of UNIVERSAL NOBEL IMPACT COMMMIUNTY and this is a community where we listen and value the voices of every individual, we believe in human dignity and transformative power. we create problem solvers who react nimbly to challenges & opportunities and we also support smart risk-taking because we know the future belongs only to risk-takers.

Rejoice is the convener of Global Women Conference, School Of Marriage & Relationship, Life Clinic, Champions Brag, Health Innovation Conference, Universal Creators Advancement Summit, World Coaches Developmental Summit, The Modern Model Mother Talkshow,

UWOVA (Universal Women of Value Award Recognition), UMOVA (universal Men Of Value Award Recognition) and Global Prayer Retreat.

Rejoice is a profound Consultant, Counselor & coach. She normally holds One-on-One Coaching, Consultation and Counselling Sessions popularly known as 4Cs with Rejoice Halder. She's a teacher of "the" words and has delivered in diverse youth and Community Programs. She's a public and transformation speaker who has spoken in different lines such as health relating topics, character building, business growth and cyber Bullying

Rejoice is a multiple-time award-winning Coach, Expert and Influencer. she was Awarded as a Women and Gender specialist by world-changer Community. Relationship, marriage and family life Coach and award given by Family Life Developmental Network. Dedicated Women Empowerment Advocate and award-given by the Branded woman for IWD. Hall of Fame award by Dignify Women and many more. Rejoice Halder has been Nominated for 7 international awards and she's a Multiple Brand Ambassador who has been featured in different Magazines and blogs Rejoice Halder is an Author of 5 books

One of her essence for Creation is Global Impact which has inspired her to start an award popularly known as GLIM AWARDS. Global Impact Award as the name implies is an award that recognizes those who have exceeded expectations and have consistently made outstanding Contributions towards Global Impact.

Visit Rejoice's Instagram here!



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