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Work-Life Balance Is A Myth

Amy Lynn Durham is the Founder of Create Magic At Work, where she uses her knowledge as an Executive Coach and a certified Spiritual Intelligence (SQ)

Executive Contributor Amy Lynn Durham

In today's fast-paced world, the concept of work-life balance is often heralded as the key to a fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle. However, upon closer examination, it becomes apparent that this widely accepted notion is nothing more than a myth—a deceptive ideal perpetuated by societal norms and expectations. The very concept of balance implies a static state—an elusive equilibrium that must be constantly strived for and maintained between professional responsibilities and personal pursuits. However, life is anything but static. It is dynamic, unpredictable, and subject to constant flux. Attempting to achieve perfect balance amidst this perpetual motion can often contribute to burnout itself and leave us feeling like we are chasing after a mirage.

Mother and daughter work side by side from home.

Constantly pursuing work-life balance can often feel like an uphill battle, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and stressed. The notion of neatly compartmentalizing work and personal life fails to acknowledge the complex interplay between the two domains. However, by reframing your perspective and embracing the natural ebb and flow of life, you can alleviate some of this burden. Instead of striving for an unattainable balance, individuals may find inner peace and perhaps the ability to maintain even when under great stress.


Aligning with the Ebb and flow of life


Aligning with the ebb and flow of life offers a profound shift from the traditional notion of work-life balance. Instead of attempting to separate your life into "work" and "personal," it encourages you to see life as an interconnected whole. This skill entails recognizing that there are times when you need to put more energy into your professional endeavors and times when you must prioritize personal well-being, family, or other aspects of your life. By embracing this fluidity, you can adapt more gracefully to the ever-changing tides of life's demands, reducing stress and enhancing your overall sense of purpose and fulfillment.


Here are three suggestions to practice aligning with the ebb and flow of life:


  1. Tune into your inner guidance: Rather than forcing a static equilibrium, practice tuning into your inner guidance to discern the appropriate actions to take. By listening to your intuition and Higher Self, you can navigate obstacles with wisdom and grace and help you to recognize that challenges are often opportunities for growth. This takes practice and a keen recognition between your Ego vs. your Higher Self and who is in the driver’s seat of your life.

  2. Recognizing gifts vs distractions: Discerning the signs and synchronicities that appear can help you stay aligned with your true purpose and keep you from getting sidetracked by irrelevant pursuits. When an opportunity appears can you determine if it is interference or in alignment with your Higher Self? Developing this awareness allows you to discern between blessings and distractions along your path.

  3. Embrace natural timing: Practice observing subtle cues from your body and your environment, such as changes in energy levels or intuitive insights. This way you can flow effortlessly and live in harmony with the natural rhythm of life, recognizing when to push forward and when to pause.


Whether it's tuning into inner guidance, recognizing blessings versus distractions, or embracing natural timing, incorporating these practices into your daily life can help release the pressure to achieve a perfect balance, This approach will help you foster a sense of harmony and fulfillment and alleviate the stress and burden of chasing after an unattainable ideal. You can find solace in the fluidity of your existence, allowing yourself the flexibility to prioritize and adapt as needed. You can navigate the complexities of modern living with greater ease and resilience. You can align with the ebb and flow of life.


Bonus approach


If you are feeling exhausted from the constant struggle to achieve work-life balance it's time to stop wasting energy on this elusive ideal and learn how to align with the ebb and flow of life. My private 1:1 coaching offers a supportive space for you to tap into inner peace and learn to determine between distractions and gifts along your path. Say goodbye to wasting energy and be able to operate with a cup that is overflowing. Schedule an introduction call with me here to explore how you can tap into harmony and fulfillment in both your personal and professional life.


Amy Lynn Durham, Intelligence Coach

Amy Lynn Durham is the Founder of Create Magic At Work, where she uses her knowledge as an Executive Coach and a certified Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) Coach to uniquely blend spirituality & business to help leaders, increase courage, confidence, and productivity, & decrease stress.



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