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Why Dancing Gives You Wings

Written by: Nicky Burke, Senior Level Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Nicky Burke

Inner freedom, joy, escapism, the dream state, ecstatic, electric, erotic, and down right awesome are just a few of the states and emotions available to us when we choose to dance. In these moments when we decide to let our bodies express, our mind’s insecurities go and we simply be present enough to become at one with the outer expression of our inner journey, we choose to embody the artistic expression of dance; a simple yet profound act that is available to us all in each moment of the day.

Photo of a dancing woman.

Why I choose to dance?

I used to say that dance chose me, now I realise that she was a subtle whisper always calling me through the radio, at children’s parties, jungle gyms and even supermarkets. I’d bop bop BOP everywhere and once my grandparents took me to a local dance school my love for this art grew! At a young age, I remember the feeling of letting go of everything on the outside when spinning around like a dizzy dinosaur, or the joyful feeling of dancing in pairs whilst looking into my partner's eyes deeply as we mirrored each other's shapes. Those captivating feelings of learning something new, supporting others hearts and dancing in synergy, are some of many, many reasons why I continued to dance through life. It wasn’t until I began teaching adults in my late teens that I truly saw the power of dance and its ability to transform a human being.

Why would you choose to dance?

You’re an absolute beginner, scared pantless! Afraid you will stand on your own feet, make a complete fool of yourself and vow never to dance again … don’t worry I’ve heard it all! After 10 years of teaching absolute beginners, the traumatic stories of childhood teachers, embarrassing moments, or simply not feeling good enough have wandered into my studio time and time again; what most people don’t realize is that professionals have to move through all that stuff too.

Without dismissing your story, sometimes you just have to get on the horse and choose your heart, if you fall over so be it! Better your ego be bruised than ask yourself what if forever!

So how can dance help you?

ConfiDANCE - So many of my pupils would return week after week, telling me how class helped them to hold a meeting at work, ask that cute guy out or simply walk differently in the street. When we challenge our beliefs and “take the steps” to become more, this affects all areas of our lives.

Dance is no different to learning a new language, you feel better about yourself because you are committed to yourself and so you become more confident in your abilities to succeed when fear appears to be in your way. (I can’t guarantee that you won’t fall, but most of us end up laughing in the face of what the ego says will kill us!)

Health - When we dance we improve our mind, body and connection to our soul. I’m not one for caring about “burning calories” but along with this, dance has been proven to improve your brain capacity and lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Through dance we can become present, forgetting our problems and worries in exchange for connecting to ourselves, to the moment we are in. This means we raise our vibration and often can lead to greater insight about issues that felt stuck before class!

Self-Expression - You don’t need to learn to dance, everyone can move their body to music and express in their own way. Its a wonderful way to start, simply set an intention or play your favourite music and move because you want too! Self-expression is freeing and brings us back to the heart. It also costs nothing and only takes a click of a button to get you going. What that's saying … “ dance like no one is watching!”

Social Interaction/Relationships: Dancing is a wonderful way to make new connections with others, without the need to verbalise anything we can connect with each other on energetic levels that naturally opens our hearts and elevates our spirit. From Line dancing in a group to the upclose and personal Tango, there is something for everyone no matter where you begin.

FUN! need I say more?

Am I too late?

Never! Classes have all age ranges from 2 to 70, whatever age, race, gender and beliefs you have, all you really need is to put your heart on to the dance floor, assuming your feet will do the rest.

Want to know more?

You can hear more about the art of dancing and the stories of clients through my brain podcast episode.

Or within the International Coauthor book, “The Sacred Dance; Leaders Living a Soul-Led Life”

Happy Dancing!

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Nicky Burke Brainz Magaine

Nicky Burke, Senior Level Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Nicky Burke is a Professional Artist, Choreographer, Creative Director & Intuitive Coach for Film, TV & Theatre. Her clients include the BBC, SKY TV, ITV, Sony Music Entertainment, Channel 5 & ExCeL London, including Uber, Eats, Harry Hills Tea Time Series 1 & 2, Lip Sync Battle UK, Britains' Got Talent, Scouting for Girls, NYC Time Square Hard Rock Cafe & the UK's leading pawnbroker H&T. She also enjoys her time working on feature films & guiding singer/songwriters worldwide.

Nicky's passion for dancing has led her to share the joy of movement with people all over the world, of all ages and abilities! Her teachings support shifting old belief systems and subconscious blockages so you can open up to accelerate and live a life of your own unique gifts. Nicky brings her wisdom and compassion to every board meeting, set, and coaching session knowing that each person is on their own individual journey. You can hire Nicky for private and group sessions, both online & in person, enquire today to reveal your SUPERPOWERS!



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