What is Sacred Success and how You can Create it in Your Life

Written by: Tom & Ania Yatar, Executive Contributor

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Did you know that you can achieve anything you want when you are following your soul’s purpose? Your ability to achieve your dreams depends on your willingness to align with your divine mission and create the things you are born for.

Every person is sent to the world with a purpose. We are spiritual beings who live a material life, and our own purpose is to give voice to the mission of our soul and to let ourselves guided by our higher self. Scarcity is only the result of our inability to see our value and to inherent worth. When we live from a place of alignment, we let ourselves express the gifts that can change the lives of those around us.

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When it comes to our finances, many people have the wrong relationship we money. We either live in greed or in scarcity. We wither believe that we never have enough or feel guilty for wanting more money. This is because we have been instilled many faulty programs with regards to money, and we are not used to having a healthy, positive relationship with our ability to create financial abundance. Basically, there are three levels of financial development:

  1. Survival—doing whatever it takes to stay afloat

  2. Stability—generating enough cash flow to meet one’s needs, eliminate debt, and establish future security.

  3. Affluence—accumulating ample disposable income to live the life of one’s dreams.

People who are successful in the world are mostly motivated by profit, social affluence and prestige. We function according to a patriarchal model of success, which states that our value as human beings is defined by our ability to produce and create money. That’s because men tend to be highly motivated by profit, perks, and prestige. In the male world, the promise of affluence is a powerful incentive.

But not for those who pursue sacred success. Once someone becomes financially stable, they are no longer motivated by money. What motivates them is helping others…or as numerous people described it, “ a search for significance.”

These are two very different paths to affluence. “Show me the money” versus “Show me how to help.” Too many people unnecessarily struggle to navigate the first path, without realizing they have another option.

You heard many times about financial and professional success. However, this definition of success is focused on material gain, while ignoring the gifts that each human is born with. It disregards the divine dimension of our worldly purpose and emphasizes material gain. Sacred success does exactly the opposite: it entails the endless abundance that comes out of aligning with your soul’s mission and your divine purpose.

Sacred Success follows a 4- step process. I can only describe this process as a combination of getting your head clear and your hands dirty, or as an Irish saying puts it: “pray for potatoes with a hoe in your hand.” That pretty much describes the 4 step process, a process that is both sacred and mundane, that is divinely guided while grounded in action.

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Here are the 5 steps:

Step 1. Receive consciously, surrendering to what is. This means letting go of the need to control the world and the outcomes of your actions and trusting in the divine timing and intelligence that goes beyond our conscious understanding.

Step 2. Pursue your highest purpose according to your deepest truths. Do you have a calling or a voice that wants to be heard? Are you aware deep down of a special gift that you feel urged to share with the rest of the world? This gift is your divine calling. And it is the tool that will lead you in the direction of your sacred success.

Step 3. Exercise Mental Discipline. When you encounter challenges on the way, know that these are only tests that are meant to make you more resilient, strong, and more aware of your potential. You overcome these obstacles by exercising daily mental discipline and by working with your weakness and your fears.

Step 4. Leave a legacy by modeling Greatness. Whatever you are good at, do your best to become great at what you are doing. If your gift is singing, aim to become a great singer. If your special talent is writing, leave the legacy of your sacred ideas. Capitalize on your strengths and work on your own development.

Step 5. Pay your gifts forward. If you were sent with a mission to help others or if you excel at a certain thing, make sure to teach others to excel as well. We lead by example, and we can be a powerful inspiration for others. For example, if you overcame a difficult situation, make sure to share the lessons you learned and the tools you have used along your journey. You never know how your insights, ideas, and lessons can improve someone’s life. Do not be afraid that you will come across as arrogant - quite the opposite. When you honor your gifts and your calling in the world, it can be deeply humbling to out your talents towards the rising of the human consciousness.

Sacred success is about creating abundance while helping others. It’s that simple. It is about following your own mission while leaving a strong mark in the world and being aligned with your purpose and divine calling. When pursuing success, remember that it is not always about material gain and financial abundance: rather, it is about the lives you impact and the people you help from the spiritual plenitude and abundance you live from. Sacred Success is available to anyone who follows their calling and who strives to be of service for the rest of the world.

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Tom & Ania Yatar, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Tom & Ania Yatar are world travelers who have helped thousands of people attract financial wealth, mental & emotional health, perfect physical health, relational and spiritual wealth. We both started out working jobs that left us living paycheck to paycheck, exhausted and worn out. We were only able to dream that we’d ever get to live the lives we truly wanted, longing for the freedom to live life on our own terms, and time to enjoy life to the fullest. Individually we each set out creating our own businesses and learning new skills, where eventually, we both came to understand the importance of mindset and its effect on our businesses. The way we created consistency in our marketing and the abundance mindset for ourselves is the exact same methods we teach to our students now.

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