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Time Management Tips For Balancing Your Newly Found Entrepreneurship Whilst Still Being In Your 9-5

Written by: Brooke Summer Adams, Senior Level Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


As a new entrepreneur, time management can be one of the most challenging aspects of starting a business. With so many tasks to handle whilst still maintaining the 9-5 role, it can be difficult to stay organized and productive. However, with a few key tips and strategies, you can improve your time management skills and set yourself up for success.

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Brooke Summer Adams ‒ an Internationally Accredited Transformation Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, International Speaker, Trainer and Writer and Yahoo Finances’ Top 10 Female Life Coach of 2021 works closely with first-time coaches to help them become the coach within them who has what it takes to create their vision. She is here with us today to share the top-tips she uses with her 1-2-1 clients to help them navigate the overlap of working a 9-5 and running a business.

1. Set clear goals and priorities

Before you dive into your work, take some time to define your goals and priorities. What tasks are most important to the success of your business? What are your long-term and short-term goals? Once you have a clear sense of what you need to accomplish, you can prioritize your tasks and allocate your time accordingly.

It’s easy to keep yourself busy with the tasks that aren’t actually achieving much. There’s a big difference between being BUSY and being PRODUCTIVE. If you can get clear on what will actually help you move the needle forward, you’ll be able to focus on those tasks. The quicker we get the business off the ground the quicker we can leave the 9-5. It can be tempting to spend time perfecting and re-doing the small things, but you can always come back to this later once you have more time.

2. Create a schedule and stick to it

One of the best ways to manage your time effectively is to create a schedule and stick to it. Start by identifying your most productive times of day and scheduling your most important tasks during those periods as much as you can around the 9-5. Block out specific times for tasks such as email, social media, and other distractions, so that you can stay focused on your work. The tasks that take less energy from you are usually the tasks that don’t make a massive impact to your progress, so leave these till last. These are usually tasks that you can complete even when less motivated or focused and are the tasks that won’t be detrimental if they don’t get done. The tasks that move the needle forward are usually the ones that take most your energy, so get these ones done first.

3. Delegate tasks

As a new entrepreneur, you may feel like you need to handle everything yourself. However, delegating tasks to others can help you save time and focus on whats most important. If you can outsource some of your new business tasks that would be great, however if that’s not available to you at present ‒ look for other ways that delegating could save you time. Do you have a teenager that could earn pocket money from walking the dog? Could you hire a cleaner? Could you start doing your food shop online? Could you make a deal with your partner to take turns doing the cooking?

4. Use time-saving tools and technology

There are many tools and technologies available that can help you save time and streamline your work processes. For example, automated schedulers can keep you off of social media as they handle the content posting for you. A lot of these are free. Client booking softwares allow others to book in meetings in your calendar so you don’t have to do the back and forth checking your diary. See where there are tools to help you work smarter, not harder ‒ and implement them.

5. Take breaks and prioritize self-care

While it may seem counterintuitive, taking breaks and prioritizing self-care can actually help you manage your time more effectively. When you take time to recharge and relax, you come back to your work refreshed and more focused, which can ultimately improve your productivity.

6. Review and adjust your strategies regularly

Finally, it’s important to review and adjust your time management strategies regularly. As your business grows and changes, your priorities and goals may shift, and you may need to adjust your schedule and strategies accordingly. Regularly reviewing your time management strategies can help you stay on track and ensure that you’re using your time as efficiently as possible.

7. Get a coach

Time management is essential for success as a new entrepreneur. A coach will be able to help you ensure that you have this essential time management by assisting you in setting clear goals, creating a schedule, delegating tasks, holding you accountable to prioritising self-care and reviewing and adjusting your strategies regularly.

People can connect with me via Email, Facebook, Instagram, or my Website. Wherever you go, you’ll find helpful training and info on all things transformation. Read more from Brooke!


Brooke Summer Adams, Senior Level Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Brooke Summer Adams is internationally accredited in Transformational Coaching, certified to a master-level in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a graduate of Psychology with a 1st Class Honors Degree (BS.c), a Yahoo Finance Top 10 Female Life-Coach of 2021, a Brainz 500 Global Award Winner of 2021, a Workshop Facilitator at the worlds 1 Coaching Academy and an international Speaker, Trainer, and Writer.

After overcoming chronic stress, low self-esteem and body dysmorphia, Brooke was inspired to take to University to study Psychology, become an Internationally Accredited Transformation Coach and NLP Master Practitioner and set up her own online coaching business.

After several successful years in business transforming over 100 women into the best versions of themselves, being recognised as a Yahoo Finance Top 10 Female Life Coach and becoming an International Speaker and Trainer, Brooke then moved into the field of transforming first time coaches ‒ so they feel ready to transform others.

This experience, on top her qualifications, allows her to transform first time coaches into the version of them who has what it takes to create their vision, by helping them build unshakeable self belief and confidence, overcome fear and take aligned action.



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