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This Step-By-Step Healing Process Will Help You Break Past Any Limiting Belief Or Fear

Sol's mission is to help the cycle breakers, dreamers and visionaries of the world be free of their fears and limiting beliefs so they can stop settling for less and start soaring towards their most fulfilling destiny.

Executive Contributor Sol Thompson

Limiting beliefs, we’ve all got them. Whether it be limiting patterns passed down from your ancestors, negative experiences from your childhood, or constraints taught to you by society, you likely have limiting beliefs that are currently preventing you from reaching your unique goals and desires. Inside of this article, I am going to take you through my signature healing process called ‘The Block Breakthrough Method” that has helped current and aspiring healers, coaches, artists and entrepreneurs from around the world rise above their limiting beliefs and fears and reprogram their mind with new, empowering beliefs that catapulted them towards their dreams and desires.


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The block breakthrough method

The most effective way to break free of your fears and limiting beliefs is through cultivating the perfect balance of spirituality and science in your healing work.


This process takes into consideration how to access the depths of your subconscious mind, the part of your brain that is responsible for up to 95% of your decisions so that you can discover and heal what limiting belief or fear is holding you back from your desired reality.


It also incorporates the power of energetics and embodiment to shift you into a new, desired state that aligns with your unique goals and desires.

Step 1: Find the root of your limiting belief

In order to break a cycle, you have to understand how and why it started.

To do this, I am going to tell you how to go on a journey down into the depths of your subconscious mind and discover the core beliefs, fears and stories that are keeping you stuck in the patterns you no longer want to repeat.


Firstly, you need to identify what limiting belief or fear that you are desiring to heal at this time. Some of the most common limiting beliefs and fears clients tend to have are as follows:


  1. Fear of abandonment or rejection

  2. Fear of failure

  3. Fear of the unknown

  4. The limiting belief of “I’m not good enough”

  5. The limiting belief of “I don’t have what it takes to be successful”

  6. The limiting belief of “I’m not worthy of my desires”


If you aren’t 100% clear on what exactly your limiting belief or fear is, choose one from the list above that resonates with you the most to use in this practice. As you dive into your subconscious, you will likely understand more details and specificities about your limiting beliefs or fears.


Once you identify what limiting belief or fear you want to work with, find a comfortable place to sit where you can close your eyes and be undisturbed.


Begin this process with box-breathing for 3-5 minutes. Box breathing is the act of inhaling and exhaling for equal counts and helps to regulate your nervous system. For first timers, I recommend inhaling for 4 seconds, holding at the top of your lungs for 4 seconds, exhaling for four seconds and holding at the bottom of your lungs for 4 seconds.


If you are familiar with this type of breathwork or other breathwork techniques, you can increase anywhere between 5-8 seconds. As you are breathing, try to refrain from getting lost in your thoughts. Instead, place your focus on the sensations and feelings you have in your body.


After you’ve done your box-breathing for 3-5 minutes, return back to a normal state of breathing but still keep your focus on the feelings and sensations in your body.


Then, ask your body, “Where does the fear of or the limiting belief of      currently live inside of my body?” Take note of what you notice inside of your body. What are the sensations and emotions you feel as you ask that question? Example: I feel a weight in my chest and I’m starting to become anxious.”


Once you’ve identified the physical sensation and emotion, then ask your mind to bring you back to the first time you experienced this.


You may not be able to remember all of the details of the situation or memory that is perfectly normal. Just relax into the experience and see what you can remember.


As you do this, I encourage you to remind yourself that you are safe and held in this present moment. You can even wrap your arms around yourself or place your hand over your heart for extra support.


Step 2: Somatically process and release any stored emotions

Even when your mind forgets, the body keeps score. The experiences that rooted the fear or limiting belief inside of you come with big emotions that need to be felt and processed so you can release them and start healing.


As you are revisiting the experience that first implanted this fear or limiting belief inside of you, it’s important that you allow any emotions or sensations to be felt fully.


Ask your body, “What do I need to do in order to fully feel or express this emotion?”

If you are new to the world of embodiment, here is a list of common ways you can somatically feel and release your emotions:


  1. Cry

  2. Yawn

  3. Scream (you can use a pillow to dilute the noise)

  4. Shake (you can stand up and shake your body and limbs, or, place a mat on the ground and shake while lying down)

  5. Sing/ make vocal noises

  6. Dance

  7. Rock back and forth

  8. Take a pillow and throw it on the ground or the bed as many times as you may need


As I mentioned before, this is simply a list of common ways that clients release their stored emotions. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to do so. What’s important is that you’re listening to your body and allowing your body to release until you feel complete.


Still feeling lost on how to somatically process and release? You can access a library of workshops tapping into these different embodiment practices inside of my free online community here.


Step 3: Reprogram your subconscious mind with a new, empowering belief

Now that you have cleared out your mental, emotional and energetic body from the old belief and correlating stagnant energy, you now have a beautiful blank canvas to create a new, empowering belief that will catapult your growth and bring you into alignment with your unique dreams and desires.

The first step of this process is creating a new belief that would help you in obtaining your goals and desires. It’s imperative that you create your belief in the form of “I am” or “I have” in order for this to work best. Example: “ I have everything it takes to be successful.”


Once you have identified your new belief, now it’s time to choose your preferred modality to program it into your subconscious mind. In this article, I will dive into two different methods to reprogram your subconscious mind. However, if you’d like to explore even more ways to do this, you can read this article “5 Easy Ways to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind With New, Empowering Beliefs”


1. Visualization

Imagine what it would look, feel, smell, sound and taste like to receive your specific goals and desires. Take yourself through a mental journey by creating images and scenarios that align with what you would like to experience in your life.


Example: If you desire to travel more, begin by imagining yourself booking the flight to your dream destination. See yourself, pack your bags, go to the airport and arrive in this new place. Imagine what the hotel or home you are staying at would be like. Envision yourself touring the new place and experiencing different excursions, sites, restaurants and events.


Once you are done with the visualization process, it’s time to complete this practice with gratitude.


When you feel grateful for something, you are sending a signal to your subconscious mind that you already are, or have received, the thing you desire. Therefore, spending a few moments at the end of your meditation to feel grateful helps to amplify the new beliefs you created through the visualization process.


2. EFT tapping

EFT stands for “Emotional Freedom Technique.” This technique focuses on tapping the meridian points of the body to help release anxiety, overcome fear and reprogram your subconscious mind with new beliefs.


By tapping on these points, you are able to send signals to the part of the brain that controls stress and restore an overall state of balance and peace within the body.


The meridian points most commonly used are as follows:


  • Top of the Head

  • Over the Eyebrows

  • Side of the Eyes / Temples

  • Under the Eyes / Cheekbones

  • Under the Nose

  • Chin

  • Chest and Collarbone

  • Bottom of the Rib Cage

  • Side of The Rib Cage

  • Thumb

  • Index Finger

  • Middle Finger

  • Bottom of the Ring Finger

  • Pinky Finger

  • Inside of the Palm


The first step of EFT Tapping is to identify the fear or negative emotion you are currently experiencing.


Example: I am feeling scared about this career change.


Then, you will begin tapping the meridian points as you say out loud how you are feeling followed by a statement of acceptance.


Example: Even though I am feeling scared about this career change, I love and accept myself.

As you begin to feel the negative emotion dissipate from your body, you can then begin to say phrases that align with how you desire to feel in the situation as you tap on the meridian points.


Example: Even though I don’t know how this career change will turn out, I feel confident in my ability to succeed.


Keep tapping until you have reached your desired emotional state and repeat this practice as often as you may need.


Step 4: Repeat

In order for your new beliefs to become permanent in your mind, repetition is key. Every time you go through this process, you will be accessing a deeper level of healing in your mental, emotional and physical body. And, you will have the ability to heal limiting beliefs from multiple areas of your life.


Want me to personally guide you through the block breakthrough process?

If you’ve never worked with your subconscious mind before, it can feel overwhelming to try and navigate this type of healing work alone. But the beauty is, you don’t have to. If you are looking to positively shift your reality through rewriting your beliefs to align with your unique goals and desires, I invite you to book a complimentary Block Breakthrough Session where you will discover the core beliefs, fears and stories that are keeping you stuck in the patterns you no longer want to repeat, somatically release any stuck emotions and reprogram your mind with new empowering beliefs that will catapult you towards your desires.

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Sol Thompson, Self-Love & Empowerment Coach

Sol has been an empowerment coach and psychic medium for over 3 years and has helped 100’s of men and women from across the globe overcome their fears and reclaim their power through reprogramming their subconscious mind with new, empowering beliefs that align with their dreams and desires.

Being raised in a traditional, catholic household her whole life and now fully embodying the bold, taboo and edgy parts of herself as an openly bi-sexual spiritual healer, she knows what it feels like to be chosen to live a life that breaks the expectations of others and how to overcome the fears and triggers that come along with this path.



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