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The Untapped Potential Of Unified Email And SMS Marketing For D2C Shopify Brands

Written by: John Moussan, Executive Contributor

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Executive Contributor John Moussan

One recurring problem I currently see in the business landscape is fragmented marketing. Specifically, either companies aren’t using SMS marketing at all or they're juggling between two disparate platforms for SMS and email. This fragmented approach isn’t just inefficient; it's a recipe for lost opportunities and revenue.

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Streamlining operations

If you're at the helm of a brand, you may want to nudge your team to optimize your marketing channels. Using multiple platforms creates operational headaches. More critically, it sabotages your ability to align email and SMS strategies. Cohesive timing in multi-channel marketing is key, and you simply can’t achieve that when your channels are siloed on different platforms.

The financial upside of integrated marketing

It’s a well-established fact that email marketing can drive an additional 25% revenue for your brand. Add SMS into the mix, and you could be looking at another 10% boost. These aren't just abstract percentages; they translate into real, significant growth for your business. According to Klaviyo, 73% of consumers have bought as a result of a brand’s text! In my book “The Ultimate Ecommerce Growth Playbook”, I elaborate on how email and SMS serve as the twin pillars of contemporary marketing. They can scale your brand to new heights. Opting for an ill-suited SMS platform—or worse, one that doesn’t align with your email platform—means leaving money on the table. Plus, a disjointed strategy can lead to a less-than-stellar customer experience - not to mention an operational nightmare for your team.

Why Klaviyo is the unified solution you need

If you haven’t already adopted Klaviyo for your email marketing, now's the time to consider it for SMS too. Klaviyo serves as a centralized hub for a majority of your digital communications, making it the go-to platform for holistic marketing strategies. Klaviyo offers segmentation capabilities that allow you to target different customer groups with personalized messages. The same segmenting logic can be applied to both email and SMS, ensuring that your campaigns, flows, and signup forms are truly in sync.

What sets Klaviyo apart are its robust features, initially designed for email but impeccably adapted for SMS. One feature I’m particularly fond of is the ease of creating automated flows. These flows, such as welcome series or abandoned cart reminders, can be configured to include both email and SMS.

Real-world applications

Consider a practical example: a customer abandons their cart. Klaviyo can be configured to send an email reminder within 30 minutes and an SMS after 2 hours if the cart remains abandoned. The integration ensures that these reminders don't overlap but work in harmony, enhancing the chance of conversion. If you were using to separate platforms, it would be very difficult to sync the timing between the email, the sms, and the customer behavior.

The power of automated flows and timed messaging

With Klaviyo, you can not only craft these automated flows but also optimize the timing between email and SMS messages. This ensures that your communications are not just coordinated but also tailored based on customer preferences. Given the rapid advancements in AI and machine learning, the power of predictive analytics cannot be overstated. Klaviyo stays ahead of the curve by continuously evolving, offering predictive analytics features that work seamlessly across email and SMS, thereby enabling smarter, more impactful marketing campaigns. Many Shopify brands have seen substantial growth after integrating Klaviyo's SMS and email features. Real-world success stories underscore the platform's capability to drive sales, increase customer retention, and enhance brand loyalty.


In a competitive business landscape, fragmenting your key marketing channels is not just inefficient; it's risky. As CEOs or brand leaders, the onus is on you to consolidate these channels, optimize operations, and maximize revenue. Klaviyo’s integrated email and SMS features provide a unified solution that can help you scale your brand, engage your customer base, and increase your bottom line. So why juggle between platforms when you can have the best of both worlds? Switch to Klaviyo today and experience seamless,multi-channel marketing at its best. Plus, if you sign up through my link, reach out to me on LinkedIn for an exclusive video bonus filled with insider strategies. If you found this insight valuable and wish to learn more about scaling your brand through unified marketing, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. Mention this article, and I'll share with you a complimentary copy of my book “The Ultimate Ecommerce Growth Playbook”

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John Moussan Brainz Magazine

John Moussan, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

John Moussan is an e-Commerce growth expert, vetted as the top 1% in his field. Leveraging his engineering background and business experiences, he created powerful strategies that can add 25% more revenue within 90 days for DTC brands. He is the founder & CEO of Great White Media, an elite global email and SMS marketing agency based in Southern California. His top core value is putting people first. His vision: To build better lifestyles for his customers, his team and community.



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