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The Root Of Everything Is Emotional Intelligence

Written by: Rylee June, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


So conditionally you look outside of yourself to see what you can change. Only to come to realize this fix is truly temporary and all the things you worked so hard to change outside of you, makes its way back into your life, sometimes just in a different form.

Challenges in relationships you try to leave because they aren't serving you, only show up in other relationships later on.

Thinking that if you just left behind that relationship and started over this would solve the disconnect and lack of communication that had taken place throughout the times before.

Challenges with money are made to seem like you can solve it by making more money, so you work harder and you grind longer,

Only to find yourself faced with unexpected costs or more debt than before. Healing your relationship with money is about understanding and learning security and safety within your body before any physical thing outside of you.

Challenges with health are made to seem like if you jump on a treadmill for an hour a day that all your physical problems will go away, only to find that you gain weight or plateau very quickly after some quick results.

The same goes with illnesses, if you take these pills or do this chemical treatments, it will solve your problem. Only to learn that the "problem" festered and moved into a different spot.

Challenges with your career are made to seem that if you quit or change positions that all the problems of being unfulfilled and unsatisfied will magically change with a new environment.

The truth is that none of these challenges are external issues you face.

Every single one of these challenges is rooted in the emotional components of a version of you, or an experience you've faced in your life where you didn't feel safe, wanted, loved, needed.

Every single one of these challenges requires your attention to be inward, learning how to unlearn what you believe around self-worth and value.

Unlearning what you believe around feeling safe and needed.

Unlearning what you believe around feeling trust and support.

This is why most often people feel like they "fail" when trying to fix what they are challenged by,

Because no one told them the root cause of it all is the emotions stored within the body that are affecting and influencing your entire external reality.

So may this article find those today who didn't know that your healing no matter what you are faced with is truly an inside job.

Changing your reality externally is temporary. Changing your internal state of belief and self-understanding is absolutely everything. You are your own greatest placebo effect.

When your body, mind and spirit are in coherence of the same belief, trust, surrender and connection, that is truly where you will find and experience the everlasting change within your external reality.

And if you are unsure of how to do this, hiring the therapist, seeking the coach, getting the mentor, finding the person in your life you feel safe to talk it all out with, is just some of the ways you can start. Alongside pairing your transitions with silence, meditation, movement and of course intentionality of where your energy is being shared.

Rewiring your internal hard drive of how you live your life starts with understanding, healing and accepting the emotional components of who you are. You are an intrinsic being with a knowing and knowledge so deep within you, truly only you can access this through time. You have come to this space and time where you have stumbled upon this message likely because you are feeling fed up with one or another area of your life and struggle to understand why the cycles seem “unbreakable”.

The good news is,

Truly everything in your life can change. You just have to be willing to put both feet forward into that unknown of change and go inward through self healing, accessing deeper self awareness and letting the wisdom within you flow through.

Your next step is courage, But we’ll save that for April’s release.

Sending you all my love,

Xo Rylee June

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Rylee June, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Rylee June is an international Intuition Master Coach and spiritual activator. Supporting thousands across the world in healing their trauma and limiting beliefs, as well mentoring and coaching those who offer energy services in curating ethical and deep transformative experiences for their clients. Podcast Host, Self Published Author & a pioneer in her industry, Rylee June is here to take a stand in the spiritual industry and create ethical practices for those seeking energy and life transformation support.



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