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The Roadmap To Financial Success – Setting Clear Targets And Goals

Written by: Kim Guillory, Executive Contributor

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Executive Contributor Kim Guillory

As a business owner, you're no stranger to the importance of goal setting. Your entrepreneurial journey likely began with a clear vision, and a burning desire to achieve something remarkable. But have you ever considered the significance of setting precise targets and goals to guide you on your path to success? In this article, we'll explore the vital role that targets and goals play in realizing your dreams, as well as the power of having a clear vision.

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The power of "why" – your driver

At the heart of setting targets and goals lies your "why" – the driving force behind your actions. It's the reason you stay in the game, persevere, and commit to your vision. While some may call it a "why," it's more aptly described as a "driver." This driver is the linchpin connecting your everyday actions to your ultimate vision. Your ultimate vision is the legacy you aim to create. It's the embodiment of what you want to achieve in your lifetime. While you may not accomplish it all in this one life, you still set it as a guiding star. Your vision is the grand tapestry of your dreams and aspirations.

Clear targets: The benchmarks to success

Targets, on the other hand, are the practical, tangible stepping stones on your journey towards your ultimate vision. They act as benchmarks, revealing where you stand and how far you have left to go. Targets provide a clear roadmap, helping you understand how to progress toward your vision.

The goal vs. The target

To put it simply, your goal represents the overarching vision, the legacy you aspire to leave behind. It's the big picture. Your targets, on the other hand, are the smaller, manageable components that, when achieved, bring you closer to realizing that vision. Think of targets as the mile markers on the road to your goal.

The shift in mindset

For many, it's easy to adopt a passive mindset, believing that life simply unfolds as it should. But to reach your full potential, to experience control, predictability, and sustainability, you must undergo a mindset shift. It's not about controlling every external factor, but about self-governance, regulating your attitude, beliefs, and actions that lead to results. The key is to become the master of your journey, rather than a passive passenger.

The importance of setting targets

Without clearly defined targets, you risk wandering aimlessly through life's backroads, devoid of road signs or GPS to guide you. You may find yourself traveling in circles, retracing familiar paths without realizing you've been there before. When your results remain elusive, whether in financial matters, weight loss, or any other goal, it's a clear indicator that you lack targets.

Radical self-responsibility

Setting targets is synonymous with embracing radical self-responsibility. It's about cultivating the personal drive, discipline, and commitment needed to take action toward your goals. Without targets, you're bound to underperform your potential.

Setting income targets

Let's consider a specific example – setting income targets. Do you have a clear target for your income in the next year? If not, you're not alone. Many people hope for financial success without a concrete plan. However, having a specific income target is a game-changer. It gives you something to aim for and provides a way to measure your progress.

Setting realistic targets

When setting an income target, be specific and realistic. Avoid setting yourself up for failure with an unattainable goal. Instead, choose a target that is both challenging and achievable. Once you have this target in mind, break it down into smaller, more manageable goals – quarterly, monthly, weekly, and even daily.

The importance of expense and savings targets

While setting income targets is essential, it's equally crucial to set targets for your expenses and savings. Knowing how much you aim to spend and save each month will keep you on the right track and enable informed financial decisions.

In the world of business ownership, setting clear targets and goals is your guiding light on the path to success. It provides direction, helps you measure progress, and offers a roadmap to follow. So, take the time to ponder your income target for the next year, break it down into actionable goals, and empower your journey with the right targets in place. With these milestones guiding you, you'll be well on your way to financial success, whatever that may mean for you.

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Kim Guillory Brainz Magazine

Kim Guillory, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Kim Guillory is an Integrative Mind-Body Coach and Business Mentor helping healing-focused coaches and practitioners become more confident in their practice and profitable in their business. Kim teaches an integrative approach to mindbody wellness combining mindset, emotional processing, subconscious coaching, and nervous system regulation. Kim's experience includes 28 years as a business owner in ladies' fitness, massage, yoga, and coaching. Her certifications include Life Coach by The Life Coach School, Health Coach by Institute Of Integrative Nutrition, 10X Elite Business Coach by Grant Cardone, RTT Hypnotherapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, 500 E-RYT Yoga and Meditation teacher, Human Design Level IV Analyst, and Gene Keys Guide.



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