The 21 Biggest Opportunities for Coaches in the Next 2-7 Years

Updated: Jan 11

Written by: Maxwell Nee, Executive Contributor

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Will there always be a demand for coaching? If there are humans involved, yes.

How do I know for sure? How can I be so certain? Great questions!

You see, Coaching is about helping people solve their problems and/or helping them get something they don’t already have in their life. That’s it.

For example, it could be helping a complete beginner athlete become an Olympic Gold Medalist.

I see a bright future for coaching because I see a lot of problems that people will happily invest in coaches to solve so that they can have what they want.

That is ALL coaching is - helping people get what they want.

I see new problems people will face for the first time in the next 2-7 years.

This is the biggest opportunity for Coaches in the next 2-7 years. Because a lot of people will have things they want for the first time in the next 2-7 years.

Here are some of the coaching niches and biggest opportunities I see on the horizon in the next 2-7 years:

I will share these in the format of a ‘Help Statement.’ e.g., I help [WHO] with [WHAT] and maybe [HOW].

I help humans find their feet again after losing their jobs to artificial intelligence.

I help professionals thrive and feel connected in isolating remote Zoom working environments.

I help managers lead and stay connected to their 100% remote teams to achieve more together.

I help traditional banking professionals find their feet after being disrupted by cryptocurrency.

I help humans who were hurt by self-driving cars to rebuild their trust with technology so they can keep living their life.

I help young adults disconnect their addiction to technology and enjoy everything life has to offer.

I help young adults breakthrough their addiction to social media and build authentic real-life relationships.

I help Amazon postage & delivery humans to find their feet again after losing their jobs to robotics.

I help burnt-out doormen & receptionists to project manage the endless Amazon deliveries received by all of their residents.

I help people to reduce screen time and save their eyesight with BTT (Breakthrough Bluelight Therapy).

I help people to feel safe again in leaving their house after COVID-19.

I help corporate professionals to exercise emotional intelligence through Zoom to powerfully lead their 100% remote teams.

I help 100% remote teams to practice emotional intelligence with each other through zoom.

I help sales professionals develop their Zoom presence to be better than in person.

I help hospitality professionals cook up a pandemic-proof mindset.

I help homeschooling single-parents raise within themselves a pandemic-proof mindset.

I help homeschooled young adults to thrive in their social, physical workplace.

I help men find love in an overwhelming online dating world.

I help women find love in an intimidating online dating world.

I help commercial space travelers find their balance back on Earth.

I help young adults addicted to Virtual Reality to disconnect and build in-person relationships.

Let me leave you with this one question – What opportunities do you see for yourself and your coaching business that you didn’t see before?

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Maxwell Nee, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Maxwell Nee is a Co-founder & Head of Growth at High Performing Coach - a 7-figure business in a saturated industry, which grew 300% during the COVID-19 Lockdown selling out online events. Maxwell started selling tickets for events when I was 16, generating $3,000, with zero marketing budget.

To date, with his team, he sold out 8 live events in the 12 months during the crisis, helping thousands of coaches to build their businesses during huge uncertainty. They partnered with influencers such as Marisa Peer, Daniel Priestley, Harville Hendrix & Helen Hunt (17 times Oprah guest speaker).

From quitting his corporate job, being hit with bankruptcy after his first investment fell flat, to sleeping on a friends couch and selling his Bose Bluetooth Speakers to get by - Maxwell a unique and powerful understanding of what it really takes to succeed.



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