The 21 Biggest Opportunities for Coaches in the Next 2-7 Years

Updated: Jan 11

Written by: Maxwell Nee, Executive Contributor

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Will there always be a demand for coaching? If there are humans involved, yes.

How do I know for sure? How can I be so certain? Great questions!

You see, Coaching is about helping people solve their problems and/or helping them get something they don’t already have in their life. That’s it.

For example, it could be helping a complete beginner athlete become an Olympic Gold Medalist.

I see a bright future for coaching because I see a lot of problems that people will happily invest in coaches to solve so that they can have what they want.

That is ALL coaching is - helping people get what they want.

I see new problems people will face for the first time in the next 2-7 years.

This is the biggest opportunity for Coaches in the next 2-7 years. Because a lot of people will have things they want for the first time in the next 2-7 years.

Here are some of the coaching niches and biggest opportunities I see on the horizon in the next 2-7 years:

I will share these in the format of a ‘Help Statement.’ e.g., I help [WHO] with [WHAT] and maybe [HOW].

I help humans find their feet again after losing their jobs to artificial intelligence.

I help professionals thrive and feel connected in isolating remote Zoom working environments.

I help managers lead and stay connected to their 100% remote teams to achieve more together.

I help traditional banking professionals find their feet after being disrupted by cryptocurrency.

I help humans who were hurt by self-driving cars to rebuild their trust with technology so they can keep living their life.

I help young adults disconnect their addiction to technology and enjoy everything life has to offer.

I help young adults breakthrough their addiction to social media and build authentic real-life relationships.