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Scaling Entrepreneurship By Knowing Its Reflection

Written by: Tamra Andress, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


We live segmented...fragmented...isolated... Expecting our businesses to flourish when we only show up as a portion of who we are.

We walk into the building and put on our boss babe hat. [Sorry men, you catch my drift.] And during these “office hours” we lean into the things that fuel that space. As we leave, the hat gets shoved into the glove compartment and we are on to the next…inhaling, exhaling, morphing into mom or wife, daughter or friend, hobbyist or artist, couch potato, book worm or workout junkie... And the cycle of hat switching continues


What if, instead, we had the unique opportunity to be all-encompassing in one given breath the way we were created to entire entity? What if, instead, we were seen and known in every facet of character, never hiding one piece, but instead transparently operating in our Zone of Genius, our flow state? What if, instead, the rhythm of our life was calm, confident and collected?

I worked off of autopilot for years in every sector of life. Showing up to wear the hat the best I could, but always mentally somewhere else. Wanting to exist in all of my giftings, but never feeling free enough to understand my calling or recognize the colliding of my passions.

I couldn’t dissect the reflection in the mirror. I didn’t know mySELF enough to name that person in the reflection. Only did I recognize myself in the minimized, filtered view of the camera lens or rearview mirror. Driving. Always driving. Distant. Never close enough to know.

And then rock bottom. Shattered mirrors enabled me dedicated time to pick up each fragment piece by piece and carefully and intentionally place the feature, the gift, the trait into a full image of being...a reflection of self that had depth in knowing its intended purpose and beauty. Shattered, I became whole.

This broken experience allowed for reshaping, reframing, reestablishing, redefining, and ultimately recognizing WHO and WHAT in the mirror.

Reflection is critically important, both personally and professionally.

Entrepreneurs need this type of deep knowing. And instead of experiencing the rock bottom, critically and hopefully, you start with the foundation in order to build from The Rock. The one who established the purpose, the calling, the assignment from within and all-encompassing of the gifts and the talents being featured. And the result: A majestic blended hat of existence. You get to show up as the ringmaster!

You must know every piece. You must know it’s function, its purpose, its weak point, its strength. Scaling isn’t possible without this in-depth practice of breaking it down to the ridiculous. Otherwise, you stay in the growth phase, feeling like the hats are increasing and therefore believing that “I must be doing something right as I claim more titles and tasks.” Wrong! That is the lie of the enemy intended to add weight, add pride, add distraction, and overwhelm to muddy the assignment.

Not today.

To scale is to step beyond the point of growth. It’s exponentially increasing revenue, while expenses stay the same. Conversely, the growth stage is the process by which both increase simultaneously

As entrepreneurs and business leaders, we want to experience the scale, but we’re too afraid to weigh the broken pieces. This, however, is the connection point of the identities of each piece and the exact place where valuation exists. It is the understanding of the why and the creation of wholeness by evaluating every angle of intention and placement.

The deep knowing of self catapults scaling by way of vulnerability, trust, and good measure.

Scaling = abundance. But, you don’t get to skip the growth stage to get there.

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Tamra Andress, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Tamra Andress is the CEO & founder of CORE Creatives women's business membership and expert coaching program. She’s the host of the globally ranked Fit in Faith Podcast serving to illuminate, create & activate God-centered women within business-sector to propel Kingdom Impact. She’s a wife and mama of 2 as well as a certified ordained minister, international retreat host and author. She’s a born and raised beach babe, lifetime fitness lover and travel junkie, living life one God wink to the next!



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