Overcoming The Stigma of 2020

Written by: Stephanie Martin, Executive Contributor

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When was the last time that you found yourself thinking. How ready are you for 2020 to be over? That this year has been awful, and nothing good has come from this year? You are not alone. Many of us have felt like we were stuck, and like this year was just not the year for us, with everything that is going on in the world. The focus has been on all the negative things 2020 has to offer.

You have everything that you need to overcome the stigma of 2020 at your fingertips. My favorite things I have done this year and that my clients are actively doing to take back control of this year.

  1. It’s time to kick all of the craziness out of your life. I know what you’re thinking but hear me out. You have control over who is in your life every single day. You don’t have to have anyone who isn’t bringing you love, support, and encouragement in your life. Your business is going to grow if you remove all of the negative people out of your life. Simply because you will be able to see those supportive people more, their encouragement is a game-changer in business, no matter how large or small your business might be. It will push you to be the best version of yourself.

  2. Use what you’ve got! Right now, we all have some extra time on our hands. How you got that extra time doesn’t matter. You can do anything with that time but what you should be doing is—spending time working on new ideas that you would love to do. Write a list of things that you would love to do before the end of 2020. It doesn’t matter if it is a crazy idea like writing a book, creating a course, or writing a guest post for an awesome new website. Pick 3 things off of that list and start working towards those things today.

  3. Change your mindset, and you can change the world. This is the best thing that I love to get my clients to do. Change your mindset and your whole world can change. I find that reading a new book or listening to a new podcast is the key to changing your mindset. Who doesn’t say they wish they had time to read or listen to something new? Hearing something new and different can change your whole mindset and the way that you think of the year.

We put too much pressure on ourselves to make huge changes to change our year or lives when truthfully. Not one person out there has had a massive change in their life. Like they just woke up one day in a whole different world than they went to sleep in. That is nonsense. Change happens when you decide to start taking those tiny baby steps towards your goals.

So stop thinking that 2020 is this awful, stressful year. Get up and get this year started right now. You deserve everything that you want, and your business has unlimited potential.

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Stephanie Martin, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Stephanie is a driven, empowering, powerhouse. She's a Purpose and Business Coach, owning The Path Is Yours Coaching. She's a Certified Life Coach and Neuro-Linguistics Programming Master Practitioner. Her passion for helping women find and follow their dreams in life is unmatched. Stephanie is a mother of four beautiful children and wife to an active-duty soldier. Running and growing her business where ever the Military lifestyle might take her family.



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