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Navigating New Horizons In 2024: Build Beyond Business – The Retirement Chapter

Written by: David G Fisher, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor David G Fisher

As the calendar pages turned, marking the end of another vibrant year, I found myself in a reflective state, contemplating the swift passage of time. It seems like only yesterday when I first stepped onto a construction site in January 1980, a fresh-faced newcomer to an industry that would shape my next four decades. Now, 44 years later, the tools of the trade may have evolved to construction management and businesses, but the foundation of hard work and vision remains unaltered. My journey, paralleled by conversations with peers who have also navigated the ebbs and flows of business ownership, has led me to a profound realization: retirement does not signify the lowering of the curtains but rather the rise of a new, exhilarating stage. It's a chapter that not only deserves to be written but demands a narrative rich with the wisdom of experience and the excitement of the unknown.

Happiness in New Year 2024 or straightforward concept.

The beginning of another year and a new chapter for all of us

As I stand at this crossroads, contemplating my next creative endeavour, I find myself weighing the merits of authoring a book against launching a podcast—perhaps even pursuing both. The question of which avenue to explore first remains open, and your insights could be the compass guiding this journey. I invite you to share your thoughts through a brief survey. Your input is invaluable as I chart this course. In an unanticipated turn, the perfect name for this venture revealed itself: Build Beyond Business. I've secured the domain at GoDaddy ( and registered the name officially. Whether it manifests as a podcast, a book, or a combination of both, this project is a tribute to every professional navigating the waters of retirement. It will be a reservoir of inspiration, providing actionable insights and the shared wisdom to not just retire from something, but to retire to something—a life replete with purpose and passion beyond the traditional confines of business. 

The foundation of retirement

Retirement planning frequently evokes thoughts of nest eggs, financial advisors, and an array of complex investment strategies. However, true fiscal prudence is but one facet of a multifaceted tapestry. 'Building Beyond Business' seeks to weave a richer, more colourful fabric for this life stage. It's about constructing a robust foundation where financial security meets a life infused with the same—or greater—levels of purpose and passion that fuelled your career's peak. This chapter isn't just about safeguarding your finances; it's about architecting a lifestyle that continues to challenge, fulfill, and inspire.

The concept of retirement is evolving, and today it encompasses far more than just the end of a professional career. It's being redefined as a new phase of life with opportunities for personal development, community involvement, and even continued professional engagement, notwithstanding the different capacities. Let's delve deeper into the multi-dimensional aspects of modern retirement that go beyond financial planning:

Blueprint for health and wellness

Physical and mental well-being are the bedrocks of a vibrant retirement. We'll delve into the importance of keeping active, not just physically, but intellectually and socially. From exploring new fitness regimes tailored for the retiree to mental health strategies that keep the mind sharp, the podcast or book will cover the spectrum of staying healthy in this new chapter.

Lifelong learning

Retirement opens up a wealth of time for continued education and learning. Many retirees take this opportunity to pursue interests they may not have had time for during their careers, such as learning a new language, taking up an instrument, or enrolling in courses about history, art, or science. Lifelong learning can keep the mind sharp and provide a fulfilling sense of progression and accomplishment.

Purpose and identity

For many, their work has been closely tied to their sense of identity and purpose. Retirement doesn't mean the end of this sense of self; rather, it's a chance to explore new facets of identity and forge a purpose that doesn't rely on professional status. Volunteering, mentoring, or engaging in community service can provide meaningful ways to contribute and feel valued.

Social connections

The social networks that our business and careers often provide can change with retirement. Staying socially active is crucial for mental and emotional health. This can mean rekindling old friendships, making new ones, or even forming connections through clubs or groups centred around hobbies or interests.

Health and wellness

With more free time, retirees can focus on their health and wellness. This might include regular exercise, healthier eating habits, and the time to manage health care proactively. Physical activity is not only good for the body but also for the mind, with benefits like reduced stress and improved mood.

Adventure and exploration

Retirement can be an opportunity for adventures that were postponed due to work commitments. This could be traveling, exploring nature, or engaging in new experiences that provide a sense of adventure and discovery.

Legacy and mentorship

Many individuals consider how they can leave a lasting impact. Retirement can be a stage for focusing on legacy—whether through mentorship, writing, or philanthropy. Sharing knowledge and experience with younger generations can be incredibly rewarding and ensure that one's professional and personal wisdom is passed on.

Financial stability

Although not the sole focus, financial stability remains a cornerstone of retirement. It ensures the freedom to enjoy other aspects of retirement without the stress of financial insecurity. This means smart planning with investments, savings, and possibly passive income streams that provide financial comfort.

Emotional well-being

Retirement can be a significant transition emotionally. It's important to acknowledge and prepare for this change, ensuring support systems are in place to help navigate the shift in routine and identity. Hobbies, counselling, and community involvement can all play a role in maintaining emotional health.

The financial pillars

Of course, financial stability remains a key pillar. We'll provide insights into smart investment strategies for retirees, estate planning, and navigating the complex world of retirement benefits. Our experts will offer tips on how to budget when the regular pay check stops, and how to make your money work for you in retirement.

Embracing technology

In an increasingly digital world, staying abreast of technology is paramount. We'll cover the tech tools that can enhance the retirement experience, from health apps to online courses, ensuring our listeners are equipped to take full advantage of the digital age.

Planning for the unexpected

Life is unpredictable, and retirement is no exception. Our discussions will include preparing for the unexpected, ensuring that your retirement plans are as resilient as the businesses many of you have built and managed.

Building beyond business

For many, retirement is not a full stop but a comma. The entrepreneurial spirit doesn't retire; it simply finds new outlets. We'll hear from retired professionals who have started new businesses, engaged in consultancy work, and those who have turned to mentorship to pass on their hard-earned wisdom.

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Executive Contributor David G Fisher

David G Fisher, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

David G Fisher, is a leader in construction management and business development. An experience of severe burn out and stress, after 40 years in construction management and ownership left him broken and un-capable to do his role. David then initiated strategies to dramatically enhance his skills and performance to conquer these obstacles. He has since dedicated his life to helping other construction owners unleash their true potential to get their businesses and themselves back on track. He is the CEO of Construction Consulting and Coaching; the premiere construction owners exit program. His mission: We don’t need to be prisoners in our own businesses.



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