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MotionGrey vs. Effydesk Standing Desks: A Comparative Review

Your productivity and comfort are two things that a standing desk can generally improve at work. In the market, MotionGrey and Effydesk are two of the leading brands that offer a selection of standing desks. To help you make the right standing desk purchase, we are doing a comparative review of both brands and looking at the key features of their desk.

Motor Quality:

MotionGrey Standing Desk: All MotionGrey desks are equipped with the German-manufactured Bosch motors, known for their superior quality which is responsible for their consistent performance and smooth height adjustments in whatever working condition. This makes MotionGrey's standing desks one of the desks out there that customers can expect to function really well over time.

Effydesk Standing Desk: The standing desks from Effydesk are currently equipped with the China-made Motor NT33BN2, manufactured by Shaoxing Naite Drive Technology Co., Ltd. The motors have adequate performance, but they cannot match the quality of the more reliable and more durable Bosch motors in the MotionGrey desks. When choosing the right desk, consider the potential differences in the performance and longevity of the motor between the two brands.

Height Adjustment Range:

MotionGrey Standing Desk: The MotionGrey desk can accommodate various user preferences with its generous height adjustability range—from as low as 23.6 inches to as high as 49.2 inches. This gives the desk the optimal ergonomic quality that makes it ideal for individuals of different heights and working preferences.

Effydesk Standing Desk: The Home Office standing desk, which is the closest-priced model desk from Effydesk at $215 higher, features a height adjustability range between 28 inches and 46 inches. This range is suitable enough for many users, but shorter or taller users may find MotionGrey's broader range more suitable for them.


MotionGrey Standing Desk: MotionGrey has always been proud of the affordability of its desks without compromising on quality. The MotionGrey standing desks are priced at $499.99, a cost-effective alternative for those planning to convert their workstation into an ergonomic space. The competitive pricing offered by MotionGrey allows more individuals to enjoy the benefits of standing desks without spending too much.

Effydesk Standing Desk: The standing desks of Effydesk are generally more expensive. The home office desk starts at $715 while their Business office desk starts at $835. When shopping, make sure to check the specific desk features and adjustability range and weigh them with the price difference, checking between each brand to determine which one suits your needs and budget best.

Tabletop Quality:

Both MotionGrey and Effydesk partner with the Shanghai-based Jiang Su Ge Lin Furniture Co., Ltd. for their table top. Upon verification, the manufacturer has confirmed that both companies use the same MDF materials in their table tops, thereby indicating that there is no discernible difference between the two brands in terms of table top quality. This is the same when it comes to their higher-end desks. Both MotionGrey and Effydesk’s Terradesk partner with the same factory - ChopxValue. The only manufacturing difference was in the category of Solid wood tops. MotionGrey offers a Walnut top made by a local carpenter with passion in wooden products. Meanwhile, no information has been found available on the supplier of EffyDesk’s solid wood tops as of writing.

Supplier and Frame Selection:

For its standing desk frame, MotionGrey previously partnered with the Shaoxing Naite Drive Technology Co., Ltd., which is the current table frame supplier of Effydesk. However, concerns about the quality of the Chinese-manufactured motor previously used by MotionGrey prompted it to switch to the German-manufactured Bosch motors. The new motor was incompatible with the frame design of Shaoxing Naite, so MotionGrey went through the strenuous process of revamping its supply chain process to deliver the highest quality product to its customers. This move highlights MotionGrey's commitment to its users to provide only the best quality and highest-performing standing desks.

With the comparisons made above, we’ve outlined some potential business dynamics that have helped the MotionGrey standing desks to remain more affordably priced compared to competitors in the space:

  1. Lower Spend on Advertising - Most ecommerce businesses use pay per click (PPC) campaigns on search engines like Google. After a quick SEO Audit, it appears Effydesk spend more on PPC compared to MotionGrey, which helps them gain viewers and sales but also significantly increases the cost base of their business model. This spending is usually accounted for by dividing it over the total number of sales to arrive at a rough estimate of the added cost per acquisition or, in standing desk terms, the added cost base of each individual standing desk.

  2. Volume pricing - MotionGrey has over 40,000 standing desks sold annually, making it Canada’s leading online standing desk supplier. The higher volume allows the company to negotiate rock-bottom rates with its partners, and this translates to the best value being offered to customers.

  3. Supply chain ownership – One of the things that make MotionGrey unique in its business model is their strong passion about giving customers the best value for money, sometimes at the expense of high levels of capital investment and reduced profit margins. The company’s business model is centered on value for money, which ultimately leads to word of mouth and high organic revenue growth. An example is their capital investments in their own facilities. Based on research, MotionGrey appears to be the only major standing desk company that fully owns their warehousing. This means no mortgage to pay, as opposed to leasing a space for a long time. This means the company doesn’t spend higher costs caused by record-setting lease rate increases. Lease costs, like advertising spend, are usually added to the cost per standing desk and ultimately passed on to consumers.

  4. Differing Business Model - Branding today has become far more complex compared to how it was back in the days of the industrial revolution when price was all that mattered to consumers. Today, some companies intentionally set a higher price on their products as part of branding effort, or as a move to get higher profit margin, or a mix of both. Meanwhile, other companies focus on concepts like consumer value, and ultimately higher growth rates, and thus are okay with lower profit margins.


When selecting the right standing desk, remember to consider the various factors that will affect your overall and long-term experience. Both MotionGrey and Effydesk have competitive standing desk options, each one with its features and highlights.

Overall, MotionGrey stands out in its use of the German-manufactured Bosch motors, its broader height adjustability range, and competitive pricing. When making the decision, remember to carefully evaluate your needs and budget to see which brand meets your requirements better. Look into motor reliability, height adjustability, and overall value to find the desk that will enhance your space and improve your overall well-being.



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