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Is It Control We Need? Or Is It Coherence?

Written by: Linda Watkins, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


When everything seems to be topsy-turvy and out of control, much like everything since Covid, with pandemic fear and uncertainty, upheaval of normal life, a crazy political scene and so many questions with so few answers, do we need to find a way to control it all? Or do we just need some coherence?

I know when I’m in a panic about something, I have the sense that if I could get control, everything would be better. And sometimes, that is the case.

In an emergency, we do need to turn off a broken waterpipe or stop a downward slide in sales. We might need to retake control of our budget or start eating healthier food.

These times when we take control can be essential to the survival of our business and even our life.

Unfortunately, we are in an era of uncertainty: global warming, inflation, the war in Ukraine, a shaky global economy to name just a few of the issues that have no simple answers. There is very little we can control in these circumstances. When feeling that everything is out of control, we need to remember that forward movement, energy and even joy can arise from coherence.

Coherence comes when we determine what is important, let go of what we cannot change, and begin to find a certain kind of meaning to our life, work and needs. It can eliminate the panic attacks and put our executive mind in charge.

The dictionary definition of coherence is logical, orderly and aesthetically consistent relationship of parts. In other words, something that makes sense!

Given that so many areas of our lives are impossible to control, and that we can drive ourselves crazy trying to control it all, as humans we need to do better at living with uncertainty. We are sense-making beings and don’t do well when there’s too much we don’t know.

Yet, we can never have total certainty… We really don’t know what will happen tomorrow or even an hour from now. So, we function by calculated risks. We look at the odds of natural or personal disasters and choose to live. We reckon for instance, that the odds of an earthquake hitting our house within the next three hours or three days are small, and go on with our everyday business, focusing on what’s important to us.

Coherence won’t help with the natural disasters and especially the upcoming growth of problems with global warming, for example, except that it can make our reactions more in keeping with who we are and what has meaning for us.

So, let’s start by creating coherence in our personal lives and businesses, clarifying our values, throwing out what no longer works or fits us, paring down the time spent on worry-wasters. It will enable more peace of mind and better decisions.

Bring your life more into coherence. A brain full of worry, fear or panic will not make good decisions.

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Linda Watkins, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Linda Watkins Ph.D. is an executive and leadership coach with decades of experience helping leaders achieve personal and professional growth, including in new, creative, and future-oriented areas. She helps clients embody their leadership and become authentic, grounded, and future-ready. Many find her work transformational. Linda's passion for helping leaders thrive by developing new skills and capabilities has only grown as the world has become more complex. She and her company, Leadership for Today, are strong advocates for women and have been designing events that empower women for over 30 years.



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