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Intuitive Eating Sounds Great – Here’s Why Most People Get It Wrong

Written by: Alicia Rios Wilks, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Alicia Rios Wilks

Intuitive eating is that dream of eating whatever you want, whenever you want… without unwanted consequences showing up on your waistline.

A woman holding a slice of pizza up to her face

It can be used to lose weight, tone up and transform in any way you desire. But most people are missing the one biggest key to utilizing this method to create their ideal body. Trying to eat intuitively without this essential element is what leads to failed results, disappointment, and a continued cycle of frustration, shame and hopelessness.

You’ve all heard the promise that hooked you into buying that last program: “you don’t have to diet or restrict food groups to lose weight!”

You probably felt that flare of anger and frustration and thought “yeah right. Cut the crap. Just tell me what to do to get the body I want!”

Truth is, NO program will work for you to provide lasting results until you make one critical shift. Funny thing is, once you’ve made this shift, you won’t need any specific program to follow ever again.

Your results aren’t a reflection of what you do. So you can stop trying to find the right way.

Why do you think some people are working their arse off and getting nowhere, whilst others give it no thought and they’re effortlessly inhabiting a model’s physique?

It’s obviously not about effort. So anyone who tells you that “you must just not want it enough” is just throwing out abuse – however unintentional it may be.

Now, here’s the kicker

It’s not your “limiting beliefs” either. So that go-to explanation that personal development gurus are feeding you is also not the answer.

Hence why that hypnotherapy course to “eliminate limiting beliefs” wasn’t, in fact, the last course you ever needed (I know. Because I’m a licensed, clinical hypnotherapist. And while it’s helpful, it isn’t going to create this shift that I’m talking about).

So what IS the answer?

Your identity

That’s right, who you think you are is what will determine what you desire and when you desire it.

And therefore it will also determine whether “intuitively” eating as you please takes you spiraling into unhealthy choices and weight gain, or easily losing weight and getting your ideal body.

Don’t take that personally. Your identity isn’t you. Think of it more like your understanding of life and Self. It’s a composition of definitions, beliefs, values, and other learnings based in memories that you used to create your orientation to navigate through life.

Your reality, including the body that you’re living in right now, is a reflection of what your identity says is safe and available to you.

Change your identity, change your life and your body

Trust me. I used to be in the identity of having an eating disorder, consumed by obsession and addiction. Now, I take joy in eating with ease – no restrictions, no thought required. And I didn’t have to sacrifice the body I so desperately wanted. Now, I live in Radical Freedom, creating my dream body.

However, you cannot fix yourself into what you want. So don’t fall into the trap of thinking you now have to go away and fix your identity. Or “kill” the old identity.

When you tell yourself you have to fix yourself, the instruction you give your identity is that you aren’t good enough. Because that’s now your identity, you can never be good enough to have what you want.

Here’s the critical shift

When you identify as the creator of your body – as the person who created the current manifestation and can equally create a new one – you escape the trap of “not good enough” and step into Radical Freedom to create the body you choose. When you are embodying the creator who just chooses to create your ideal body, then your intuition accepts the instruction to create that new body, and your desires will shift into alignment with your desired results. That is when eating whatever you want takes you straight towards your dream body.

This is how I’ve done the work for myself, and this is how I work with clients. To move them into the identity of the powerful creator of their body, so that they can simply choose to create any body they want.

If you’re ready to change your identity, your life, and your body, and make intuitive eating work for you, book here to start your transformation with me.

Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube, or visit my website for more information on how you can escape unwanted patterns to live in Radical Freedom.

Alicia Rios Wilks Brainz Magazine

Alicia Rios Wilks, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Alicia Rios Wilks is a multi-award-winning thought leader on a mission to spark a Radical Freedom Movement. She is an innovator in combining human consciousness, mind and body transformation, and breakthrough performance. Like many of her clients, Alicia had spent much of her life feeling powerless, unsatisfied, and limited. To create her own transformation, Alicia brought together top research on the nature of consciousness and the structure of reality and pioneered a revolutionary method designed for the most powerful and rapid transformation humanly possible. She has since dedicated her life to helping others harness their innate power to release emotional blocks, live as the fullest expression of their true self, and intentionally create their dream life. She is the founder and creator of Radical Freedom, creating heart-centered spaces for others to learn how to live an unlimited life, connect to their unique superconscious genius and live their true nature and purpose.



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