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Intuitive Eating – From A Masculine To A Feminine Approach To Weight Loss

Written by: Sara Garofalo, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


According to the Harvard Nutrition Department.. about 95% of people who go on a diet end up gaining all of the weight back and/or more in 3-5 years. While actual percentages vary, the underlying reason is quite simple: diets take you out of the equation. Diets do not account for biochemical individuality, which is a fancy saying that everyone is unique.

These days, many of us operate from the masculine energy in every area of our lives, moving through life disconnected from our feelings. So busy, we forget to check in with ourselves and our emotional capacity. We constantly face an unhealthy relationship with food and our body, leading to consistent weight gain over the years. The worst part? We only rely on meal plans… instead of tuning in to what our body REALLY needs. We’ve lost touch and sensitivity, and we need to reclaim it.

So.. how do we become more intuitive with our body?

The masculine and the feminine energy need to coexist in a balanced state or equilibrium of two opposite forces called the yin and yang, the sun and moon, the warrior and goddess, the fire and water, etc.

The masculine approach to weight loss is definitely the well-known methodology of tracking calories, following a strict regimen, workout, and routine. This approach forces us to a micro-managing system where we believe controlling every aspect of our lives will get us the results we want. Our bodies hate to be forced into restricting, and they will activate the fight or flight response as a form of protection.

The feminine approach is softer energy that consists of flowing instead of pushing. It’s the moon energy, and it is all about listening to the body’s clue whether you are having a physical response (i.g. hunger pangs) or an emotional response (sadness, anxiety, etc.)

Rather than relying on external factors to determine how much we eat and move, you turn inwards and listen to your own body. The feminine energy is all about trust and respect towards our feelings and emotions.

What are the five major shifts we need to make to ditch the diet and become more intuitive?

1. Ditch Counting Calories

Stop counting every calorie you consume and you will notice a great sense of lightness. You will receive immediate energy by this. Trust me, we do not need to count calories and feel anxious over them.

2. Ditch the Scale

When you constantly weigh yourself, you create an obsession. Instead, tune into how you feel. Do you feel good, bloated, energized, tired today? Stop relying on a number to validate how good you feel.

3. Learn your Mind-Body Constitution

Discovering mind-body constitution according to the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda allowed me to free myself from the myth of “caloric deficit” vs “digestive health”. As long as your digestive system runs appropriately, you are healthy, and you will return to your natural bodyweight effortlessly.

4. Practice Listening to your hunger cues

After years of dieting, it’s essential to re-establish a connection with your hunger cues. We’ve been conditioned to disconnect from our natural body cues for so long, and it’s a muscle you will need to retrain. It takes time, but you will get there.

5. Needs vs. Wants

Asking yourself what you crave and want vs what you should eat today is a crucial step in ditching the masculine approach of dieting. When we practice the feminine approach to weight loss, it isn’t about what you should eat, but what you feel like eating. Every day will be different, we aren’t robots. Reaching a healthy weight and a positive body image should not feel like a struggle. If you feel like you are struggling, re-evaluate your approach. Are you ready to let go of a diet to learn intuitive eating?

Are you ready to let go of control, tune in and trust your body?

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Sara Garofalo, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Sara Garofalo is a certified Intuitive Health and Life Coach, Certified Ayurveda Counselor, helping HSP women to get to the root cause of their weight gain and break free from emotional pain through a mind-body-soul transformation.

Sara’s goal is to help women break unhealthy patterns and become more intuitive about their body through a sustainable holistic approach.

With her Intuitive Gifts and Healing sessions, Sara has been helping women heal from the deepest traumas and roadblocks stored in the body that are preventing women from becoming the healthiest version of themselves.



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