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How Can I Turn Stress Into Happiness?

Written by: Rita Briffa, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


How did you start your day? Did you plan your day? Do your plans motivate you or stress you? Do you have enough time for yourself during the day? Are you managing your day or are you allowing others to manage it for you? Do you follow their needs and wants? Who takes care of your needs?

Young happy woman enjoying a cup of whipped cream in the coffee shop.

Daily Stress

We all know that we are creatures of habit. We all repeat our daily habits without even thinking about it. Life is as fast as we make it. It starts with simple thoughts. Then it becomes action. Action becomes a repetitive pattern. And then it forms into a habit. This habit transforms into a template and without knowing it becomes a daily ritual. Every routine starts this way. We get hooked on it even if it feels uncomfortable. We get stressed but do not know how to break the cycle.

Happiness is an attitude

Are you happy with your cycle? If not, do you know how to break this stressful pattern and create something excitedly new? Do you stop and appreciate what you have or do you always get hooked on the one thing that is missing in your life?

It is easy to stare at the missing things and get anxious. The more you focus on the missing things, the more you get into the lacking syndrome. And what we focus on expands and multiplies. The same happens if you look at the tiny thing that makes you happy in your life. It will not remain tiny as it will enlarge, expand and surprise you with the manifestation of more happiness and abundance.

Do you need help to get out of stress?

You are aware that your lifestyle is making you stressed, sad and taking away all your energy. Even if it is stressful, you may feel afraid to reach out. The first step is the hardest. But it is worth every ounce of energy.

I have been helping women for more than 11 years now. Generally, these 30, 40 and 50 years’ women feel that life is running away with them. I have helped numerous women like you. They have worked hard and achieved a successful position in their companies, business or profession. They feel financially stable but something is missing in their lives. Often it is the emotional side. They feel they lack love, companionship, understanding, empathy, security. Loneliness looms on them and it gets them depressed. Others feel sad for no reason. They admit they have it all but feel down. In this case it could be their environment, their relationships or their work that is making them depressed.

My coaching is aimed at you relax to relax!

My coaching is directed at these women to assist them to find happiness and fulfilment again. I coach them and teach them ways to eliminate stress and find their inner peace and happiness. I teach meditation techniques, how to relax and align with themselves again and also how to talk to themselves positively.

Happiness is a reachable target

I feel so happy when I see them blossoming and smiling again. Most of them find their joie de vivre again. They feel happier, more confident and assertive. They realize that they can achieve what they want in life.

I can help you break the cycles that are getting you sad and unhealthy. All your physical conditions stem from your mental and emotional states.

Apart from coaching, I offer Reiki, Reflexology, Art therapy, Bach flower remedies and aromatherapy.

Do you want to be my next success story? Then rise and get in touch. It will be your best decision so far. I coach individuals and groups both online or physically in my therapy room.

I am excited to talk to you soon. Get in touch on and we jump on a quick chat.

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Rita Briffa, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Rita Briffa has more than 20 years of experience in energy healing, herbal remedies, aromatherapy and Encaustic art therapy. In her mid-30s she met Reiki and her life has changed completely. Her encounter with Reiki changed her life from a perspective of a sick child to a wise assertive woman full of health and vitality. She published her book ''My way to Success through healing self-love.'' She gives programmes in Success Self Love coaching both at her Wellbeing Consultancy Centre and online. She gives physical and distances healing with Reiki, Reflexology, Bach flower remedies and Encaustic art therapy. Her passion is helping people to love themselves and sharing this abundant love with others.



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