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How About Making New Year's "Resolution" More Of An "Evolution"?

Written by: Shreesha Khare, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


"It's a new year; I'll be a completely different person." I'm sure you've been reading all over the place. But I'm curious if it's just an ego boost or if you're truly in the "N You" zone. Please don’t mind; I have one more question for you: Was the 1st of January 2023 completely new to you? Is tomorrow different from today? Is today really a new day?

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Our paradigm has been created in such a deep way that whenever the new year comes, we need to make resolutions, make a new year checklist, and start something or other new. Nevertheless, I want to ask: What is the truth in that? What kind of newness are you trying to achieve out of all this?

You will wake up on that same bed, wearing the same pyjamas, and your mornings will not be different from seeing the same people around you. Maybe you celebrated the New Year with the same kind of ritual of going on vacation with the same people. Perhaps your destination this time was Europe rather than America. I am sure you must have gone before as well. If not, then you might get drunk at home and celebrate with the same people, which you have done many times. It will be the same ritual in your house to wish everyone a "happy new year"; you will receive the same old forwarded New Year's wishes. You will be seeing the same old neighbours and their dog walking at 7:00 a.m. in the park. You will be crossing the road from that same path, where the signpost will be tilted. There will be daytime and nighttime chaos in the house. You will again go through those posts on social media and articles in the newspaper that talk about New Year's resolutions, how you can make 2023 your best year, and other comparisons with all other years.

What was new in your life?

What has occurred in your life that has never occurred before?

Clearing the slate: evolve rather than stay the same.

You grow new plants in your garden when you completely wipe out all the dead ones. You evolve new things in your garden as per the natural rhythm of that soil and moisture, not on the basis of other gardens.

You've been on a voice loop of heartbreak, negative thinking, and mindset for ten years, carrying the same self-image. Don’t you think you need a "clean slate" structure at the foundational level? It is time that you turn all your days into something you have never done before. Okay, I know you're going to say it's not easy! I got it. Nevertheless, everything is in your hands to either do something you have never done or listen to the same voice recordings that have impacted your life for 10 years. I'm sure you want another ten years of your life to be at the next level.

The year 2023 will serve as a starting point for you to take a step back and look at your life objectively. It will give you space to think about things and decisions you made ten years ago and how they are affecting you today. It is showing that old traditions will fall and nature will play its own course in its own way. You have time to rework the things you avoided and allow divine timing to play its natural tune.

If you are stubborn, then you will be stuck in the vicious cycle of "Why is this happening to me?" Why is my life not changing? Why am I going through these mental disturbances?

You will be stuck in the shallowness of this world; despite being educated, there is a conditioning of mediocrity. It is up to you how long you want to keep falling into the false time cycle created by society for their own needs.

Listen to your body's rhythm. Your body is the vessel that transports the action output following your feeding, whether through deep conditioning or negative thoughts on a daily basis. This time, clean the vessel from the inside out. Hold no shame or guilt; simply listen to your natural biorhythms. Look at yourself. There's a feeling of anxiety, depression, voidness, and fullness of questions on your face, leaving you restless day and night.

Repeat, rest, rethink, re-evaluate, and then evolve yourself quantumly.

It is entirely up to you whether you begin the new year on January 1 or another date. In your own body, you are made up of a collective consciousness that holds the power to walk on its own natural guidance. For example, if my body calls for rest for 2 months and I reflect on my life, what patterns and behaviours will I exhibit over the next ten years? There is no need to make or break resolutions because there is nothing like that. Traditions or rituals are like mango trees: until they are juicy, people feel good. When it becomes sour, it is bitter. It also rots over time, making those who consume it sick. It becomes of no use to people.

There is no harm in adhering to traditions, but if it leaves you forced, burned out, or under pressure, it is not worth it. I don’t think so, but is somewhere making you fulfilled and excited? You're following the resolutions or any other tradition because you believe you "should" not feel left behind.

Start your next 10 years with more authenticity, with more listening to your "own" consciousness of heart and head. If you feel like being in hibernation mode, just be it. Follow the natural life cycle. Take a break if your body says so; don’t push it. Divert your extra energy into sports, creativity, or any kind of exercise. Evolve in your own river of truth, not in the river of truth that other people make resolutions to push you towards, which you are not.

The sun's new path with each soloistic, bringing a completely new slate in the cosmic world, means that old traditions and thought processes no longer exist. The cosmos is full of repetition, rest, and re-evaluation before accelerating higher with something never done before.

Then what stops you?...


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Shreesha Khare, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Shreesha Khare is an author and an inspirational thought leader, aka a leading luminary. She is walking on the path of "Self-Illumination" to be more of her true self, share more of her personal experiences, and change the lives of others through her own journey of personal transformation. There is a deep internal desire in her to take all of what she has learned and help others along their path. She believes that suffering is the key to unlocking our greatest gifts. She is the Founder and Chief humanitarian Being at S&S Co-Space for Humanity, a boutique where you will be served with coaching and guidance of self-love and self-actualization, is like taking a journey into the inner cosmic world.



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