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Exclusive Interview With Ashlee Rose DiSalvo – The Clear Estate

Ashlee is a former NCAA Scholarship Athlete who has worked in High School Education and Athletics for over a decade. She possesses both a Bachelors in Mathematics as well as one in Education and a Masters in Education with a focus in Library Science. She has served as a Founding Director of her own Junior Olympic Volleyball Club with Los Angeles Volleyball Academy and recently started her own business in Spiritual Response Therapy. Her new business, The Clear Estate, specializes in Akashic Record Clearing and Psychic Readings. Within the last year, she has also started DJing Tech House shows as DJ Chakrateeze. She is a graduate of PSI 7 and staffs their Basic Seminars in Orange County.

Ashlee Rose DiSalvo, The Clear Estate

Your background is so eclectic. Tell us more about all the things you do. Who is Ashlee?

Haha, that’s a loaded question. I think the most encompassing term for me is Teacher. Not only do I teach High School by day but I find it really hard to take that hat off at night. I think that’s obvious with the start of my new business in Spiritual Response Therapy. Instead of teaching adolescents Math I’m teaching adults how to connect with themselves on a spiritual level. There’s no moment for me in life that isn’t teachable in some way so I think it’s fitting that my weekdays are filled with coaching on some level.

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for the last decade but am originally from Buffalo, New York. I would have described myself as an athlete for most of my life and into College and continued as an athletic coach for all of my adult life but have recently been working to shed that identity. It has been an extremely tough journey but shifting away from competitive culture has been really enlightening for me. Starting my business has really helped keep me busy while still allowing me to provide guidance to those that need it.

I’m a Musician at heart. I recently picked up DJing but am classically trained in the violin and played for the better part of a decade when I was younger. I’m hoping to move away from Certificated Teaching soon so that I have more time for music on the production side. I'm hoping to take some classes in the near future.

Besides that, I’m a cat mom and love traveling when I have the time. I recently got involved with PSI Seminars doing some Personal Development work and fell in love with it. Wouldn’t mind Instructing for them one day – a girl can dream, right?

Spiritual Response Therapy is not a common term, to say the least. Outside of what it is (which is available on your website and the SRA website) what is it that you do for your clients?

This is the most common question I get from potential clients. First and foremost I am a Medium, I refrain from the word Psychic because I do not do predictive work when I am guiding clients using SRT. Meaning I do not foretell future events or predict future outcomes using this method. What I specialize in is past life trauma.

Basically, you give me permission, through some guided breathwork, to access your soul's Akashic Record. Along with your help, I go in and organize that information to shed more light on the karma you face in this lifetime. One might call it a spiritual research specialist (which oddly enough I have a Masters in). I translate what happened, how it happened, when it happened, and who was involved so that you can form a more clear picture as to why your energy might stagnate in certain areas of life or with certain people. I also do this for the present lifetime with inner child trauma and parental relationship healing.

So once I do my digging I then bring forth the information needed to work through the karma and it clears simply by addressing it. It’s like the statement “you don’t know what you don’t know”. If you don’t know that you are claustrophobic because you have been buried alive in multiple lifetimes then it can be extremely crippling. If that is brought to light then the next time you start to feel dizzy in an elevator you can approach that fear and discomfort in a different way, hopefully moving through that energy more quickly to find comfort and clarity.

Each experience is very specific to the client. I have many clients who return monthly for sessions and give them guidance on how they can maintain their spiritual clarity to move through certain situations that arise in their lives (like divorce, or health struggles). I guess you could say it's a form of Spiritual Life Coaching using a method that has been proven over time.

What makes you more qualified than any other Medium to do the work you do?

My certification for SRT took months of practice and over 50 hours of mentorship. The SRA clears you for work with clientele once that is complete. The charts I use were all specifically created for the process I go through within each clearing. Unlike other Mediums who use simply Tarot or Oracle (which I use in tandem with SRT at times), I use 40 plus charts. Some charts have 30 to 40 indicators on them. The indicators can be specific words (like mom, anger, blue, stomach, etc), phrases, or numbers. On top of this, I channel through visions, noises, and feelings. So ultimately I would say that the information I get, although personal to my interpretation sometimes, could be seen by the person I am working with if we are in person. I can show you the exact words that the pendulum indicates on my charts – there is no mystery to it.

On top of that I have such a diverse clientele – many of whom have or will review me publicly. Whether you're a man, woman, live in the US, live outside the US, are from another country, work as a farmer or an attorney, have a big family or no one at all, have a serious illness, or just need to lose weight – I have seen and provided guidance to someone who has commonalities with you. Plus the decade of experience I have teaching and coaching including years of education and the multiple certificates I possess in Education (both a Bachelors and Masters) give me the skills needed to approach each client in a very specific way.

I have also recently started working with clients who want to make contact with loved ones who have passed. I have seen over twenty widows and helped them to commune with their late husbands. It’s been a very different experience for certain but extremely rewarding. I continue to receive great reviews for my clarity and accuracy.

Ultimately, I would say that with my background in teaching and coaching and with the training I have received as well as the gifts I am blessed to know that I am qualified in a very unique way to help you reach your full spiritual potential.

What is your big goal? Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

There is no way of knowing where I’ll be. If you asked me ten years ago I would have told you that my goal was to be coaching a Division 1 College Volleyball team, married with kids. And none of that has worked out and I couldn’t be happier. So I guess my big goal is to provide as much healing as possible to those who need it. If I can accomplish that in balance with working less, creating and playing more music, and traveling the world that would be great. Ultimately I would love to step away from Teaching in the Education system and start working for myself full time within the next year or two.

Congratulations on being selected as a member of the Brainz 500 for 2021. What does this honor mean to you?

Honestly, I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. Being a Math teacher I never thought that I would publish any type of work outside of research of some sort at some point in my teaching career. Writing opinion pieces is a totally different animal and a tough thing – it’s scary to put yourself out there. So when one of my articles really lands with someone and they share it, or quote it, it creates this super special experience for me. I started writing these pieces simply to share my thoughts on some of the common topics I find my clients struggling with. I don’t think we realize how similar we all are in how we approach the world and how we see ourselves. So I wanted to provide them with a basis to help them see that they were not alone. Plus I wanted to promote my new business and help my clients get to know me. It’s been such an empowering process and I’m excited to see where it goes from here since I have many more articles coming out next year. I guess I’m just honored and humbled by the process and feeling great about being validated – who doesn’t want that?

What can your readers look forward to in the next year from you?

Well, I have a lot of ideas and meditate on them pretty regularly. A lot of times they just present themselves or experiences/clients I work with validate some of the concepts I’m already thinking on. So it’s hard to tell. But I have been ruminating on one or more articles on competition culture and at least one piece on parenting. I’m also working up the courage to tackle my feelings on the education system and how that culture has impacted the way we measure success and how that impacts our drive. There’s just so much energy around the school year – that concept will probably become more clear during summer break. But ya, lot’s of things going on in my head and heart just waiting for the right timing and inspiration.

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