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Employee Engagement – "Ditch That Beach" To Work From The Office Today

Written by: Narghiza Ergashoval, CPA, EMBA, Executive Contributor

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A study by Vouchercloud has shown that an average office worker spends staggering 2 hours and 53 minutes doing work-related tasks in the office.

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It's important to remember that just because employees are physically present in the office doesn't mean they're actually working or working productively. In the age of the internet, it's easier than ever to slack off while physically at work without ever leaving your chair.

In this never-ending quest for employee engagement that seems to hold the key for increased productivity and organizational performance smarter businesses are exploring all avenues of engagement including the latest dimension named "employee experience".

According to Forbes’ Jacob Morgan, employee experience has everything do with organizations creating a place where people want, not forced, to show up. Creating this positive workplace culture and environment could essentially be the solution for poor employee engagement and subsequently organizational performance.

The organizational environment or culture are regularly referred to as an organizational “tone” or "vibe". Both the tone and the vibe can have a significant influence on how productive employees are, as well as their level of engagement with co-workers (side-ways relationships), management and subordinates (relationships up or down) (Kubanas & Ryan 2014).

In order to create a positive culture, managers must empower and encourage employees to achieve their potential and most importantly help employees understand how their input affects the company's performance overall.

Another equally important aspect of employee experience is physical set up in the office.

The physical work environment is composed of the office space and any perks that are offered, like catered meals or massages. A pleasant setup can help employees be more productive. In a nutshell the need for the enticing physical set up is challenging organizations to answer the question of why should an employee "ditch the beach" to work in the office today?

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Narghiza Ergashoval, CPA, EMBA, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Experienced finance executive with significant achievements in property, mining, resources, chemicals, manufacturing, infrastructure, construction, and engineering. Demonstrated ability to manage sophisticated portfolios and drive targeted performance through business partnerships. Strong negotiator focused on achieving win-win outcomes and expertise in building effective relationships with stakeholders. Personable, articulate, and highly motivated individual with a keen focus on achieving broader business objectives



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