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Celebrating Father’s Day – 5 Ways For Newly Divorced Dads To Make It Special

For the first half of her career, Debra Whitson was a prosecutor, and she spent the latter half specializing in Matrimonial and Family Law. She is an experienced mediator and collaborative divorce practitioner as well as a recognized expert in working with victims of domestic violence.

Executive Contributor Debra Whitson

Father’s Day can be a poignant time for newly divorced dads. Adjusting to a new family dynamic might feel challenging, but it’s an opportunity to create new traditions and meaningful moments with your children. Here are five ways to celebrate Father’s Day that can help build lasting memories and strengthen your bond with your kids.

A father and son bonding moment on a flower field

1. Plan a fun outing together

One of the best ways to celebrate Father’s Day is by planning an outing that everyone will enjoy. Consider activities that cater to your children’s interests and provide ample opportunity for interaction and fun. Here are some ideas:

  • Outdoor adventures: Go for a hike, have a picnic at a local park, or visit a zoo. Outdoor activities are great for bonding and provide a break from the usual routine.

  • Sporting events: If your children are into sports, attending a game can be an exciting way to spend the day. Whether it’s baseball, soccer, or any other sport, sharing the excitement of the game can create a lively and enjoyable experience.

  • Cultural visits: Museums, aquariums, and science centres offer educational and fun experiences that can stimulate conversation and curiosity.

2. Create something together

Working on a project together can be a fantastic way to celebrate Father's Day. This not only gives you quality time with your kids but also results in something tangible that they can look back on with pride. Consider these creative activities:

  • Craft projects: Building a birdhouse, painting a picture, or making homemade cards can be enjoyable and memorable. Choose a project that matches your children’s ages and interests.

  • Cooking or baking: Spend the day in the kitchen making a special meal or baking treats. You can create a new family recipe or make your favourite dishes together.

  • Gardening: If you have a garden or outdoor space, planting flowers or vegetables can be a rewarding project that continues to grow, just like your relationship.

3. Have a movie or game night

A relaxed evening at home can be just as special as an outing. Hosting a movie or game night allows you to share your favourite films or games with your children and enjoy some quality time together.

  • Movie marathon: Pick a theme or a series of movies to watch together. Prepare some popcorn, get cozy with blankets, and enjoy the show.

  • Board games or video games: Choose games that everyone can enjoy and participate in. Whether it’s a classic board game or a family-friendly video game, the competition and collaboration can be a lot of fun.

4. Start new traditions

Starting a new tradition can give your children something to look forward to each Father’s Day. These traditions can be simple yet meaningful, creating a sense of continuity and special memories.

  • Annual photo: Take a family photo each Father’s Day in the same spot. Over the years, you’ll have a series of photos that capture your children growing up.

  • Memory jar: Begin a tradition of writing down your favourite memories from the past year and placing them in a jar. On future Father’s Days, you can read through them together

  • Special meal: Whether it’s breakfast in bed, a barbecue, or a favourite dinner, having a special Father’s Day meal can become a cherished tradition.

5. Focus on quality time

Above all, the most important aspect of Father’s Day is spending quality time with your children. Regardless of the activity, being present and engaged with your kids makes the day special.

  • Unplugged time: Put away phones and other distractions to focus solely on your children. This shows them that they are your priority.

  • Meaningful conversations: Take the opportunity to talk with your kids about their thoughts and feelings. Ask them about their interests, hopes, and dreams. These conversations can deepen your connection and understanding.

Celebrating Father’s Day as a newly divorced dad may come with its own set of challenges, but it also opens the door to creating new, meaningful traditions and memories with your children. Whether you choose to go on an adventure, work on a project together, enjoy a movie night, start new traditions, or simply focus on quality time, the key is to be present and engaged. This Father’s Day, embrace the opportunity to strengthen your bond and celebrate the special role you play in your children’s lives.

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Debra Whitson, Attorney, Mediator, Certified Divorce Specialist™

For the first half of her career, Debra Whitson was a prosecutor, and she spent the latter half specializing in Matrimonial and Family Law. She is an experienced mediator and collaborative divorce practitioner as well as a recognized expert in working with victims of domestic violence. Debra believes that legal battles are more harmful to families than helpful, and is passionate about helping people find ways to make their own decisions for their families, rather than leaving their outcomes in the hands of a stranger in a black robe. When court is unavoidable, Debra aims to educate and support people to make the legal process less costly, scary, uncertain, and stressful.



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