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Business As Organism And Industry As Ecosystem

Written by: Mira Taylor, Executive Contributor

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Most people think through an unspiritual and impersonal lens when they think about business and the business industry. As such, they have a tendency to be looking through a lens that is lacking in an availability toward being able to see and understand the genuine nature of business and the underlying spiritual and emotional (energetic) dynamics that move and breathe through businesses and organizations every day. By building an awareness of each business or organization as an entity all its own (a living breathing organism that has thoughts, feelings, personality – ego identity and a soul) you are able to appreciate and understand the ecosystems that a business or organization will thrive in, as well as, be able to appreciate the other types of business or organizational organisms that will be most mutually symbiotic and beneficial to create sustainable and healthy relationships with.

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When first appreciating the concept of a business or organization as an organism it can be helpful to think about it in a personified way through visualization and contemplative practices. This is to say, if your business or organization was a person – what would their personality be like? What would their style, vibe or presence be like in a room? What kind of hobbies would this person appreciate? What is a character that you know from stories, myths, movies, tv, etc. that you might equate as being a similar personality to the business or organization? If you are a sole proprietorship this answer should hopefully be centered around your concept and awareness of yourself in some way.

Another important aspect of recognizing the identity and soul of a business is to think about what kind of emotional states are a part of the expressive nature and identity of that business or organization. As an example: a business who works with sales might lean toward considering itself a charismatic and seductive entity. A legal firm might consider itself persuasive and just. A spa might consider or identify itself as relaxing and peaceful as an emotional personality. There is no right or wrong answer when thinking about the personality of a business or organization and it's important to be honest about the true nature of your own business as far as the emotional personality that works best within the ecosystem of industry that a business or organization lives within.

Part of experiencing and understanding the spiritual nature and identity of your own business also includes identifying what the metaphorical organic structures of your business or organization are presently. As an example, a larger organization might identify particular departments as the “brain” of the organization and another department the “heart” of the organization. As you think about these concepts you can also begin to think about what the heart-centered mindset of your own business is – as far as its expression and purpose. The heart of a gym might be to create and promote physical wellness for its employees and members. The heart of a salon might be to make the world a beautiful place by providing a sense of beauty and glamour to their clients. The heart of a tutoring company might be to make the world a more knowledgeable and wiser place by the ways that they teach and approach their students.

Another way you can identify and connect with the spiritual nature of your business or organization is to think about it in context to how it would express in the animal or plant kingdoms – what its totemistic nature(s) are. A police department might associate itself with animals like the lion and the eagle because of their associations with courage, pride, and patriotism. A bookstore or educational center might associate itself with the owl, an oak tree and (or) a snake because of how they are associated with wisdom and knowledge. A non-profit organization might associate itself with a deer, a dove and (or) a dolphin because of their associations with peace, alacrity, compassion cooperation and charitability. An architecture firm might associate itself with animals like beavers or weaver birds because of these animals’ connections to work ethic and skillful craftsmanship in homestead building.

Thinking about businesses and organizations from this mindset also provides for a lens of perspective that allows the organism that is your business or organization to think about the ecosystem it will thrive best in. This ecosystem is filled with other entities that will provide the healthiest and most sustainable partnerships and allows for an easier understanding of the role or function of each business or organization within the ecosystem it works within. With the concepts mentioned in mind it becomes more obvious how to make an effort to align with other businesses or organizations that also fit this behavioral attitude and personality type. This Is not to say that these worlds, organisms, and ecosystems aren’t connected and don’t ever interact with and influence one another but you aren’t going to ask a hummingbird or a squirrel to swim for a living and expect it to be successful or do well in the long term... unless of course, the kingfisher is a totem that stands out to you as a spiritual nature of your business or organization (a totem that best suits a business or organization that works across multiple industry ecosystems and depends on its adventurous and adaptablenature to be successful in the long term)

Interested in learning more about how your business or organization can become more spiritually integrative and better understand itself as a genuine organism within a working ecosystem?

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Mira Taylor, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Mira Taylor is an Integrative Therapist, Subconscious Medium & Organizational Wellness Consultant who focuses on guiding clientele toward total wellness by combining concepts of psychology, spirituality, philosophy, and sustainable life practices. Mira is a member of the International Association of Therapists and master certified in Modern Applied Psychology, Cognitive Remodeling Therapy, Subconscious Integration Therapy, Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness, Wellness Linguistics, and Archetypal Psychology.



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