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Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Written by: Sukanya Datta, Executive Contributor

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Ever wondered about the history of how beauty evolved? This dates back to the era of Queen Cleopatra to the Victorian era. As seen through history, the meaning of beauty varied from country to country. Styles evolved, wanting women to achieve the perfect body. Asymmetrical waistline, lesser mass in the body and no scars was considered to be the epitome of beauty.

A woman’s body has been the subject of scrutiny for several centuries. The norm remained in the society and the core problem remained unsolved. Young girls being pressurized to achieve perfect looks. Most advertisements in electronic media and newspapers revolved around women having great bodies. Of course, it’s never bad to have such bodies. But things tend to get worse when people start comparing themselves and ashamed of their physic. Lest, a person who seems to be larger feels neglected. In the realm of society, most stereotyping takes place. We often find people blatantly criticizing others for shapeless bodies or scars. Constant nagging often leads to depression. We, as a woman, need to understand the societal pressure another woman has to undergo.

How often do we find people getting bullied in public or perhaps in the families only? These issues have mostly remained silent. Beauty, as defined by laws, has seen women going into depression. The term “fat”, “overweight”, “skinny” and “underweight” has been misinterpreted, and people have been wrongly judged. A fat or skinny person may be termed as unhealthy. But appearance is often deceiving. Have you ever thought that you can maintain a hearty life with a balanced diet and exercise and still loving the cellulite that is developing underneath?


Acceptance is of utmost importance. The mental stress that comes with and having to deal with it daily becomes a challenge for many. We often find ourselves in turmoil that lingers on—surrounded by the negative energy created that stirs in mind and the environment, and this gets carried on to others as well. Delving into the deep ocean of mindset. It is seen that issues have risen when there is insecurity and low self-esteem. Certain situations put people into their own dilemma. Is the fear of inner self causing this low confidence? Why are they ashamed of themselves?


We are here to believe in ourselves and that you are beautiful. Life is short. People often forget their own virtue. Every day each one of us strive for a better living. Eliminating unstable minds that create havoc in personal life. We have to unite and fight this. Bring change in our society and trends. Change is what we need.

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Sukanya Datta, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Sukanya Datta is an electrical engineer. Along with the tech side, she is also a certified fashion designer. Being a tech lover, she have had a penchant for creativity. Entrepreneurship is a big journey and both tech and fashion have been a boon in her life. From developing monetary strategies and embark on the body positivity mission across the world and bridging the gap between women and fashion.



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