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Attract And Influence More Buyers With Your Social Media Content

Written by: Ann Carden, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Ann Carden

Are you posting loads of content on social media without making sales from it? Content can burn up time and money if it's not directly growing your business or moving people to book on your calendar almost pre-sold.

Young woman entrepreneur working with laptop selling plants

I want to share mistakes commonly made in content that is leaving a fortune on the table for many professional entrepreneurs. If you want more clients or sales, close the gaps in your content.


First, it is important to have a content strategy if you don’t want to add to the online noise and you want to influence more buyers to do business with you or gain bigger opportunities that help grow your business. Without a strategic approach, you are doing what we call awareness “hope” marketing. This is great for visibility, but it often doesn’t move your ideal clients/customers to buy.


Mistake No.1 - Creating content for engagers and not buyers. Memes, quotes, and too much personal content are great for engagement but not for your bank account. There are people I have engaged with for years, but I don't know what I can buy from them or what they sell.

Mistake No. 2 - Lack of consistency. If attention is the new gold, consistency with the right approach is currency. If you consistently show up with your brilliance, it helps your credibility, engagement, and sales. The more you are seen, the faster it builds the know, like, and trust factor.


Mistake No.3 - Not educating your audience on how you can help them and why they should choose you over competitors. If your ideal clients don't know what you can do for them, they aren't considering buying from you. Let them clearly see your brilliance and how they can work with you.


Mistake No.4 - Not making offers. If you don't make offers to your audience, they aren't going to buy from you. The people making offers will get business while you only get likes. Likes are not sales. Often, the people who will buy from you (the ones with the most money) won't engage with your content, but will often show up on your calendar, ready to hire you.


Mistake No.5 - Not sharing client results and testimonials. Nothing builds credibility and sells your services faster than when people can see the fantastic results you have helped your clients get. However, many are not promoting wins with their clients. If you fall into this category, you are missing a fantastic opportunity.


Do you have gaps in your content marketing strategy? Until you close the gaps, you aren’t leveraging social media the way you could be. This means fewer sales and less growth for your efforts.

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Ann Carden Brainz Magazine

Ann Carden, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Ann Carden is a top business growth consultant for professional coaches and consultants who want to build and grow a 6 & 7-figure business with High-End Clients and Programs with More Freedom. After building and selling five previous businesses, Ann wanted to help others have business success and change lives. However, her journey in the coaching industry was expensive and exhausting trying to build her business. As she invested in numerous programs, mentors, and coaching organizations, she found many of them lacked customization and were too focused on volume. This is when Ann took a step back and created her Expert In You Method, that uses powerful high-success strategies to accelerate financial success



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