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Are You Destined To Reincarnate?

Royce Morales is a renowned trailblazer and creator of an innovative, spiritually-based approach to inner transformation. Her program, Perfect Life Awakening, emerged from a lifetime of frustration searching for inner work that worked. She discovered that by revealing specific subconscious origins of self-sabotage and removing its persistent influence, life can shift.

Executive Contributor Royce Morales

Do you ever have that weird Déjà vu feeling like you’ve done something or been somewhere before although you know you haven’t? Or have a strong affinity for certain times or events in history? An uncanny attraction toward a geographical location? What about recurring dreams that have nothing to do with your life? Or you struggle with phobias that don’t make sense? Maybe you have an innate skill at something without even trying.

An open door letting in a sunrise.

I’ve found that those curious feelings are clues trying to remind you of your past lives. 

Some people get even more intense hints. Like distinctly remembering being someone else or having lucid flashes of specific incidents that include physical sensations and strong emotions. 

Unless you understand these occurrences as messages, reminders of past life memories, they might feel disconcerting. Add that to a society that scoffs at the notion of reincarnation (except when filming a sci-fi movie or as stand-up comedians’ punchline), they are far too easily disregarded.  

Just so you know, the vast majority of the world believes in reincarnation. And, although Jesus mentioned it in his teachings, reincarnation was taken out of the Bible. Seems that disregarding the notions of heaven and hell would get in the way of religion controlling the church’s adherents.

Fear of reincarnation

True confession: I used to scoff at the notion of reincarnation. I would profess loudly, “Reincarnation is just a handy panacea to help people deal with their fear of death.” However, once I started having spontaneous, random, undeniable past life memories where things would shift in my current life, I couldn’t deny its truth. 

When I introduced reincarnation in my Perfect Life Awakening courses, eyerolls would stop when students had their own indisputable experiences. Witnessing astonishing transformations, healings and undeniable miracles made believers out of them as well.

Now-a-days, reincarnation is finally becoming more mainstream. Nevertheless, many still have fears about accepting the concept. Fears such as…

  • Fear that accepting reincarnation would threaten the social structure in some way. 

  • Fear that someone would come back in their next life and want to re-claim their possessions (which was a problem in ancient times) or have clear memories and want retribution of some kind.

  • With society’s concern about achievement drive, there’s fear that people would become apathetic, thinking that they could just come back and do it in their next lifetime. 

  • The deepest fear is having to be completely accountable. Historically, governing leaders who understood this phenomenon were particularly afraid of having to take responsibility; it was easier to suppress the belief in reincarnation.

  • Fear that the information received from remembering past lives would be abused or misused in some way. In fact, on a spiritual level, our higher consciousness doesn’t allow us to remember past lives until there’s no threat of abusing the information, having it become an ego trip or a way to manipulate others.

  • Fear of being judged as different or strange in society.

  • Fear that remembering past lives would be scary, and fear of what could happen from getting in touch with them.

  • Last but not least, many feel that this life is overwhelming enough to deal with; adding previous lives would be too much. From that notion, we actually start the blocking process shortly after we arrive in our new body.

Although it may sound contradictory, there’s one more fear worth mentioning. Part of us is terrified that we would be completely in our power and then have to do something with it. We couldn’t pretend to not know our chosen life purpose and then would have to live it. Scary for sure!

I find that most people need to do some inner work to resolve those fears as well as delving into their present life to be ready to confront past lives. 

Plus, if their motives are wow, I’m so cool to remember past lives and won’t my friends be impressed, their higher consciousness will probably block them. It knows when you are spiritually mature enough and have pure motives. That takes as long as it takes. 

Opening the door to past lives

There are lots of techniques to help you get in touch with past lives. Some use hypnosis; some use various substances and some meditation. As one who has tried all three, I personally believe that meditation is the most powerful. 

The gentle technique I developed leads people into a deep meditative state where I ask questions, guiding them toward whatever they need to get in touch with. It’s important to trust what someone needs to remember, rather than directing them where I think they should go. 

The power of this work is not just remembering an overview of a lifetime but finding and releasing specific incidents that had negatively programmed them. This powerful process neutralizes what has been affecting them subconsciously.

And why

There are many reasons to explore past lives, but the following four I consider the purest. The purer the motives, the purer the results. Please note: If you aren’t at a completely pure place yet, recognize and honor that, but strive to get there!

  1. To get in touch with and neutralize past painful incidents that are affecting you in your current lifetime.

  2. To remember, resolve and clean up things you have done that are causing subconscious guilt and self-punishment. This allows you to get your power back.

  3. To see where important relationships began in other lifetimes to provide understanding as to what they are about, and why they are in your life. This can help you be able to fully connect or wisely choose to disconnect.

  4. To discover or gain clarity about your Purpose, why you chose this lifetime. Often, one’s purpose in their current life is based on what they didn’t complete in prior lives. Knowing this is empowering and helps retain your commitment to fulfill your soul’s intention for being here.

What happens 

A lot happens when discovering previous lives. You discover why you chose this life, your parents, your sex, your physical condition, your geographical environment, your IQ, etc. 

You understand why you chose a life with the same group of people in it, repeatedly, often taking on various roles. These relationships are significant in terms of learning big lessons and could be the ones who bring up your deepest issues to help you see them. They could also be in your life to do something purposeful together.

Mostly, you will understand the higher consciousness lessons you are here to learn such as love, forgiveness, purposefulness, trust, etc. You have chosen this life to get your power back by setting up challenging ways to do that. Trust your Perfect choice!

How past lives show up

There a several ways past life memories show up. From full-on, undeniable experiences, sensing them, a spontaneous knowing, or even symbolically, it’s wise to not have expectations as to how your memories show up.

Keep in mind that your higher consciousness knows exactly what it’s doing. When you are ready, past lives show up. And really, it’s no big deal.

If you feel ready to explore who you were, who you are and why, reach out to me at

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Royce Morales, Transpersonal Development Speaker and Author

Royce Morales is a renowned trailblazer and creator of an innovative, spiritually-based approach to inner transformation. Her program, Perfect Life Awakening, emerged from a lifetime of frustration searching for inner work that worked. She discovered that by revealing specific subconscious origins of self-sabotage and removing its persistent influence, life can shift.

She developed a clearing technique that releases programmed, false beliefs from this as well as previous lives. Negative patterns and hidden fears resolve so paralyzing issues lose their impact. This exclusive, time-tested work takes students from triggered to empowered, uncovering their authentic, purpose-driven life.

PLA also provides applicable tools to navigate daily life – ways to rapidly shift from anger to calm, fear to acceptance, judgement to connection. The work emphasizes awareness of, trusting and following one’s innate intuitive wisdom, then taking bold, inspired, real-world action.

The Perfect Life Awakening courses take place remotely and are presented in small groups to provide individual attention. Royce offers private inner discovery sessions to facilitate deeper work, utilizing her proprietary spiritual clearing technique called Spiritual Cognition Integration.

Royce is the author of three books about her teachings: Want – True Love, Past Lives and Other Complications; Know: A Spiritual Wake-up Call and Back: Rebirth After Stroke, all available on Amazon.

Go to Royce’s YouTube channel where she shares enlightening information about her teachings. She posts weekly blogs and writes articles for several other publications.



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