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ADHD Survival Guides – 7 Tips You Haven’t Heard A Million Times

Written by: Ashley Dahl, CALC, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Ashley Dahl, CALC

Are you an adult navigating ADHD? Life can often be a whirlwind, so if you find yourself spinning and disoriented, here are 7 practical tips you haven’t heard a million times before.

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1. Embrace the power of the brain dump

There’s just something about getting all of your swirling thoughts onto paper. Write it all down - everything you can think of - that birthday party you need to plan, the oil change you keep putting off, the pile of mail you need to deal with. Determine which things are priority (what is time sensitive and what can wait?) and turn it into a master to-do list. Ah, the humble to-do list—the ADHD superhero's secret weapon. Make friends with this mighty tool and watch your productivity soar. Start each day with a list of tasks, break them down into bite-sized chunks, and feel the satisfying rush of crossing them off. Lists keep us focused, organized, and ensure that no task escapes our whirlwind minds.

2. Dance with routine (but don't lock it down)

Routines can be our allies in the quest for a smoother journey through life. Embrace the power of structure, but remember to leave room for spontaneity. Dance with your routine, modify it when needed, and let your creativity flow. Just remember, it's okay to stray from the beaten path every now and then.

3. The magic of body doubling

We're all in this together, right? Find yourself an accountability buddy—a fellow ADHD enthusiast who understands the ebb and flow of our whirlwind minds. Body doubling involves having someone else present in the physical space with you while you work on a task. This person, known as the "body double," acts as a supportive presence, providing a sense of accountability and structure. Together, you can set goals, cheer each other on, and provide that extra nudge when motivation wanes. Celebrate victories, commiserate over challenges, and revel in the joy of having a partner in crime on this wild ride. FocusMate is an awesome tool for body doubling remotely!

4. Break it down

Big tasks can be daunting, but don’t let them derail you! The art of breaking things down into smaller, manageable chunks is our secret sauce. Take that mammoth project, slice it up, and conquer it one bite at a time. Not only does this method make it less overwhelming, but it also gives us the satisfaction of steady progress. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day.

5. Play to your superpowers

ADHD superpowers are the stuff legends are made of. Hyperfocus, creativity, out-of- the-box thinking—these are much-needed gifts to the world. Embrace them, harness them, and let them guide you toward your passions. Find activities that captivate your whirlwind mind and let your brilliance shine. When you tap into your superpowers, there's no limit to what you can achieve! Discovering your unique strengths and values is a great place to start. One of my favorite tools is the HIGH5 Strengths Test and it’s totally free!

6. Embracing ADHD: Celebrate the joy of distractions

Distractions are a part of life, and let's face it, sometimes they're just too tempting to resist. Instead of fighting the inevitable, why not find joy in those delightful distractions? Embrace the rabbit holes, explore new interests, and allow yourself to indulge in the joy of exploration. Just remember to set gentle reminders to bring you back to the task at hand, because even whirlwinds need a little direction!

7. Hire a pro that gets you

Life with ADHD is a wild, unpredictable journey, and working with a professional can really help you get your footing. As a Certified ADHD Coach, I work with clients to uncover their unique strengths and roadblocks. This custom approach addresses what may be holding YOU back and sets you up for a lifetime of success. If you’ve tried reading the books and blogs and tried the generic advice, this is your sign to invest in yourself and your future. As I always say, “If I do my job well, you won’t need me for long.” Make sure you find a reputable coach by hiring someone who has completed their certification through an ICF-accredited program. If you’d like to schedule a free consultation, you can contact me here.

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Ashley Dahl, CALC Brainz Magazine

Ashley Dahl, CALC, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Ashley Dahl is a Certified ADHD Coach and has been working with clients for over 10 years. She has a background in Early Childhood Education and completed her CALC certification at the iACT center. She specializes in helping clients find customized strategies to manage their ADHD, discover and maximize their unique strengths, and reach their goals.



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