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5 Ways To Tune Out The Distractions In Your Life And Find Purpose

Written by: Rylee June, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Now before we dig in you have to first understanding that finding purpose is an inside job, meaning that purpose only can come from presence, meaning if your mind is fixated on always doing, or is distracted by everything happening in the world constantly, you will not have enough space emotionally, energetically or mentally to feel and believe like the life you are living is purposeful.

The second thing to understand before we dig into 5 things you can do to support yourself in turning off the noise in the world and finding purpose is that everyone always has something going on, and even more so there will always be something taking place in the world. Your work is in building the discipline to become greater than your current environment so that you can overcome and achieve what it is that you have set out to achieve or had visions of yourself accomplishing. Finding purpose in your life doesn’t come from a specific title, an achievement, an accolade or attaining a certain material possession. Purpose is an intrinsic knowing that in any moment, no matter where you are in life, you are truly making a positive impact, if not directly in the world around you, most importantly in fulfilling a surrender to a moment in faith and silence within yourself. Only in the silence and in creating the space for you can the true meaning of life come through you. When the noise has settled, your mind is calm, and your body feels secure in the stillness will you find the answers like “What am I here to do? Or what is my purpose in life?. Like I said, there will always be something happening to give you a reason why you can’t, your job is to make the room for the reason why you can.

1. Finding Silence Silence is one of the most beneficial practices that teaches a person how to harbour and find strength from within. In a study done by psychcentral they went on to discuss how powerful finding and creating silence in your life can be in all areas. Not only in the art of mindfulness but as well, emotional, mental and physical stability and awareness.

2. Turn Off What Is Holding Your Attention Hostage This one may seem obvious, however, more often than not when working with clients they tend to create the most stories around this. If your social media, or your television, or some other device is holding your attention hostage to the point where you are perpetuating deep shame or guilt on “How much more time could have been spent doing something else'' this is now the permission you’ve been seeking to turn off the devices and plug back into yourself. Where your attention goes your energy flows, so if where your attention is going is draining you emotionally, mentally and/or physically, it’s time to set hard boundaries around this area of distraction in your life 3. Remove what is provoking a fear response In our world today there is always something happening that can be scary or riddled with fear. If not for the purpose to simply inform yourself (assuming it isn’t something that is directly affecting your life right now) you truly are in control of how much fear information you are subjected to. In everything we choose and believe there are 2 core roots to those decisions, one made from love, and one made from fear. If your daily life is consumed and filled with fear propaganda you can count on your decisions, mentality and energetically to subconsciously formulate fear based ideas about who you are, what you have or don’t have, and where you’re going. Filling your life with love, positivity, education and insight will support your subconscious with more freeing, heartfelt, trustworthy beliefs and decisions in yourself and life. 4. Getting Ample Sleep & QualityNutrition Sleep and quality food are equally as beneficial to your mental and emotional health. If your gut is out of alignment, out of balance or operating from deficient nutrition your mind will naturally seek chaos or clutter to try and catch up to the state of being, vibrationally, you’re now operating from energetically. Lack of sleep and poor nutrition lead to a number of other ‘issues' that put your mind in a mental spiral that fuels lack of confidence perpetuating a cycle of self-deprivation and despair. Fueling your body nutritionally and with good amounts of sleep awakens your body to more energy, naturally higher production of dopamine and a positive outlook on your life. 5. Quality Conversations & Relationships Along with the other 4 this one really makes or breaks a person's experience in a feeling purpose filled in their life. Human beings naturally want to share their good news, their knowledge and the things that bring them joy. Far too often however we overlook the importance of having quality relationships in our lives as we are holding onto certain people because they carry a certain title to us. In life however, not everyone is meant to come along the entire journey with us. Some people are only meant to be in our lives temporarily to influence us, help us to find more of ourselves, learn lessons, trust, love and explore with. The types of conversations you surround yourself with and the relationships you hold are a direct reflection of the internal dialogue and self-respect you have within yourself. You can learn a lot about yourself by assessing the conversations and relationships that you have in your life, truly because people are simply either a mirror of ourselves or a lesson for ourselves at any given point in our life path.

If you take the time to truly assess each of these 5 places in your life and honestly make some conscious decisions where you realize improvements can be made, you will find yourself with a clearer mind, an open heart, and all the energy you’ve been trying to find stacking more things on your plate without making any of these changes.

Change is an inside job. You have to want what you want more than the excuses of why you’re “stuck”.Distraction is a choice at the end of the day.

So what are you willing to do to unplug yourself from the distractions in the world and plug yourself back into your divine purpose you came here to live out?

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Rylee June, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Rylee June is an international Intuition Master Coach and spiritual activator. Supporting thousands across the world in healing their trauma and limiting beliefs, as well mentoring and coaching those who offer energy services in curating ethical and deep transformative experiences for their clients. Podcast Host, Self Published Author & a pioneer in her industry, Rylee June is here to take a stand in the spiritual industry and create ethical practices for those seeking energy and life transformation support.



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