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5 Mindset Secrets About Microsoft Excel

Written by: Katrin Boermans, Executive Contributor

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Executive Contributor Katrin Boermans

Combining practical tools like Microsoft Excel with mindset and spiritual concepts can make for an interesting and holistic approach to productivity and personal development.

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Achieve your goals with practical tips for mastering microsoft excel

In the world of business, the mastery of Microsoft Excel isn't just about formulas and spreadsheets; it's also about harnessing the power of universal laws to drive success.

Microsoft Excel is a versatile tool that, when combined with the right mindset and strategies, can empower you to achieve your goals, whether they are personal or professional.

In this article, we will embark on a journey that combines five universal laws as powerful mindset tools to work better with Excel, achieve your business goals, and help you unlock Excel's full potential to enhance your life.

Mindset secret 1: The law of clarity – John's marketing campaign

Meet John, a seasoned marketing manager with a vision of launching an extraordinary marketing campaign. One day, while crafting his marketing plan in Excel, John encountered a challenge. His data had become cluttered and difficult to navigate. The Law of Clarity, however, guided him. He decided to reorganize the data with a clear structure and use Excel's filtering and sorting features to regain control.

Excel Challenge: Disorganized data making it difficult to set clear objectives.

Excel Tip: Use Excel's filtering and sorting features to organize and structure your data.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  • Open Excel and create a new worksheet.

  • List your project milestones in one column (e.g., product design, marketing strategy).

  • In another column, specify target dates for each milestone.

  • Create a dynamic table for your data.

  • Select the date cells and apply conditional formatting to highlight dates that are approaching or overdue.

  • Update the dates as your project progresses.

With his data now neatly structured and highlighted, John could see the path to success more clearly. The Law of Clarity had guided him to transform chaos into a well-organized marketing campaign that met its objectives with precision. With his data aligned to his goals, John's marketing campaign proceeded flawlessly.

Mindset secret 2: The law of attraction – Sarah's sales boost

Sarah, a determined entrepreneur, dreamed of increasing her monthly sales by 20%. She believed in the power of attraction and used Excel as her manifestation tool. However, she faced a problem when her data input was inconsistent, leading to calculation errors. She employed Excel's data validation feature to enforce consistency and accuracy.

Excel Challenge: Inconsistent data entry leading to calculation errors.

Excel Tip: Use Excel's data validation feature to enforce consistency and accuracy in data entry.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  • Create a new Excel sheet.

  • In one column, list your monthly sales figures.

  • In the adjacent column, set data validation rules for sales figures. Specify the allowed range.

  • When entering data outside the specified range, Excel will display an error message.

  • Monitor your sales data with confidence.

With Excel's data validation feature, she could now ensure that all data was accurate and consistent. The Law of Attraction worked its magic as Sarah's sales figures steadily increased, aligning perfectly with her vision.

Mindset secret 3: The law of focus – Mark's sales data transformation

Meet Mark, a dedicated sales director with a passion for achieving exceptional results. His challenge was to optimize his team's sales strategies, but he encountered a hurdle. Sales data was scattered across various spreadsheets, making it challenging to gain meaningful insights. The Law of Focus was Mark's guiding principle as he turned to Excel for a solution.

Excel Challenge: Dispersed sales data across multiple spreadsheets, hindering effective analysis.

Excel Tip: Leverage Excel's Power Query feature to consolidate data from multiple sources into a single, organized table.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  • Open Excel and go to the "Data" tab.

  • Click on "Get Data" and select "Combine Queries."

  • Choose "Append Queries" to add data from multiple spreadsheets.

  • Choose the specific spreadsheets you want to consolidate.

  • Excel will seamlessly merge the data into a unified table for in-depth analysis.

With his sales data consolidated, Mark gained a focused and consolidated view of his team's performance. This allowed him to pinpoint critical trends, refine his strategies, and make data-driven decisions that ultimately led to substantial sales growth. The Law of Focus, combined with Excel's analytical capabilities, transformed Mark's approach to sales management, propelling his team towards unprecedented success.

Mindset secret 4: The law of abundance – Emily's financial flourish

Emily, a small business owner, believed in the power of a positive financial mindset. She aimed to achieve steady growth for her business. As she created her financial statement in Excel, she faced a problem. The complex financial calculations proved challenging.

Excel Challenge: Complex financial calculations causing confusion.

Excel Tip: Utilize Excel's financial functions to simplify complex financial calculations.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  • Open Excel and create a financial statement with columns for income, expenses, and profit.

  • Use Excel's financial functions to calculate your net profit.

  • Set specific growth targets for your revenue and profit.

  • Regularly update your financial statement and track your progress toward achieving abundance.

With Excel's financial functions, she simplified the calculations and projected future profits with confidence. As her financial statement reflected steady growth, Emily celebrated the flourishing abundance she had manifested.

Mindset secret 5: The law of persistence – David's streamlined operations

Finally, let us look at David, a dedicated business manager with a strong commitment to efficiency and growth. David's task was to streamline the complex supply chain operations, but he faced a significant obstacle. The supply chain data was vast and convoluted, making it difficult to gain actionable insights. David turned to Excel's PivotTables to unravel this complex puzzle. While creating a pivot table in Excel to analyze the products, he faced a challenge. Excel's pivot table feature seemed complicated at first. David persisted, dedicating time to learn, experiment, and refine his PivotTable skills until he became an expert at extracting actionable insights from the intricate supply chain data.

Excel Challenge: Daunting task of simplifying data for efficient analysis and decision-making.

Excel Tip: When facing difficulties, invest time in learning through tutorials and practice.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  • Open Excel and import your supply chain data.

  • Select the data range you want to analyze.

  • Navigate to the "Insert" tab and choose "PivotTable."

  • In the PivotTable Field List, drag and drop fields to Rows and Values to create a customized analysis.

With his newfound proficiency in PivotTables, David streamlined supply chain operations, identified bottlenecks and made data-driven decisions that enhanced efficiency and reduced costs. The Law of Persistence, combined with Excel's PivotTable capabilities, allowed him to conquer the complexity and transform the supply chain into a well-oiled machine that contributed significantly to the company's growth.


Microsoft Excel is more than just a spreadsheet; it is a versatile tool that, when coupled with the right mindset and strategies, can be a powerful force for personal and professional development.

Embrace clarity, attraction, focus, abundance, and persistence as you work better with Excel. By doing so, you will not only manage your business more effectively but also manifest your goals and ambitions with confidence and precision.

By combining these practical Excel tips with mindset secrets, individuals can effectively harness the power of Microsoft Excel and enhance their personal and professional lives. Excel becomes not just a tool, but a partner in your journey to business excellence.

Excel can be your trusted companion on your journey to success. Unlock its potential today and start turning your aspirations into reality.

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Brainz Magazine Katrin Boermans

Katrin Boermans, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Katrin Boermans is an open-hearted person who enjoys discovering new things in life. ✅ Specializing in Microsoft user applications, she extends her expertise through comprehensive training and coaching services. Her main goal is to bring the value that can help your company grow. Katrin highly values sincerity and compassion and likes to connect with individuals in their purest, most authentic forms, regardless of their outward expression. As a person, Katrin aims to create a safe space for others to be themselves and supports them in doing so. During her free time, Katrin enjoys activities like meditation, salsa dancing, yoga, and indulging her wanderlust through travel.



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