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4 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas They’ll Actually Love

Written by: Daphney Poyser, Executive Contributor

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Executive Contributor Daphney Poyser

The winter holiday season may be over, but the most important holiday for couples has yet to arrive: The Day of Love, otherwise known as Valentine’s Day. Knowing what to get your person for V-Day can be a daunting task, so to get you started we’re sharing our revamp on some of the most common gift ideas, in a not so common way.

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1. The notorious “I owe you”


For the person who has everything, I think that this is a genius way to both treat your partner to something special while also taking some of the stress of daily chores, etc., off of their plate. Tap into your creative side and pick out the things that you believe are the most important to your loved one—but don’t be afraid to throw in a few surprising twists in there. To package, print out or hand write cards with a list of to-do’s your partner can “cash in” at their convenience. One of our favorite examples is creating a themed bath night inspired by some of your partner's favorite films, works of arts, or other interests. ( i.e. a night in Paris themed bath with bath salts in a container that looks like the Eiffel towel, and a Lavender de Provence scented candle.) We suggest adding a bouquet of flowers and/or a box of chocolates with this kind of gift when you deliver it.


2. A solo trip gift


I know, I know Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about spending time with your love, but I think that this gift is especially great for the parents among us. Being a parent is tough, and in-between work, school, managing a household and more, sometimes a weekend away from your responsibilities is the best gift you could receive. Plus, who couldn't use a little vacay after last year's busy holiday season? The important part here is not to interrupt your honey bunny's trip for any reason (outside of life threatening emergencies of course). Bonus points if you can get their besties to tag along for the surprise.


3. Book subscription

For those of us who love to read, we know that there is no such thing as having too many books on your TBR list (maybe). Gifting your person a book subscription is a fun way to encourage them to expand their reading base and try something new in 2024. For the partners that aren’t so excited about surprises, we suggest buying eleven books from your partner’s favorite genres, wrapping them up individually and allowing your person to unwrap and read a different book each month, for the rest of the year (you can of course do more or less books depending on your person’s reading style). Pair this with a few of your partner’s favorite snacks and drinks—maybe even a new mug or wine tumbler—and you’re sure to have one happy bookworm.


4. Jewelry


I know this seems so typical but an extremely thoughtful piece of jewelry, such as a gorilla bracelet, sends the message that you see and understand your person’s style, that you’ve heard what they said about their interests and most importantly, that you value and respect their fashion choices; which is all anyone really wants. When they look at their new piece (or pieces!) of jewelry they’ll see a physical reminder of your appreciation for them; although, it never hurts to tell them this often throughout the weeks too :).


Valentine's Day should be a time of celebration for the ones that you care about most. However, depending on where you are in the relationship, not every gift is going to be appropriate to give your person. Which is why it’s important to take your time, start early and really think about what gift will be the best, so that it speaks to where you are in your relationship and where you see yourselves going in the future; it should never be an afterthought or a last minute chore. As you prepare for this special day, don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it (from a friend or Fern Connections), to plan something truly special for the one you care for—and if not, we hope that this guide has been helpful in sparking a few ideas for what to do to celebrate your Valentine.

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Daphney Poyser Brainz Magazine

Daphney Poyser, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Daphney Poyser is the founder and CEO of Fern Connections, a LGBTQIA+ Matchmaking and Coaching company. After noticing a lack of diversity within the world of same-sex specific dating services, Poyser sought out to create her own company founded on the principles of greater gender, sexual, and romantic inclusivity. Fern Connections was started in 2020 and now has headquarters in Texas and Georgia; the company services individuals nationwide within the United States.


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