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3 Tips To Get Life Started

Written by: Samuel Oppong Jr, Executive Contributor

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As I sit here graduating in a few weeks with my Masters’ Degree and transition to real life, People often ask me what advice do I have for people making a shift right now? Whether it’s landing a new job or making a career pivot? What's the best advice you've received when it comes to making a job move? Here are three tips that helped me get started in my life and career.

1. When you choose a career, first ask yourself what career you want to have? Which career do you want to pattern after, get to the gym, start exercising, and put your best foot forward even though you are figuring out?

2. The second thing is your purpose Sometimes our purpose finds us. Have a game plan and do your homework by writing 10 goals out. Eat Well.

3. Have a Gameplan. Your game plan for this business will change down the road, but your mindset will stay the same You must do your homework first. The work begins long before you enter this industry. Mental preparation comes first, and progress will soon follow. Remember, it is not the destination but rather the journey.

Lastly, It is about the journey and you always have to keep going till you get to your destination.

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Samuel Oppong Jr, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Samuel Oppong is an Actor, Producer, Sports Broadcaster, CEO, Speaker, Coach, Trainer, Investor, and Philanthropist. He completed his Bachelor of Arts in Sport Management and Leadership Studies at Washington State University and completed his Masters in Sport Leadership at Concordia University in Chicago. He is a 2x Forbes Under 30 Finalist (2013, 2020) and Inc 30 Under 30 Nominee as an Investor. Before becoming an actor, he spent seven years working in various sports organizations such as USA Basketball, Washington State Athletics, National Hockey League, San Francisco 49ers, National Basketball Association, and National Football League.



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