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24 Confidence And Success Affirmations Full Of Purpose And Meaning – To Use Daily In Your 2024

Written by: Ilaria Storch, Senior Level Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Ilaria Storch

Congratulations, amazing you! Seeing you here is a victory sign that you have overcome so many challenges and are preparing yourself to reach new goals, and decide whether to continue, or drop others that were not completed in the year that is saying goodbye.

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As a Life Coach Nomad, one of our affirmations is that Life is Nomadic by Essence, and that means that maybe things took unexpected twists and projects and goals may have had to change, intentionally postponed, expanded, and even recreated. My gift to you is these twenty-four affirmations, that you can read daily and even write one each day on your agenda and journal.

Success, the word, is defined on google as “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” And I love how this definition makes everything seem manageable – when you take your goal just for what it is, making it clear and simple, and focusing on your vision of what you desire to achieve, no advertising in the world will make you complicate your steps or make you think that it´s not real – you are real, your generous goals are real and remember to get help along the way.

What I would add to the success definition is that you intentionally respect your rhythm while creating your plan and daily routines – you will notice when you are ready for a faster, or slower pace, and when it´s time to change and uplevel out of your comfort zone and into your confident soul and achievements.

Below the 24 affirmations, that you can write on your cell phone calendar, and even stick them where you can see and apply them, to inspire you daily:

  1. When you help others, you gain perspective on your goals and challenges.

  2. Clear boundaries mean you can reach your goals faster and happier.

  3. Choosing good thoughts in the morning sets the tone for the day.

  4. Daily walks, exercise and pauses are vital for mental and physical health.

  5. Be available for your adult kids, there is always growth and learning.

  6. Listen carefully and communicate clearly.

  7. Take plenty of time off from social media and nurture your heart and soul.

  8. If you´re feeling too anxious, do what you can and ask for help and support.

  9. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

  10. Breathe, sing, hug – your friend, family, pet, and someone who needs a hug.

  11. When working late hours, hydrate, stretch and reward yourself.

  12. You are wonderful and only you can be you.

  13. Feeling confident means looking at your progress and not comparing yourself to others.

  14. Remember the small and big achievements since you were a kid.

  15. Focus on your skills and shine light on them.

  16. Challenge yourself with a new goal, personally and professionally, plan to reach it.

  17. Celebrate your achievements and remember to be humble about them.

  18. Do not substitute real emotions for AI, being human comes before everything else.

  19. Work on your serenity and happiness, the world needs that.

  20. Being comes before doing, work on loving who you are, do what you love.

  21. Raise your vibration with good music, a walk, calling a friend, cuddling a pet.

  22. Surprise yourself by not complaining and sharing kind words.

  23. Confidence is not always tied to the outcome, yet to the effort and joy of trying.

  24. Shine light, hope, good thoughts, and good actions into the world.


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Ilaria Storch Brainz Magazine

Ilaria Storch, Senior Level Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Ilaria Storch, a Life Coach Nomad, is the creator of Life Coach Nomads, where she shares her passion for travel and for inspiring people everywhere to access their true center and find more connection and energy on the way to more joy, fun, and fulfillment. She practices that following your emotions, wrapped up in a personal structure that can connect your goals, desires, and love, is the path to all real and true growth. Wherever you are, change is nomadic by essence, and it takes time, support and starts inside you when you absolutely desire to develop yourself and move on. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Advertising, speaks many languages, won a Fashion Illustration Award during College, and loves coaching her clients towards their expressive life journey.



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