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Humans And AI Learning Together

Written by: Lauren Anders Brown, Executive Contributor

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Executive Contributor Lauren Anders Brown

Learning has witnessed a significant transformation over the years, evolving from traditional classroom settings to digital platforms that offer diverse opportunities for people across the globe to connect and learn together. Human connection plays a crucial role in fostering meaningful learning experiences. In this article, we will delve into the intersection of AI and human connection in e-learning, exploring its impact on the capacity to learn and the potential opportunities it presents for educators and learners alike.

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The essence of human connection in digital learning

Human connection in digital learning aims to replicate the benefits associated with face-to-face experiences. This includes not only disseminating knowledge but also building connections, providing opportunities for practical application, and enabling feedback from peers, mentors, or teachers. By incorporating simulations and opportunities to practise in a safe space, learners can develop muscle memory for skills to handle complex situations, from preparing for a fire evacuation to diffusing a difficult conversation with a customer. Additionally, interactive learning platforms like Gamoteca, facilitate hands-on practice and mutual accountability, mirroring real-life collaborative scenarios.

How humans learn

Understanding how humans learn is vital for effective education. Learning is a dynamic process involving the acquisition of knowledge, its application, receiving feedback, and engaging in collaborative environments. Humans learn from lived experiences, making mistakes, and interacting with the community around them. Codified knowledge through books and educational institutions complements this experiential learning, but transfer of lived experience through human connection remains at the core.

The evolution of AI and machine learning

Machine learning, a subset of artificial intelligence, has revolutionised how machines learn and interact with data. Traditionally, computers followed programmed instructions. Recent advances in AI allow them to learn (not unlike humans) from patterns they “observe” in large amounts of data, together with training and fine-tuning provided by humans to improve their accuracy and outputs. Self-driving cars, Google search, shopping recommendation sites and generative tools like ChatGPT are prime examples of how machines analyse patterns, with reinforcement feedback provided by humans, for improved decision-making, human-like content generation and hyper-personalised recommendations.

AI opportunities in learning

AI in learning presents exciting opportunities for educators and learners. It offers personalised learning experiences, adaptive learning paths, and more accurate content recommendations.

AI-powered chatbots can serve as virtual tutors, providing instant help and support to learners. Additionally, AI can automate administrative tasks, freeing up educators' time to focus on more creative and interactive teaching methods.

Aligning AI and human connection

The successful integration of AI and human connection in e-learning can bring about a transformative learning experience. AI can analyse vast amounts of data, enabling a deeper understanding of learners' preferences, strengths, and weaknesses. However, AI cannot replace the essence of human interaction, collaboration, and empathy that fosters deeper learning experiences.


The blend of AI and human connection in e-learning holds great promise for the future of education. As the digital landscape evolves, educators must embrace these technologies to enhance learning outcomes while ensuring that human touch, collaboration, and interaction remain integral to the learning process. By leveraging the power of AI with the authenticity of human connection, we can create a dynamic and inclusive e-learning ecosystem that empowers learners from diverse backgrounds to grow and thrive together.

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Learn more about human-connected e-learning on the podcast ‘How Humans (e)Learn Together’ wherever you get your podcasts or on the Gamoteca website.

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Lauren Anders Brown Brainz Magazine

Lauren Anders Brown, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Lauren Anders Brown is an award-winning documentary storyteller who uses film, photography, audio, and her writing to focus on issues of global health and human rights. She has captured content in over forty countries, including conflict zones, in order to amplify the voices of others and especially women. She produces work through her own production company colLABorate: ideas and images, works as a consultant for the United Nations, and is Creative Director of the e-learning startup Gamoteca. She is a true artivist: an artist who uses any and all of her available platforms to creatively advocate for human rights.


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