Body Intelligence - The New Competitive Advantage in Decision Making and Leadership

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

By: Hanna Lundberg

A lot of people would say that we need a new approach to leadership. We do not need a new style or type of leadership, we need a new form of leadership. This new form is about the mindset of the leader themselves. It is about their courage to emerge new levels of consciousness and make it to wisdom in their making of decisions.

We already know that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will take parts of our jobs - but what not many people understand is that it can restore our humanity. In 2020, the most attractive work skills will already shift from technical skills to human skills like; emotional intelligence, creativity and cognitive flexibility. Why? Because, that is the only competitive advantage of humans against the robots. To require this we need our leaders to be connected to themselves, to their staff, and to the communities they interact with.

The missing link

It is not new to us that high IQ and EQ are valuable skills of successful leadership. But the recourse they have as a secret weapon is the domain of highly body intelligence (BQ) meaning intuition, improvement of performance, fundamental insights for both emotional intelligence and making of decisions. Historically, our emotional and body intelligence has been lost. As Albert Einstein said: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honor’s the servant and has forgotten the gift”. From my point of view, the root who causes why we are feeling so bad when we are still doing so well.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honor’s the servant and has forgotten the gift”.

A holistic network of knowledge

Many times when we do not receive the results we where looking for we question if it was some information we missed along the way. Was there something we could have done differently? Along with most leaders who have experienced this they would have said YES, because they already know that they have ignored their gut feeling.

Neuroscience shows us, something that has been known by both Einstein and metaphysics since a long time, that your brain does not have a monopoly on your intelligence. Rather, intelligence comes from several regions in your body.

Your intelligences is a massive network of chemicals, hormones and neurons that constantly transmit information and provide feedback that reside in your mind (IQ), in your heart (EQ), and one of the most significant region; your stomach (BQ). All with the ability for complex learning processes and fully equipped to think on its own.

By working together your intelligent network will gain the synergy and wisdom that arises from ‘holistic mindset leadership’ and that will help you to reach a point where you can make better decisions. Then you are able to face today’s complex issues and adaptation challenges as attracting and retaining talent, execution on strategy, delivering quality customer experience or other leadership issues.

The solution

In other words, this requires leadership with a new level of self-awareness and self-facilitation for integrating mind-based intellect with heart-based values ​​and gut-based instincts.

By aligning your forgotten conscious and unconscious intuitive gifts, you are able to harness your innate wisdom of your mind, heart and gut intelligences for a powerful and generative decision. But to create possibilities into this new form of leadership you need to build a strong relationship to your own body.

By training your body intelligence you will expend your intelligence to the millennial wisdom you carry in your cells.

My personal experience is when you develop your BQ and use your intelligence according to the information receive from IQ, EQ and BQ - you will no longer make the wrong decision, you will be the new form of leader the world needs.

Hanna Lundberg Mindset Architect, Researcher, Trainer & Speaker



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