3 Fascinating CEO Tactics that Can Help Your Business Grow

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Written by: Maggie Perotin, Executive Contributor

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Many entrepreneurs start their journey as hobbyists. I'm sure you remember the moment when you had an idea about your business. It was probably related to your passion or a product you love. You thought it would be great to make some money out of it and take the first steps toward making it happen, then the business grew. Then at some point, you had to make a decision: "do I become serious about turning the hobby into serious business" or "do I continue with it as a hobby?"

If you're the one who chose the former (or wants to do it), then along with your business, you need to shift your mindset from the hobbyist to the CEO.

Here are 3 essential CEO tactics that will help you make that shift and help your business grow further.

1. Being professional and authentic at the same time

There's a lot of talk and advice out there about being authentic but not a lot about professionalism. And personally, I think that because of it, sometimes authenticity is misunderstood, and professionalism underrated. When, in fact, they go hand in hand together, especially for entrepreneurs serious about their growth.

Here is what I mean by that:

Professionalism is about consistently showing up for your audience and clients and delivering excellence in everything you do. Authenticity is doing all this in your own unique way and not trying to be someone else.

  • Whether you feel like it that day or not when you're professional - you show up and deliver your best. Imagine if Adele or Beyoncé canceled every show only because they had a bad day? I'm not saying show up when you're sick and can't function (even the Adele doesn't do it), but self-managing your emotions so they don't control you is key to being successful. And doesn't take away from your authenticity. It actually shows your clients that you care and respect them.

  • When you show up, speak from the heart, in a way that only you can (authenticity) but be prepared at the same time (professionalism). Trying to wing it and, in consequence, babble is not authentic and undoubtedly not professional either.

  • Be there for your clients to serve them, to help them solve their issues. When you make it about them, you show professionalism. And when you draw from your experience (share learnings from your own mistakes), you become authentic and relatable.

2. Understanding that your BRAND is a PROMISE, not just its visual representations such as logo or colors.

Your brand is a promise to your clients. It promises the solutions you deliver to them consistently and must align with your business vision, mission, and values. And as a CEO, you need to stay connected to them.

When you have a strong vision, mission, and values that align, it's much easier to make crucial decisions for your business. It's much easier to stay the course, not to get distracted by the next shiny object. They are like your North Star showing focusing you on the way to your destination.

And don't get me wrong, the logo and colors are critical in your marketing. They help you stand out and be recognizable. But without the core standing as their foundation, they become meaningless and forgettable.

3. Growing your business in a strategic way

CEO's don't take random actions in their business. They don't follow a never-ending to-do-list containing random ideas without a structure. CEO's are strategic. They set goals that align with their Vision. They care about their business's overall health (clients, partners, employees, finances, systems, etc.).

Your business is an organism just like your body: consisting of many interconnected parts all-important and reliant on each other. Taking a holistic approach and strategically running it is key to long-term success.

Now that you're here, are you wondering: "OMG, that's a lot, how am I ever going to do it?" To that, I say step by step. You're probably doing most of it anyway. Maybe you just need to spend a bit of time to look at your business form the eagle's perspective and find the holes. Being a strategic CEO ensures that your business, just like your body, is working as a whole. That everything is interconnected, working together towards one Vision.

"No matter what the industry you choose to ultimately invest all your time and energy in, be sure you're the owner, founder, and CEO. Remember, if you don't own it, you can't control it, nor can you depend on it."Brandi L. Bates

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Maggie Perotin, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Maggie Perotin is a business and leadership coach, helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses without the overwhelm so they can live the life they want. Through her DREAM-PLAN-DO coaching model, she helps her clients reach their potential and get results while maintaining balance in life. Maggie has over 13 years of coaching and leadership experience in the corporate world in various domains. She holds a Masters Degree in International Relations, Facility Management Administration designation, and currently pursuing an Executive MBA at Jack Welch Management Institute. Maggie uses all her knowledge and experience to help entrepreneurs be strategic and creative in building a successful business and brand that attract their ideal clients. She is passionate about spending quality time with her blended family with four kids in the Canadian nature, traveling, self-development, and healthy cuisine of the world. 



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