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The Intuitive Guide Helping You UnChaos Your Life – Exclusive Interview With Tina Anderson

Tina describes herself as an anecdote to the broken record syndrome. She uses her intuitive gifts and practical+piritual knowingness to help others understand patterns and the deeper meaning to their life experiences. She created and authored the UnChaos Yourself process and book as part of her mission to lessen life’s chaos and facilitate unity consciousness. She is the founder and CEO of ta7productions, and she believes in partying with the Universe every chance you get.

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Tina Anderson, Author, Creator of Unchaos Yourself

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life, so we can get to know you better.


Thank you! I'm the creator and author of the UnChaos Yourself five-step breakthrough transformational process, experiential book (recently re-released on June 11), and former coaching program. I serve others as an intuitive life clarity guide and energy calibrator, an anecdote to the "I don't know what to do" syndrome, and by sharing my wisdom as a recovered codependent fixer and binge/emotional eater.


I've had several career changes, starting as an award-winning public relations executive, broadcaster, writer, event manager, fitness pro, Los Angeles morning radio producer, and on-air host. I had my spiritual awakening in 2014 after my older son started questioning traditional religion.


One could describe me as a multitasking, multi-passionate person who has found a way to be organized and focused and find joy and fulfillment amidst life's constant invitation to stimulus and chaos. (And it's always a work in progress.)


My husband and I have been happily married since 1988. We have two older boys and are cohabitating with our sixth rescue pup, Luna. I have Midwest and Texas roots with a mixed heritage from Europe and Peru, and I love being a melting pot of DNA.


One of my mantras comes from Rumi's famous quote. "Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing, there is a field. I will meet you there…" I believe we are all just walking each other home. I'm doing my best to stay in my lane, support unity consciousness, align with my soul blueprint, and help others do the same.

Was there one chaotic incident or an accumulation that sparked the writing of your book?

It was an accumulation of mine combined with the hundreds of clients I worked with. After the first year of sessions, I noticed I had a gift for sensing the bigger picture and cutting through the clutter to the bottom line issue. An unexpected download from Spirit during a client session was the impetus of my five-step process.


My journey of chaos started at age 14 when my parents divorced. Improper coping mechanisms perpetuated wounds of self-consciousness, comparing, imposter syndrome, and a highly critical inner voice that grew louder and louder the more I couldn't control my source of comfort and numbing out – bingeing and overeating.


I became a codependent "fixer" who focused on everyone else's problems rather than dealing with my own, allowing me to avoid my feelings and keep pain to myself. My unmet needs drove unbeneficial and unproductive decision after decision, perpetuating confusion and overwhelm. I lived in what felt like a hypocritical existence with internal conflict for a long time, even after my spiritual awakening. (I started understanding my journey but lacked the proper tools to change it.) Episodes of out-of-control eating brought temporary relief, quickly followed by disgust and self-loathing. It was a constant cycle hidden by my innate cheerful, joyful, and optimistic nature, which I tapped into around others.


Your book has five steps, and you focus on practical spirituality. Can you elaborate on both?

I combine traditional transformational coaching with emotional intelligence, spiritual counseling, and intuitive guidance, and I infuse practicality so people can immediately jump back into life with tools they can implement. I help clients understand their past (but not dwell on it), how it affected them and their patterns and decisions (but not feel bad about it), and find the key areas (with the help of their angels and guides) they need to work on to break through to the next level. I use a methodical (practical) five-step process with journaling and self-reflective exercises interwoven with spiritual principles. It's about redefining who you are, understanding your true essence, and integrating spirituality that works for your life.

How do you customize your speaking engagements to cater to different audiences and events?

Thank you for asking that question. Being intuitive, I need wiggle room to work with Spirit in the now, based on an outline and framework for the event coupled with the collective needs of the participants. My book has five steps, 20 sections, and 15 "nuggets," so I can pull, mix, and cross-reference my "practical+spiritual" approach as needed, especially since it has many reflective exercises. The key is how you want your participants to feel because we can achieve learning through various ways. Leaving with at least one memorable and valuable tip is always my goal, and feeling energized and enlightened about something.

What specific services do you offer to clients seeking intuitive and spiritual guidance?

Individual and group sessions, Angel Parties (customized), other spiritual gatherings, and facilitating at retreats, the latter I am manifesting! I may create an UnChaos Support Group/Clarity Committee concept that Spirit keeps dropping into my consciousness.

Could you share a success story from a client who experienced significant transformation through your guidance?

The person that comes to mind was in my original coaching program (now my book). She broke through years of repressed trauma and deep family conditioning (that I call tribal patterns and the Chaos Trap). She created boundaries based on self-worth and self-love, rediscovered her gifts (truth), and built enough confidence to use them authentically. Her transformation resulted in speaking, writing, thriving at her business, being featured on a Bravo show, and creating her own coaching business. She released doubt, fear, shame, and guilt. It was so inspiring.

What one thing would you like everyone to know to help prevent chaos in their lives?

Everything starts with a need triggered by a thought and a feeling. It comes down to identifying the "unmet need" and knowing that willpower is insufficient over the long haul when there is unconscious or deep conditioning and patterns. I say in my book that you cannot-not meet the need. Meeting them in a healthy, productive way keeps you aligned and out of chaos.

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