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The #1 Way To Improve Digestion – That Doesn’t Involve Diet Change Or Supplementation

Written by: Trish Whetstone, Executive Contributor

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What we eat is only part of the picture. How we eat is equally as important! Whether you’re struggling with bloat, gas, or abnormal bowel patterns, you likely recognize how important optimal digestion is. However, diet changes can be stressful and aren’t always sustainable. Supplementation can get expensive, and often isn’t necessary!

In comes mindful eating. It is the totally free, totally accessible 100%-of-the-time tool you can start using today, to improve your digestion.

Here are 3 No-Cost Mindful Eating Strategies you can use with your very next meal:

Tip 1: Eat Sensually

You heard that right. Eat with your senses! Notice all the colors and shapes of the food on your plate. Smell the aromas, listen to the sizzle of your freshly grilled chicken or the crunch of your veggie salad. When you take your very first bite, notice each and every flavor, temperature, and texture!

How it works: When you utilize your senses while eating, you’re tapping into the Cephalic Phase of Digestion. Cephalic means head. Up to 20% of stomach acid is secreted while simply noticing (within your mind) all the sensations of eating!

Tip 2: Chew Your Food

Hate to break it to you. Your mother was right. You should chew your food. Aim for 20 to 30 chews for each bite of food. Take a bite, count your chews, swallow, repeat.

How it works: You now know digestion starts in your head. The next phase of digestion happens in your mouth. The mechanics of chewing break down food so your gut doesn’t have to do all the work! Digestive enzymes housed in your saliva also facilitate the digestive process.

Tip 3: Breathe Deeply

Breathing is one of the most effective mindfulness tools, and you can even practice it during your meal. As you chew your food, put your utensil down, then breathe deeply in and out of your nose.

How it works: Oxygen flow stimulates the movement of intestinal villi within the colon. Yup, you’re actually stimulating your intestinal lining to better absorb nutrients from your food, while breathing deeply.

There you have it! The number one way to improve digestion without diet changes or supplementation is mindful eating. How will you practice mindful eating today?

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Trish Whetstone, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Trish Whetstone is The Feel Good Gut Coach, a holistic health specialist, stress expert, and intuitive eating advocate. Trish received degrees in Psychology & Public Health from The State University of New York at Fredonia and worked within the non-profit world as an Educator, Coordinator & Director. After waking up too many times in her early twenties feeling like she "got hit by a bus", Trish said enough was enough. She healed her gut after years of struggling with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and became a Certified Health, Life, and Nutrition Coach to help others do the same. Through her personal coaching business, Health Coaching by Trish, she helps busy professionals with nutrition, stress management, and lifestyle change, so they can feel good in their gut!



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