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Ho'oponopono – A Tool To Stop Self Sabotage

Written by: Ashley Hussain Okorafor, Executive Contributor

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Most of us tend to sabotage our success. Whether it's procrastinating, setting unrealistic goals, or engaging in self-defeating behaviors, we can often be our own worst enemies. But what if there was an easy and effective way to stop this self-sabotage? Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice that can help individuals break free from the cycle of negative thought patterns and behavior. Let's explore how Ho'oponopono can help students take control of their lives and find success.

Beautiful woman showing the "thank you" using sign language on blue background.

What is Ho'oponopono?

Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice based on beliefs of personal responsibility. It focuses on the idea that each person has the power to create reality through thoughts, words, and actions. This means that we are responsible for our successes and mistakes. We should strive for self-improvement by taking ownership of our mistakes and using them as learning opportunities.

To practice Ho'oponopono, one must focus on four key phrases: "I am sorry,"; "Please forgive me,"; "Thank you,"; and "I love you." Focusing on these phrases helps individuals take responsibility for their behavior while providing emotional closure to move forward with forgiveness instead of guilt or shame. Through consistent practice and repetition, students can learn how to incorporate positive affirmations into their daily lives to overcome negative thought patterns and behaviors.

How Does It Work?

The practice of Ho'oponopono consists of four simple steps:

  1. Recognizing that we are all connected.

  2. Taking responsibility for our part in any given situation.

  3. Forgiving ourselves for any mistakes we have made.

  4. Letting go of the past and moving forward into new possibilities.

By doing this, we can learn from our mistakes, recognize patterns of sabotage in our lives, and ultimately create new pathways toward success.

Why Does It Matter?

The beauty of Ho'oponopono is that it offers us an opportunity to take ownership of our actions and reactions in life. This allows us to break free from old patterns that no longer serve us—like self-sabotage—and cultivate healthier habits instead. By taking responsibility for our part in any given situation, we give ourselves permission to forgive ourselves for mistakes made in the past, learn from them, and move forward into something new.

The Benefits of Practicing Ho'oponopono

Practicing Ho'oponpono can be highly beneficial for students who are struggling with self-sabotage. By taking responsibility for their actions, they can develop a greater sense of personal accountability, leading to more meaningful relationships with peers and mentors. Additionally, positive affirmations encourage students to focus more on their strengths rather than their weaknesses, which will improve confidence levels in all areas of life — academic performance included! Finally, using Ho'ponpono as a tool for self-reflection leads to greater insight into one's motivations and behaviors, leading to better overall decision-making skills.

Self-sabotage is a common problem among students, but it doesn't have to be part of your story! With the right tools like Ho'ponpono, you can break free from your self-defeating thoughts and behaviors once and for all! This ancient Hawaiian practice teaches us how crucial personal responsibility is when creating our reality while providing emotional closure so we can move forward with forgiveness instead of guilt or shame. So why give it a try today? You may find yourself surprised at the results!

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Ashley Hussain Okorafor, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Professor Ashley Hussain Okorafor is an accomplished academic and has over 6 years of teaching healthcare administration. She has taught at various universities including California State University, San Bernardino, and Charisma University. Prior to her journey as an academic, she had risen up the corporate ladder working in Health Information Management. Currently, she is using her skills and expertise to educate new and prospective healthcare professionals. Professor Ashley believes that if healthcare is going to evolve we need new innovative minds and great leaders in healthcare to build for a better, healthier future. Check out Professor Ashley's YouTube Channel for information on Healthcare Administration and how to strategically build a career in healthcare.

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