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Fostering Diversity, Equity And Inclusion In The Workplace

Gloria Sloan is an inspiring leader in personal and professional development. Sloan’s life was transformed when she aligned her habits with self-knowledge that optimized her productivity, business, and personal growth.

Executive Contributor Gloria Sloan

Across the country, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs have come under attack and defunded or banned from corporations, college campuses to state legislatures. Critics say DEI programs are discriminatory and a disadvantage to other groups, while supporters and industry experts insist the decades old practice is by far misunderstood.

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Understanding the evolution of diversity in the workplace is a good place to learn the history and legislation since the civil rights movement. How did DEI start? Workforce diversity received ongoing attention by organizations long before the term diversity became widespread. People began to demand equal rights for all, without regard to race, religion, and natural origin. Equal opportunity laws were introduced in 1972 that would prohibit discrimination in employment. Reflecting upon my younger life as an employee before transitioning into a business owner, I reminisced those memories with nostalgic feelings. Over the past fifty years, workplace environment continues to struggle with movement to eradicate the emerging existence of inequity. I grew up during the civil rights era and hold a true historic segregation experience. Thinking about that part of my life’s journey fueled my unjustly thoughts. Learning how to navigate the world of work can help build readiness throughout life and adapt to on-going changes. Establishment of DEI is the organizational framework to promote fair treatment and full participation for all people.

It is important to address present racial inequities today and reinforce initiatives that take a stand to combat the systemic nature of racism. It takes commitment to improve overall positivity and standards that will help form a healthy work environment. Management and leadership decisions should come with structure to practice inclusion which recognizes the value of diversity. Since passage of the landmark 1964 Civil Rights Act, the American workforce is still in pursuit of finding innovative solutions for inclusion and diversity.

Fostering efforts for the advancement of all people in the workplace is a continuous challenge that more than meets the eye. Turning away from implementing fair practices can create an escalation in employee turnover and loss of valued talent. People who spend time collectively in the workforce deserve training that supports awareness of barriers individuals face on the job. They want to work for an organization where the environment has a sense of unity and harmony, and employee acceptance is a core value. Leadership and professional development programs can hone key skills to nurture a culture of equity and inclusion. Showing employee appreciation for dedication and opportunities for growth impacts performance, heightens productivity, and can boost company morale. Find ways to shine light on employees and stay mindful of employee burnout. Diversity is essential and crucial in the modern business workplace. The benefits outweigh the challenges that lead to a more successful organization.

Recent studies show there are companies that have prioritized some form of DEI. According to a 2023 study by the Pew Research Center Source, 61% of U.S. adults say, “Focusing on increasing diversity, equity and inclusion at work is mainly a good thing.”

Now is the time for organizations and institutions to take greater responsibility at every level to implement a system of fairness that surrounds employment. Being intentional with a plan to gain employee confidence is a starting point. Identify the current practices for evaluation of your organization’s anti-discrimination policies and procedures. Open the door to conversations that will embrace change with impactful results and fulfillment.

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 Gloria Sloan, Life Coach, Author, and Speaker

Gloria Sloan is an inspiring leader in personal and professional development. Sloan’s life was transformed when she aligned her habits with self-knowledge that optimized her productivity, business, and personal growth. Her insights and strategic management style vividly promotes fulfillment in life. She is CEO of Personal Dynamics, Inc., author, life coach, and speaker. She offers practical successful approaches to elevate and motivate greatness using essential life skills and applied knowledge.



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