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3 Ways To Turn A Bad Day Into A Good Day Mentally, Physically And Emotionally

Written by: Shaniece Benson, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Although not every day can be a good day, but you can do things to turn it into one. We often forget that our bodies and mind are impacted by the things that we do. When we do these things, the chances of us feeling better goes way up! Learning these tools can help you access your own inner happiness.

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To turn a day around it's important to think about accessing your mental, emotional and physical health. Our well-being and happiness are not based on one thing but rather on a constellation of factors. Thinking about ourselves in this holistic way can give us a map that can help us turn our day around to keep us in a good mood over time. It's important to remember that we can hold difficult experiences and emotions and still have a good day.

To have a good day it does not mean there won't be any challenges or difficulties. It is more about how you respond to these things and how you support yourself through them. Life is full of ups and downs, but you can access the good in it each day. Here are three things you can do to turn your day around.

3 Ways to turn a Bad Day into a Good Day

1. Take A Moment to Be Grateful

What we think about impacts how we feel. Taking a moment to pause and think about the things that are going well in your life and the things you are grateful for can shift your mood. The trick to this though is not just to think about it but to really feel it in our body. These can be simple things such as admiring the nature around you or maybe a moment you had with a friend or a family member. It could be the taste of your favorite coffee or sandwich.

We are wired to notice the negative and need to take a conscious break to notice the positive, and gratitude is a great way to do this. If we can shift our focus to not just include what is going wrong but to focus on the good, change will happen. When we continue to be mindful of our thoughts, this will make it easier to shift our day.

What are three things you are grateful for today? Take a moment and feel these things, not just in your mind but in your body as well. Your body is what tells us when we like things, and it feels good.

2. Move Your Body

I know you probably hear this all the time, but that is because so much research shows that when you move your body and exercise, you will feel better. Maybe just do some jumping jacks or go for a 15-minute brisk walk. You can put on some music and dance around your house. You can get the benefits of exercise in many more ways than going for a run or hitting the gym. Find the movement that works best for you. If you only have 5 minutes that is better than nothing and in those 5 minutes, you can change your day.

What can you do today that will get your heart racing and endorphins flowing? Noticing how you feel before and after this will be motivation for the next time.

3. Accomplish Something

Positive psychology has shown one aspect of our well-being is accomplishments. If you are struggling, try to accomplish just one thing. This forward movement can begin to shift your mindset. Taking action can help boost our motivation and feeling of well-being.

What is at least one thing you can get off your list today? Then take a moment to savor that feeling after!

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Shaniece Benson, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Shaniece is a High-Performance Fitness & Lifestyle Coach who empowers busy professionals to step into success through her 1:1 fitness training & lifestyle coaching. Featured in Southern New Hampshire University, SDVoyager, SHOUTOUT SOCAL, and Zovio for her unique and effective ways of tackling limiting beliefs and creating a new regime to feel good from the inside out. 

Inspired by a drive to change the narrative of familial history connected to a variety of health conditions, Shaniece began to change some habits and fall in love with fitness. In doing so, she noticed a dramatic shift not only in her physical but also in her mental health. With her energy levels soaring and confidence boosted, Shaniece wanted to shout from the rooftops how incredibly great this all felt; and how simple it could be for others to do the same. 

Thus, BloombyShaniece was born, a blog specifically designed to share content that would help women grow and embrace their true potential. She later began to work with professionals from an array of backgrounds in helping them not only to lose weight but also to encourage them to live an all-around healthier lifestyle. With training and coaching sessions specifically tailored to individual needs, Shaniece empowers her clients by informing, supporting, and celebrating them in making big changes as they embark on the journey of living their best lives. 





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