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3 Tips For Maximizing Your Time As A Feminine CEO

Written by: Monica Yates


If there is one limiting belief that almost every CEO shares, it’s lack of time. This is especially true for females, who (on top of the role of CEO) deal with mental load in addition to all of the other labels and expectations put on them by friends, family, partners, colleagues, and society. The number of hats a woman wears from puberty onwards is plentiful. But none of that has held you back thus far, you’re the Feminine CEO™.

The Feminine CEO™ can and should approach things differently than her male counterpart. Women are twice as likely to burn out than men. This isn’t because there is something wrong with women. It’s simply the cards that we’ve been dealt as women. Our nervous systems are not as robust as those of men. Women need more rest, care, and attention. This intuitive planning may not come naturally for all women, and if that’s the case, don’t worry, it is a skill you can learn.

As a CEO, you’ve learned to project manage and gain a broad perspective of many running systems at which you are the head. Understanding how to thrive as a Feminine CEO™ and feeling like you have the time to manage everything on your plate is something I’ve helped hundreds of women achieve, including myself. This is just one more project and puzzle to solve, a skill you already have. Now, you can translate that skill into yourself and how you approach time management as a Feminine CEO™.

Here are three tips you can use to start maximizing your time:

1. Know What Works For You.

So many of us think they must be doing the latest ‘trendy’ thing to fail to ask, “What works for me?” If something isn’t sustainable, it’s not worth it. Also, allow yourself to change and adapt to what works for you. Just because something works for you now does not mean it will always work for you, and that is not a bad thing. It’s a neutral thing. As we change, our systems must evolve with us. For example, in a few years, my fiancé and I are planning for parenthood, and I know I will need to restructure how I plan my days as a Feminine CEO™. But because I know this now, I am also starting to adapt now way ahead of time, thus saving me time in the future. If something is in your control and you know what works for you, you can plan to make transitions more sustainable. And remember, don’t just do something because other people are doing it. They may be achieving quick growth. However, sustainable long-term growth is much sexier.

2. Set Yourself Up For Success.

Consider what will allow you to have a successful month/day/week/year. Is it packing food for the flight, so you’re not hangry and crying when the flight is delayed? Is it tracking your cycling and being prepared when you know you are entering your luteal phase and need to slow down and pack extra snacks? Is it planning your content ahead of time? Is it making dinner whilst you make breakfast? Everything on your list is doable with the right planning and systems.

3. Put Happiness First.

This is among the most underrated things many people do not take seriously enough. What things make you happy? Do those things first! We often think we need to put work first, but if you’re low on creative energy, then regardless of how hard you work, that effort will not give you a high ROI. Instead, the things that boost your happiness will boost your creative energy, thus improving the quality of your work. Better work means higher ROIs, which means more time and energy to invest back into yourself and your business.

For more resources on thriving as a Feminine CEO™, please visit my website


About the author: Monica Yates is a somatic trauma healer, feminine & masculine embodiment coach, period whisperer and podcast host. After struggling with her own health issues, multiple traumatic surgeries and a terrible relationship with men, she finally had to face the issues that she was blissfully unaware of. Her modalities that now help thousands of women and men around the world be free of their big and small trauma. She works with people from all walks of life that are determined to no longer be held back by beliefs, bad habits, health issues, inner child wounds, anxiety, fears etc. She is the CEO of Monica Yates Health and the host of the podcast, Feminine as F*ck.



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