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5 Tips For Battling Burnout

Written by: Leannda Shearer, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Burnout has become quite the buzzword these days. What many people need to include about burnout is that, yes, part of it stems from just trying to do too much, but a lot of it is also based on not doing enough of the things you want to be doing. These five tips will make it easy for you to start conquering burnout, so let’s get you back to a thriving calmer life you enjoy!

Step one: Let go of expectations

Expectations kill the joy of any situation. The only thing you have any direct control over is yourself. Whether it's work, family, or simply feeling like you have to make this list to be successful, start looking at what you can let go of. Is there some old limiting belief that is holding you back? Do you let the influence of other people keep you grinding on something you don’t even enjoy? Find ways to be more accepting of the things you don’t have control over but start taking your power back with the things you can control.

Step 2: Dismiss the belief that help is a dirty word

Somewhere along the line, we have been taught that asking for help makes you weak or that you shouldn’t burden others with it. We all need help sometimes, whether moving furniture, needing a couple of hours without our kids, or simply needing a friend to vent to. Start accepting the use offered; most people who provide service genuinely want to, so why not take it? You are not only unloading some of your burdens off of yourself but also giving the gift of helping you; it’s a win-win. Sit for a second and think about something you could use some help with, and then find a way to ask for it, whether it’s a co-worker, spouse, or friend. Yes, there is the possibility they could say no, but they could also say yes.

Step 3: Change your inner and outer dialogue

Make any of these sound familiar: I can’t do that, I’m too busy, I am so overwhelmed, I am taken advantage of, everything is always so hard. Chances are if you’re reading this that at least one of those is repeated over and over throughout your day. I am here to tell you that a better way starts simply by changing what you say. We will always be shown what we focus on, and if we only focus on all the ways our lives are running us instead of the other way around, we will be on that hamster ride forever. Start small if you need to but start changing your dialogue. Of course, there will be bad days or days when things don’t go your way, but make those exceptions, not the rule.

Step 4: Spend time doing what you love

I get it; your schedule is packed. But how much of it is filled with things you like doing? Not just stuff you tolerate but things that make you feel alive and that make you feel connected to yourself. Or have you completely negated all those things for everything you think you have to do? I am here to tell you; you need to change that. You can take an hour a week to do something you love; the real question is will you have the fire to fight for it? It’s so familiar with this that we think we can’t possibly have enough time to get a massage, do yoga, hang with friends, throw axes at a bar, whatever is your jam, but that is a choice. You are actively choosing something else; once again, start small and regain your power.

Step 5: Treat yourself the way you want everyone to treat you… with kindness

We are our hardest critics and our judge's judges. We often think that one misstep is a failure and might as well give up. For goodness sake, be nice to yourself. Not so nice that you never take action but be gentle with yourself. If you’re reading this and thinking this is my life; how did I let it get this way? I’m a terrible person, etc. stop. We do our best until we know more and choose to do better.

It might be controversial to say but being in a state of burnout is a choice. Please use these five steps to start taking actionable steps to get you out of your burnt-out hamster wheel. On the other side is a thriving, peaceful life. I’ll see you there.

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Leannda Shearer, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Leannda Shearer is a resilience coach currently living in Traverse City with her husband, daughter, and two dogs. She is an Idaho native who loves the beach, yoga, rock climbing, and designing flowers. Past experiences combined with her life as a military spouse have led her to create her own business, The Resilience Coach. She is passionate about helping those who are overwhelmed, over-scheduled, and feeling stuck. Leannda helps her clients build their boundaries, cultivate strong mindsets and reawaken their creativity.



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