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Should I Tell My Partner I Cheated? Dr. Marie Murphy's Take On Coming Clean

Dr. Marie Murphy is a relationship coach and the host of the podcast, “Your Secret is Safe with Me.” Dr. Murphy helps people who are engaging in anything they think counts as infidelity to deal with their feelings, clarify what they want, and make decisions about what they’re going to do – without shame, blame, or judgments. She believes that if you’re cheating on your partner, you deserve guidance and support that respects the fullness of your humanity, and the complexity of your situation, no matter what you’re doing. Resolving your situation in a way that’s truly right for you IS possible, and Dr. Murphy can help you do it.

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What To Do If You Screwed Up Big Time – 5 Steps To Recover And Move Forward

You screwed up, and you know it. You think you may have committed career suicide or lost your scholarship. Your mind is spiraling with...

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When To Walk Away From Someone Who Is Not Meeting Your Needs

It is hard to walk away from someone that you care about. Is caring enough to stay? No. It is very easy to care for someone and very hard...

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Productive And Pregnant – 5 Things I Have Learned As A Pregnant Productivity Coach

I have been coaching professionals for nearly 10 years. With clients in the finance, tech, media, and retail industries, I partner with...

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4 Bio-Hacks That Transformed My Perimenopausal Weight

Feel like no matter what you do, losing weight is a mission impossible once you hit 40? You're not alone. The struggle with uncontrollable.

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10 AI-Driven Innovations Revolutionizing Human Resources And Talent Management

The Human Resources (HR) landscape is undergoing a significant transformation, driven by the rapid adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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Why Leaders Should Ban Phones From The Bedroom

Now that I have your attention; why your phone can't be the center of your life. Disconnect to reconnect! In our fast-paced...

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11 Steps To Heal The Past And Strengthen Bonds

Becoming a father can stir up unsettling emotions, especially when it brings back memories of your childhood and your relationship with...

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Networking Like A Boss – Tips For Expanding Your Circle

In today's interconnected world, networking is not just a tool; it's a necessity. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting...

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5 Effective Strategies To Retain Customers And Enhance Small Business Growth

As a business owner wanting to grow new business opportunities, you have to get comfortable with putting yourself out there.

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"You can't experience courage without having to battle some measure of fear along the way."

5 Strategies To Boost Confidence In The Workplace Backed By Neuroscience

Imagine transforming your confidence at work by tapping into the hidden power of your brain. The brain is responsible for our thoughts...

How To Manage Depression And Anxiety Naturally

Have you been wondering if there are effective natural solutions for depression and anxiety? If so, you have found your answer: Yes!

What Happens In Your Mind And Brain During An Emotional Outburst? Master The Art Of Self-Control

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6 Tips To Approach Personal Disagreements

All of us will encounter challenging conversations at some point in our lives. In a time where there is such a variety of views regarding...

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With Joie And Mark Comeiro -How Can People Go Through A Divorce Without Ruining Each Other’s Lives?

At Comeiro Mediation, we're dedicated to empowering you, the client, to take control of your situation. Our mediation services are designed to be a collaborative and empowering process, where you make informed decisions about your future. Our experienced mediators will guide you through a structured and supportive process. We create a safe and respectful environment for you to explore creative solutions. Unlike arbitration or litigation, we don't impose decisions on you and do not provide legal advice - instead, we facilitate communication and collaboration between the both of you to achieve a mutually beneficial resolution.

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